“Battle of the River Cities” : Weigh in Results
Article and Photos by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (April 16, 2005)  
Photo © "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr.
Fueled by six years of bad blood James Johnson 17-13-2 (11KO’s) will finally step in with his nemesis Anthony Stephens 32-13-2 (17 KO’s) in an eight round light heavyweight showdown, and the fists began to fly at the weigh in. Johnson told the Doghouse “You can interview me after the fight, but he will be carried out”. And moments later the two faced of and was about to go toe to toe until being restrained by guards. This isn’t a national extravaganza, but it is boxing at its best, entertaining. “There was never any bad blood, he just doesn’t match up to me and he never will, that’s why he is mad. He is going to feel bad when he gets whipped by a forty year old man” Anthony Stephens stated to the Doghouse moments after the debacle. Also the co-main event the NABO Jr. Lightweight Champion Antonio Davis 16-2 (9KO’s) will step in with the local fighter John Temple (6-6-2) in another eight round match-up, Davis is ranked #9 in the world by the WBO and looks to continue his climb to the top.

Weigh in results:

Light Heavyweight Bout
Anthony Stephens (178) James Johnson (173)

Jr. Lightweight Bout (Picture here)
John Temple (133 ½) Antonio Davis (130 ½)

Heavyweight Bout
Mike McDuffy (275) Michael Hamilton (250 ½)

Light Heavyweight Bout
Anthony Greeley (168 ¾) Adam Hubinger (168 ¾)

Jr. Featherweight Bout
Christy Sepulvado (129 ¾) Kasha Chamblin (124 ¾)

Jr. Welterweight Bout
Jarrick Stephens (145) Chris Taylor (145)

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