Johnny Tapia: “I’m ready for another fight” - Part One Boxing Interview
Interview By Benny Henderson Jr (March 8, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
After twenty-years, four hundred and fifty-seven rounds, eighteen title fights and five world championship titles, the forty one year old Johnny Tapia 56-5-2 (28) is not ready to say “No Mas”, in fact the Albuquerque native is rearing and ready for a return and in this tell all exclusive two part interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Tapia gets personal on pain and pugilism.

Tapia has battled in some unforgettable throw downs, and has a winning hit list that includes Danny Romero, Nana Konadu, Jorge Julio and Cesar Soto. Even in losing efforts the warrior protruded and the fighter gave his all.

In this two part interview there was no holds barred in questioning Tapia. The first round we speak on Tapia’s return to the ring, as well as other accomplishments. Enjoy!

Benny Henderson Jr.: Just want to know what has been going down in your life here recently

Johnny Tapia: 
The truth is that I am getting ready to have another fight. It will be April 4th; they are getting my opponent ready. I just called my promoter and we are going to get a couple fights going. I will be fighting here in Las Cruces, NM.

BH: Do you have any opponents in mind just yet?

We are looking into that right now. We have some names but nothing is solid just yet.

BH: With all that you have accomplished most would ask the question, why return?

If you have something good and could have something big why not go for i
t? Why not go for it if it is not there, I mean I am not doing anything anyways.

BH: Will you still be competing at the 126-pound level?

Yeah, that is my weight, I won’t go heavier. I walk around at 140, it is real easy to get out of shape but it is harder to get into shape. I just turned forty-one as well.

BH: Your son is now fighting as an amateur, what is it like watching him in the ring?

To tell you the truth, I don’t like it; I don’t like it at all. I wish he would say Dad you know, I would rather play basketball. But with me being a five time world champion and having so many fights, I cannot believe that I see my son getting hit. I get more nervous for him than I do my own fights.

BH: How about your personal life, your trials and tribulations have been chronicled in the media so there no reason in bringing it all up, but I want to ask, how are you now.

I have no problems speaking about it, but today I can say that I am clean. I thank God everyday that I am clean. I am not looking back I am looking forward. We are doing good things, we are going to open up a rehab here, it is called “New Awakenings”. Like I said before, out of one hundred kids if I can get one to listen I’ve done my job without being a preacher or teacher.

BH: So physically, mentally and spiritually at this time in your life?

I am ok thank God, I am still married going on fifteen years, sixteen years together.

BH: Your book, you talk about a fight with Naseem Hamed that never materialized, what happened.

As a matter of fact I hear he was going to come back and fight me but Barrera got him first, and he never came back.

BH: Anything in closing?

Yes, I would just like to thank you and everybody and all the people at Doghouse Boxing, and tell everybody to continue to listen and to see what is going on. Keep us in your prayers and hope everything gets better.

I would like to thank David Rodriguez for helping out with this interview, a thanks goes out to Johnny Tapia for his time and thoughts. Stay tuned for part two, it is a must read!

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