Big Dog Prospect Watch - Tony "Lightning" Luis (Interview)
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (April 4, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Tony Luis
Canadian born boxer Tony Luis 13-0 (5) continues his journey this weekend when he takes on battle tested Ferenc Szabo 14-16-2 (7)in Quebec, Canada. The twenty-four year old undefeated prospect has had nothing but success in his short career, and he plans on lightning striking once again with yet another victory. in this exclusive interview the undefeated one speaks out on his career and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You have the fight coming up this weekend, give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming match-up.

Tony Luis:
I am fighting this weekend against a guy by the name of Ferenc Szabo from Hungary. He has over thirty fights under his belt and this will be my fourteenth. So obviously he has been around, he has won some he has lost some he has proven to be a good competitor win or lose. So he is bringing allot of experience to the table so it is going to be another chance for me to showcase myself and mature and develop and reach my ultimate dream of becoming a world champion.

BH: Some people would look at this guy and pay attention to his record and say oh no, he has a losing record, but what people fail to understand, that is experience. And if you think about it he has nothing to lose, and in saying that, with him not having nothing to lose do you feel that makes him that much more of a dangerous opponent?

Of course, if you look at his record, he has lost to some good fighters, he has been thrown out there with some really good fighters. He is constantly fighting tough competition. He is young as well, he is not much older than me, he has been in tough, but this guy was a national champion for a while. Based on that and the experience and quality of opposition win or lose, so if I beat him and look good doing it, I will be in with some good company. I cannot look at it any other way, in order to perform at my best I have to look at him as a junior welterweight champion of the world.

BH: Looking at yourself and gauging your qualities, what do you feel are your greatest strengths and where do you see you need some work on your arsenal?

I consider myself a boxer/puncher, I like to work the body, I have always had quick hands and quick feet, and have always been hard to hit. I pride myself on my defense. I have to work on some little things like making sure my left hand is not to low, I need to stick to the basics and keep the chin down and remember to turn over my shots. make my shots count.

BH: What separates you from the other prospects in your division?

I know that I have the heart of a warrior, and I will never say die, when it comes down to it I know that I have the heart for this sport. I will do everything in my power not to take no for an answer.

BH: What are your goals for 2012?

I would like to crack the states this year, to get my name out there and get my name to the American public. I would like to span my fan base and show the world what I've got.

BH: What can the fight fans expect from you come fight night?

They can expect to see a lot of speed allot of combinations and they will get their entertainment value. Hopefully they will see a knock out.

BH: Anything in closing?

I would like to thank all of my Canadian fans and if I have any American fans thank you for your support and I am looking to go all the way with this thing.

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