Maurice Harris Interview: "We need to get the titles back to America!"
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (March 30, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Maurice Harris
Veteran heavyweight Maurice Harris 25-15-2 (11) feels that one of the ingredients in resurrecting the heavyweight division is bringing the titles back to America, and the forty three fight veteran believes he has the experience to do so. In his time as a professional boxer Harris has faced the likes of Larry Holmes, Chris Byrd, Tony Thompson and Siarhei Liakhovich. And come May 5th Maurice will travel to Germany to take on the undefeated heavyweight prospect Edmund Gerber 19-0 (13), from there, Harris wants a shot at a Klitschko. In this exclusive interview Maurice talks about his career, past present and more. Enjoy!

BH: You have signed to take on the hometown heavyweight Edmund Gerber in Germany, a fight that can have a major impact on your career, your thoughts on that match-up?

It’s going to be a good challenge.  He’s a strong young kid but he just doesn’t have the experience to beat me.

BH: You are facing a hard hitting undefeated fighter, but looking at his record, he has not faced the level of competition that you have.  So in saying that, do you feel you are the best he has ever faced, and with your experience you could give him a lot of problems?

Most definitely.  I’ve boxed with the kid already and I pretty much know already what he brings to the table.  I didn’t show him a whole lot.  This is just another fight and I don’t underestimate anyone.  I don’t know what type of shape he’s going to be coming in, but I know when I boxed with him I gave him a few problems.

BH: Correct me if I am wrong but this will be the first time you jump the pond to face an opponent. We have seen and heard about fighters getting a raw deal in Germany, do you feel that you have to stop this guy to get a fair shake?

Yeah definitely he has to be stopped.  That’s what I’m gunning for.  No doubt.

BH: Being brutally honest with yourself and the fight fans, where do you feel you stand amongst the heavyweights?

MH:  Amongst the heavyweight’s today, there’s not too many of them out there.  I feel like I don’t have that much time left in the game.  While I’m here I want to make my mark.  Once I get rid of this cat, then I’ll be able to take on one of the Klitschko’s, get rich and retire healthy.

BH: You have a very credible list of opponents, so out of all of your fights, win, lose or draw, which bout are you most proud of?

MH:  Beating the Russian Siarhei Liakhovich who was undefeated at the time was a good one for me. When I won the heavyweight explosion back in 2002, I had to fight three guys that night and I beat them all for $100,000.  I went on a seven fight winning streak back in 1998-1999.  That was a proud moment as well.

BH: What do you feel is your greatest asset?

MH:  My determination, never giving up and never stopped believing in myself.  With all the obstacles I’ve had I just kept it moving despite it all.  And I respect the fact that Boxing360's Mario Yagobi was an opportunist and took a chance on me and it turned out to be successful for the most part.  I had the little setback with Tony Thompson whom I beat in that 2002 tournament.  But I’m just a soldier man…I just keep it pushing.

BH: What do you feel the heavyweight division needs to sort of resurrect itself to the fight world?

MH: The heavyweight division needs a young star and we need to get the titles back over here in America.  That’s what we need to do because the Europeans are holding it down for some years now and America hasn’t had a great heavyweight to come out and you know…take over this division.  We haven’t had a great heavyweight in a long time.  And I’ve had the talent but I started young and I’ve been used and abused as far as people doing things to me.  But hopefully I can make it happen, and I’m praying, I am praying that everything works out for me with this fight and I just come out on top.

BH: Anything in closing you would like to add to this interview?

MH:  What I need to do is get past this fight here, and afterwards I’ll be able to tell you everything else.  I have to take it one fight at a time and not think ahead.   Because if I start thinking ahead then that means I’m looking past this Edmund Gerber and I’m not.  I’m ranked # 6 in the world and I have to take care of him first.  Right now I just want to focus on Gerber and him only.

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