Team Aquino challenges Hopkins
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (January 21, 2005)  
Is undefeated welterweight Demetrius Hopkins, 16-0-1(6), running from his opposition? President of Bam Sports Vincent LaManna thinks so and he has a slick southpaw welterweight himself to prove it. His fighter is hard-hitting thirty-year old Julio Aquino, 14-2 (13), and he believes that the two 147 pounders should meet in the middle of the ring in what would be a great match-up for the fans.

Hopkins, who looks to be going to the top, has no reason not to fight Aquino, a respected prospect himself. In an open letter to Golden Boy Promotions, LaManna says that the management of Hopkins has been running from Aquino for some time now and it is time to face the music.

"Hopkins has been running for so long that he reached the West Coast on foot, he realized that there was not enough room for two 140 pound contenders on the East Coast, so he put on his Jordan's and got out of town," the letter reads in part.

Hopkins has a fight scheduled for February 19th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and at this time doesn't have a named opponent. LaManna said that would be the perfect time for the two to meet.

What does Hopkins have to lose? Will the two meet and face off? Only time will tell and LaManna sure hopes that the time will be in February, which will give his fighter the chance to prove he is on the move to make a name for himself.

"Please, let's put a stop to Hopkins running, make this guy fight a prospect such as Aquino, we can do it for the USBA title winner take all," the letter concluded. 

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