Catching up with Calvin Brock
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Mar 9, 2009)  
It has been nearly a year and a half since the fight world had a glimpse of the former world title challenger Calvin Brock 31-2 (23), who was sidelined with a detached retina, but the “Boxing Banker” wants the world to know that he is alive and well and hoping and praying for a return.
In six years as a professional boxer, Brock tallied up a respectable record with three fringe titles and one world title shot, as well as wins over some credible opponents. He possessed power in his pop and quality boxing skills, but due to injury was cut down in his prime.
Will he return?
In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Brock speaks out on his career, and his life after the ring and a possible return, enjoy. 
Benny Henderson Jr.: It has been November of 2007 since the fight world has had a glimpse of Calvin Brock, what has been going down in your world?
Calvin Brock:
Well, basically all of last year I became a commercial real-estate broker, I had shoulder surgery, that really just got to the point where it is fully healed. Still praying that my vision will come back, itching and hungry to get back in that ring and get back to pursuing my dream of becoming world heavyweight champion.
BH: I knew you had the detached retina…(breaks into questions)
Yes, I had the detached retina, then I was sick going into the surgery, the surgery ruined the vision in my right eye, I have been to a lot of different doctors but nobody knows what could of went wrong. We just speculate that there had to be a stoppage of blood flow, but they don’t really know.
BH: You cannot see out of it at all?
Well I can see images in daylight, but I cannot see anything descriptively.
BH: What are the chances of your vision coming back in your right eye?
Well little chances until they get further along in technology which might be years down the road, but the chances are great depending on God. I have a lot of faith in God so my chances are still high. Literally none naturally, but high spiritually.
BH: We spoke a while back ago off the record, and you told me your bride is having your first child, how do you feel about that?
Oh man, that is one of the greatest gifts God can bless me with, children are gifts from God and for my wife to have our first daughter coming in June, I am looking forward to it.
BH: What are your thoughts on the heavyweight division at this point and time?
I think it is still the same, but a little more definitive in who the champion is with the Klitschko brothers. Wladimir is definitely looking to be the world champion out there, he deserves it, his brother is very strong but we will never see the two of them box. It is pretty wide open for anybody to get a title shot.
BH: I will most certainly pray for you in your return and I know you are, but let’s just say that is not in God’s plan for you to return, how do you want the fans to remember Calvin Brock?
I want them to remember me as a person with good character and a person who was exciting to watch, and nine times out of ten was going to come out with a victory.
BH: Anything in closing?
I am thankful for all of my fans who keep me in prayer and look for my return.

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