Interview: Shelby Walker walks over opposition in victorious return
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (March 29, 2005)  
Female fighter Shelby 'Girl' Walker, 7-4-1 (6), returned to the ring March 12th in Tustin, California and hands downed outclassed, outworked and outdid her opponent Mary Elena Bautista in front of the eight hundred fans on hand at the Marconi Automotive Museum. The American Top Team fighter last saw ring action in May ’04 in a losing effort for the WIBA Feather Title in Japan, so the victorious return was warmly welcomed and greatly received by the lady warrior.

Using her solid jab and vicious right hand Shelby established her dominance early in the fight and administered her power in the second round when the Floridian dropped her opposition with a devastating right hand. But her tough as nails opponent beat the count and the fight continued on with Walker adding pressure and punishment powering up on her combinations as the rounds continued on. In the sixth round Shelby went into a vicious frenzy landing a barrage of damaging punches with the ropes holding up Bautista, the ref Jose Cobian had seen enough punishment and jumped in to save the dazed and confused fighter giving Shelby 'Girl' a TKO victory at 1:47 in the sixth and final round.

Not only does this win mark a victorious return for Walker, but an all new fighter and journey all together. Under the tutelage of Howard Davis Jr. Shelby 'Girl' is rejuvenated, restored and is completely prepared to take on all that sways into her path. With her wicked combinations, superb defense and destructive right hand she is setting out to show the women’s boxing world, she will dominate, destruct and destroy! Shelby stopped by the Doghouse to talk about her return and what the future holds for herself, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: How did it feel to get your first victory in two years?

Shelby Walker:
Oh it was great, it was the best feeling in the world, and it really makes all my hard work pay off.

BH: For the ones who didn’t see the fight give us a little insight on it?

Going into this fight I knew nothing of this girl whether she was right handed or left handed but I was really prepared for anything. In the first round I was trying to feel her out trying some slick foot movement and she was too. I knew I had a fight on my hands and the look on her face you could tell she was in there to fight. I kept the jab in her face, she was throwing looping punches but they were hard. Towards the end of round one I backed her on the ropes and realized that I could hit her with my right hand anytime I wanted, which I might add that I have a very devastating right hand. (Laughs)

The second round I caught her right on the chin with a straight right hand and it sounded so loud and it leveled her, so I stood over her and put my hands in the air as a tribute to Howard Davis because every time he knocked somebody out that’s what he did. I went to my corner and turned and looked at Howard Davis and he was smiling, Howard is always so serious when it comes to boxing and never cracks a smile so I knew he was really happy. Man, the ref got to seven and the girl got up, this girl was triple tough and I am not kidding. Every single round I was hitting her with sick combinations and I had her out in every round just about, I couldn’t believe she kept coming back. In the sixth I got her on the ropes which were holding her up, I had her hurt and I stayed on her till the ref stopped it. I hit that girl with everything including the kitchen sink.

BH: It has been almost a year since you last stepped in the ring before this fight, do you plan on staying more active in the future?

Absolutely, I would fight tomorrow if I could and if I had something lined up. I am going to start fighting hopefully twice a month if not at least once a month probably for the rest of this year. I am really motivated, I am ready to stay busy, I had so much fun in my last fight and I just can’t wait to do it again.

BH: Was it hard to shake off the ring rust from the inactivity or did the training from Howard Davis Jr. help everything come into place easily?

Oh it came into place easily, Howard is a great trainer and I was excited to get into the ring and show off my new skills that Howard Davis has helped me with. Besides all of that I am really proud of my coach for all the hard work he has out into myself and his other two fighters.

BH: It has been rumored that Ann Wolf may be competing in a male versus female bout in the near future, what are your thoughts on women fighting men in the ring?

I disagree with women fighting men 100%; I think it is unnatural and dangerous. I don’t care how good a woman is, I don’t care how string she is, women should not fight men, that’s not the way it is supposed to be. Men are to strong and it’s too dangerous.

BH: Any news on your next opponent or the date you will be fighting again or anything yet?

Hopefully I will be fighting on the next AFC I know you heard that before but this time it may happen. The card is full but hopefully one of the fights will fall out and I will be able to get on it, otherwise it may be somewhere in Florida next month.

BH: What happened to your last bout in the AFC that was scheduled for last February, I heard your opponent backed out or something to that affect.

Oh yeah, they were holding out and holding out trying to get more money from us, so when they finally did get more money they pulled out.

BH: Anything you want to add in closing?

I want to thank all my fans and all who have supported me along with my sponsors and check them out.

I want to thank Shelby Walker for her time, it was greatly appreciated.

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