Daniel Geale Interview: "I like to make my statements in the ring!"
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 27, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Daniel Geale
Once-beaten middleweight sensation Daniel Geale 26-1 (15) looks to keep his win streak in tact as well as his IBF middleweight strap around his waist when he steps in with the hard-hitting Ghana born boxer Osumanu Adama 20-2 (15) March 7th in Geale's home country of Australia. The thirty year-old champ has plans on keeping with the winning pace and frying much bigger names in his respected division. In this exclusive interview Geale gets down on his upcoming bout and more, enjoy.  

Benny Henderson Jr.: You have the title defense coming up against # 1 IBF contender Osumanu Adama, can you give the readers your thoughts on that match-up?  

Daniel Geale: I'm looking forward to this as my mandatory and know that Osumanu will be a tough bout, I expect him to be an aggressive and come forward fighter relentlessly attacking for the entire bout. I have a plan for him and it has worked well in sparring against Sakio Bika and Tito Mwetupunga who are almost identical in style and strength.

BH: Stylistically how do you feel you two match-up?  

DG: I see myself as a far more skilful boxer and that is what I intend to show the world on the night.

BH: How has your preparation been for this upcoming match-up?  

DG: No problems, I have put in the hard yards in the gym and Graham Shaw has me peaking at the right time, my last sparring session will cap off 120 rounds inclusive with Sakio Bika, Trent Broadhurst and Australian middleweight champion Tito Mwetupunga.

BH: Fighting in front of your hometown fans has to be a blast, but at the same time does it had a bit of pressure on you as well to try to put on a masterful performance for your hometown supporters?  

DG: No, I go in to an impenetrable zone when I walk out to fight, other than my team I don't pay attention to anything else until the job is done. I don't even remember the music I come out to although I'm sure the vibe from the crowd spurs me on.  

BH: What do you feel are your greatest assets as a fighter?  

DG: Speed, Timing, accuracy and ability to read a fight/fighter and adapt immediately, I have a few other assets that I might talk about when I retire.

BH: With names such as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Dimitry Pirog, and Felix Sturm in your weight class, assuming all goes well for you in your next bout, who would you like to climb in with next?  

DG: Any and all of them, I believe I have the ability and game plan to conquer them all.

BH: Do you ever feel Mundine will ever accept your rematch plea?  

DG: I've never pleaded for a rematch, only responded to his trying to capitalize on my hard work and achievement. Mundine's career is over and I have bigger fish to fry, he ducked me when the rematch was ordered because he knew I beat him the first time even though he got the decision.  

BH: What can the fight fans expect from you come fight night?  

DG: Same as always high work rate, punches in bunches and another frustrated challenger who gets hit and can't tag me in return.

BH: Any message you would like to send out to the fight world, including the fans, the haters, your upcoming opponent the division and more?  

DG: No not really, I always thank my fans for their continuing support and I like to make my statements in the ring. The best is yet to come.

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