Brian Minto Interview “I know I have to prove it, but I am not a washed up fighter!”
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (April 27, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Brian Minto
American heavyweight Brian “The Beast” Minto 35-5 (22) has had his share of ups and downs, thrills and spills, the good the bad in his ten years of being a professional boxer. All though the thirty-seven year old banger may be in the valley at this time in his career, he aims to get back on that mountain, and his journey begins this Saturday night when he takes on former semi-pro quarterback Matt Hicks 13-6 (12). The Beast spoke out on his career, the triumphs, the tribulations, and his future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You are coming off a loss against Tony Grano, run us through the events which led to your loss?

Brian Minto:
Well, first of all, I really wasn’t training with the trainer that I probably should have been with. My defense was definitely very suspect in the fight, but he did catch me with a good punch on the temple. I threw a jab, he must of timed it out, I give him credit, he threw a good punch. I felt I was winning the fight, I was controlling the action. I knocked him down but they called it a slip, but Tony Grano can punch, and most heavyweights can. He is not a very big heavyweight but he does have a good right hand, I sit and looked back on it, as a fighter we go through all these mixed emotions. But, I humbled myself and got back with my old trainer, we have been working on defense, keeping my hands up and throwing correct punches, I have some bad habits. I feel like I have gotten back to where I need to be, I felt great in sparring, I have gotten tighter with my defense and more selective with my shots.

BH: Watching the fight, listening to the commentators, reading websites saying that you should retire now with the loss. What are your thoughts on the critics saying that you are done, washed up and should retire?

I would like to thank them because they fuel my determination. They drive me forward, I am not a quitter, I think people get caught up in listening to people tell them what they cannot do. Only I deep down inside know what I am made of.  For me it was me not being around the right people when I was preparing for fights. People are going to talk about what you should and should not do, all of these negative people try to bring people down, I do not let that happen. I have been staying positive, I am looking for a big win this Saturday, I feel great, and I do not believe that I am washed up, each time I got knocked down I got up, I did not lay there like I was dead. People can talk that is great, but deep down I believe what I believe and I am going to go with that. So I would like to thank them.

BH: How important is this fight against Matt Hicks?

It is do or die for me, but I was out of the ring for a while before I fought Grano, I wasn’t doing what I should have, but now I feel great, I have had a great camp. When you get knocked down get right back up, that is even in life. That is what tough people are made up, how you react to adversity. I have to keep improving and keep getting better and I have been working hard to do that. it is up to me to prove to people that I am still here, Saturday is the beginning to the start of the finish, I have to produce some Saturday and I believe that I will.

BH: What do you know about Matt Hicks?

I know he is a big guy, and ex football player, strong guy, I am sure he is not over looking me. What I have seen of his record he has never really beaten anybody with any kind of stature. I always give respect to anybody who climbs through those ropes. I have been working hard in my gym, I think my biggest problem was not knowing where my hands were at all times. But I have worked on it and I am ready to make news again, but again I have to prove that and Saturday will be part of that process.

BH: Do you still feel that you are relevant in the heavyweight division?

Yes. I am striving to make a run to the title, there is always bumps in the road, I want to see what I am made up now. I have fallen short a few times, but I feel that it is great that I got back with Tom. I am trying to get better and better, I want to see where this takes me and make a run at it. I am a determined man right now.

BH: If you could send a message out to Matt Hicks before this fight using Doghouse Boxing as a platform,k what would that message be?

I would say to Matt Hicks, that I am not a washed up fighter, I am coming to fight on Saturday, be ready to get your ass kicked because it is coming! (Brian then Laughs)

BH: That’s on record there.

Yep, get ready to get your ass kicked because I am not a nice guy!

BH: Anything in closing?

I would like to thank the people that has supported me, and I hope that I regain their confidence in me in the future. And most of all God Bless.

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