Seth Mitchell Speaks Out On the Heavyweight Division (Interview)
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 7, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Tri Nguyen)
Seth Mitchell
2011 was a successful year for the undefeated rising heavyweight star Seth Mitchell 24-0-1 (18). The Maryland based boxer kept his unblemished record intact, earned four consecutive knockout victories, got a spot in the top ten of the WBO and was showcased on a major network. So what does 2012 hold for Mitchell? Read on the see what the undefeated one had to say about the heavyweight division, his future and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr. : First off I just would like to say happy New Year my man.

Seth Mitchell: Happy New Year and I hope your holidays went well.

BH: Any New Year resolutions?

SM: Actually my resolution is to keep my car clean, I’m trifling with my car, I never really wash it, and I always have junk in it, so that was one of my resolutions.

BH: Of course you closed the year out with a bang by stopping the rugged Timur Ibragimov in two rounds. I believe he was one of the biggest tests of your career, which you passed with ease. What statement do you feel you made with that win over Ibragimov?

SM: I think a lot of people thought that I was in over my head, thought that I was going to be out classed or over matched, if that win did not change their minds about me it had of opened their eyes. Maybe they are thinking that they need to look at Seth Mitchell a little bit closer.

BH: The one thing that America has lacked here lately and I may piss a few people off but the heavyweight division has lacked here in America. There is not that one stand out guy, so everybody is looking for that one American heavyweight to stand out from the crowd. You seem to be breaking out of the pack a bit. But in your opinion, do you feel that you are the answer to the American heavyweight division?

SM: If that is what they want to call it, I believe in my self, I believe that I have the tools and capabilities to become heavyweight champion. It just so happen that I am American, I feel and without being cocky or arrogant I feel that I have everything that is necessary to become heavyweight champion of the world. And I believe that I will become champion sooner than later.

BH: As far as the heavyweight division goes, where do you feel you are amongst the heavyweight division?

SM: Everybody is chasing the Klitschkos, so aside from the Klitschkos right now I mix up well with any heavyweight out there. I am not ducking anybody but this is a business and it has to make sense, I feel you can stick me in there with any of the top notch fighters right now and I feel like I could handle myself well.

BH: The Klitschkos rule the belts, Vitali Has the WBC, Wladimir has the IBF, WBO and the WBA. But Povetkin is recognized at the WBA titlist as well, do you feel with all the regular champion, super champion, silver champion or whatever else they can come up with. Do you feel with the sanctioning bodies watering down the division, that could be the reason why the heavyweight division lacking?

SM: I think to a certain extent it has hurt the division, but everybody knows that the Klitschkos are the true champions. And if I had a brother, I would not fight him, that does kind of water it down because you do not have an undisputed champion of the world. On paper, Povetkin is a champion, but nobody really looks at him as a true champion because he has not fought one of the Klitschkos.

BH: Riddick Bowe always talks about coming back to the fight game, there have been ramblings that Hasim Rahman is making a comeback, my man Shannon Briggs is coming back as well. What are your thoughts on the older guys hanging around, because you know they would most likely get a title shot before a young hungry fighter due to the fact that they have held one before.

SM: I cannot speak on how they feel or how they feel giving up the sport, it is probably easy for some to give it up and hard for some to walk away. Some fighters who stick around keep taking losses and accumulating punishment. I think for their health that they should walk away, only the person knows if they need the sport for financial purposes or emotional reasons. I wish them all the best and to stay healthy.

BH: What do you want for 2012?

SM: You can definitely expect me back in the ring sometime in March, we haven’t talked about any opponents just yet, we are going to sit down in a week or two and discuss that. But it will be a name fighter and the boxing world will know.

BH: Is there anything you would like to add or say in closing of this interview?

SM: First I would like to wish everybody a happy New Year, fans, friends, family and haters, I want to wish them all well. I am looking forward to a big 2012, I am looking forward to bigger and better names. Keep my in your prayers and I will do the same.

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