Big Dog’s Prospect Watch: Zachary “Kid Yamaka” Wohlman (Interview)
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 19, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Zachary “Kid Yamaka” Wohlman
From the mean streets to the sweaty gyms, young prospect Zachary Wohlman (1-0) has taken every life lesson to become the man he is today. Under the tutelage of famed trainer Freddie Roach and Eric Brown, the unbeaten welterweight prospect has high hopes of one day becoming world champion, and the young gun will tell you, he will take any day of fighting in the ring over working on a rig. His journey continues this Friday night as he takes center stage at the Warner Center Marriot in Woodland Hills, CA. In this exclusive interview Doghouse Boxing speaks to the prospect, getting his thoughts on his career and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Thank you for stepping in to the Doghouse, from reading your bio you had a rough upbringing, how did your childhood influence to be the man you are today?

Zachary Wohlman: I learned what I do not want to do; I would take being a pro boxer over working on a rig any day. As far as anything before that you live and you learn, you cannot be a professional living another way.

BH: What finally made you decide to turn your life around?

ZW: My Dad did a sentence, and when he got out he was all good so I decided to follow in his footsteps.

BH: How has boxing help change your life for the better?

ZW: With Freddie, the deal was, you stay here, you stay clean, you stay out of trouble and I will teach you how to fight. You have to love what you do, and I love boxing. I stay all day in the gym training with good people and I look up to everyone that I work with, they help me, I follow in their footsteps.

BH: How did you get the opportunity to train with Freddie Roach, and besides helping you grow professionally, how has you helped you grow personally?

ZW: I had a counselor take me to Freddie, Freddie said he would take a look at me and it went from there. What Freddie has taught me inside and out, well, just show up to the gym everyday, boxing will make a man out of you.

BH: What it is like working out in the Wild Card Gym will cats like Khan and Pacquiao there as well?

ZW: Like I said before, you look up to your peers and follow in their footsteps, I am competitive and I want to be in their shoes, and you do that boxing. I spar with them, we have conversations and I listen to what they say, I am younger so I listen and I learn. It is amazing being in that environment, they have an incredible lifestyle, being a full time fighter is an amazing experience.

BH: How hard was it to make the transition from amateur to professional?

ZW: It was very natural for me, I did well in the amateurs, but I feel better suited to the pros.

BH: Looking at your style, what do you feel are your greatest accolades?

ZW: I am pretty old school like a traditional boxer, a lot of movement, footwork and head movement. A lot of defense, I love the science of boxing. I am a boxer-puncher.

BH: Right now you are in the phase of building your record and maturing, but what statement do you want to make as a prospect in your division for this year?

ZW: I just want to bring some respect back to the support, I feel like a lot of people are not boxing fans because they have nothing to be fans for. People just want something or somebody that they can look up too. I want to give back to the sport, and to the fans. I want to bring something refreshing to the sport.

BH: In closing of this interview, is there any message you would like to send out to your opponent or the fight world in general?

ZW: I am ready to fight, I am going to listen to my coaches as well as my management and enjoy this.

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