Cornelius “K9” Bundrage in The Doghouse (Interview): On Baysangurov, Mayweather, Pacquiao, Alvarez and so much more!
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 14, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Cornelius “K9” Bundrage
Cornelius “K9” Bundrage - “I want to unify the titles, so glove up!”

It has been a minute since the IBF light middleweight title holder Cornelius “K9” Bundrage 31-4 (18) has gotten to throw any punches in the ring, and the thirty-eight year old Detroit native is raring and ready to swap leather with any other title holder in the division. In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, K9 sounds off with his candid thoughts and opinions in the fight world. Read on to see what the champ had to say about the Mayweather-Pacquiao circus, his division, Ring Magazine, his promoter Don King and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.:
Well my brother, I know you have something to get off of your chest, so go ahead and speak your mind.

K9 Bundrage:
I want to start off by saying this is Doghouse Boxing, and the K9 is in the Doghouse. And I see that Baysangurov I guess he is an alien from another planet, well, he is barking so I have to bark back. He said that after he fights his next fight he would love to fight me again because I beat him before. He has a WBO belt and he said that he wants to fight me, well tell him that K9 said to glove up. I just want to let him know that I am not hard to fight, we need to get together anyways and unify these belts, and at least somebody wants to unify them. All these other guys who do not want to unify the belts, I mean if you do not want to fight the best then you should go ahead and retire. A lot of these promoters are not doing the best job that they can, it is ok to keep the money in your house and fight your own fighters, but sometimes you have to fight outside of your house. I visit other gyms, all though I have my very own gym where I train. You have to see what is out there.

BH: Speaking of promoters I have to ask this, what is going down with you and your promoter Don King, you have been wanting fights and so far nothing, what is going down with that?

I have an opportunity to fight, I got a contract this morning from yours truly Don King, I have to look at it and see, hopefully the contract has Saul Alvarez’s name on it, or Cotto’s name on it. I have not looked at it yet, I was thinking it was some money but it is a contract.

BH: You know the whole Mayweather, Pacquiao debacle, Floyd wants to fight Manny in May, Arum says no fight until June, in my opinion just a bunch of bull, your thoughts?

Let me tell you something, if Floyd is going to do time in June, I do not think he is going to fight Manny Pacquiao if he is going to jail in June. I am not going to say that he would lose to Pacquiao, but what if he does lose, that is not going to set well with him losing the fight and sitting in jail at the same time. So I do not see that fight happening, and the way Pacquiao has been looking, if he goes out there and fights Marquez again, and lose the fight, that is going to cost Floyd a lot of money. So Floyd is letting Pacquiao know that he is still here and I believe he really wants to fight Pacquiao. You know if you want something and you cannot get it, it makes you want it even more. Well, Floyd wants the fight now but he cannot get it so it makes him want it even more. I think Mayweather again Robert Guerrero; I think that fight is more likely to happen than the Pacquiao fight. When I beat Corey Spinks, I seen Floyd at the fight and I believe he and Don King was trying to do business, I feel that if Spinks would have beaten me they would have set that fight up for Spinks to fight Floyd. So when I spoke to Floyd he acted like he did not know who I was, but I know that he knows me, we have already spoken before. He is not going to fight Saul Alvarez, he will fight a southpaw and it will not be Manny Pacquiao.

Why would Bob Arum put Pacquiao in there with Floyd when he has to pay Floyd 60, and Pacquiao and 60, that is 120 off the top. What promoter in the game is going to pay two fighters 60 million dollars a piece up front? He can go get Marquez and give Pacquiao 5 or 10 million and pay Marquez 2 million and say it is because he lost the last one, even though he really won.

BH: Coming up the 28th of this month two of your last opponent will be facing each other as Sechew Powell will be taking on Corey Spinks, your thoughts and prediction for that match-up?

Well, I believe it is a toss up, you never know what is going to happen when two southpaws fight each other. I think that Powell is over looking Spinks, thinking that he can beat him, I just believe that Spinks has a lot left and anything can happen in boxing. Powell beat me in our first fight and when he fought again he thought he was going to beat me again, but what happened, I won. I just beat both of them so I do not know how they got in to the position that they did but it shows you how good God is, all things are possible.

BH: If you are not able to get in with Baysangurov, who would you like to step in with next?

I just want to let him know that his people might talk to my people, which my people is Don King and Don King might turn down the fight, I want them to know that I have not turned no fights down. I am not scared to fight anybody. I am very upset with Ring Magazine, Ring Magazine, well I should call them Golden Boy, because how do you have your fighters ranked higher than me and they don’t even have a belt? They are biased, it is terrible, and it is a disgrace to boxing. When HBO showed the world champions on the Lara-Williams fight, they showed the world champions and top contenders, they did not have Erislandy Lara up there, and they showed world champions and top contenders there. But when you look at Ring Magazine, which Golden Boy owns, they have Lara rated higher than me, how can he be rated higher than me and he lost to Paul Williams? Regardless if they thought he beat Williams or not, he lost to Williams, it is a loss on his record.

BH: Anything in closing?

I would like to tell everybody Happy New Year, God is a wonderful God, keep God first, I thank Him for Jesus, I thank Him for my family, and I thank Him for my fans and haters too. The haters and the Christians keep me going. I am happy, even though I fight once a year do not be sad for me because I am happy. I am still living, I just got a contract and I can feel it in my spirit that this is going to be a great year for team K9. And tell the fight world; do not bark if you cannot bite. I am the most underrated fighter of all time, have them do their homework. When I fought against my opposition, who was the favorite? But I won, I am the world champ but I am the most underrated fighter out there.

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