Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton: Big Entertainment Brewing
By Benny Henderson Jr., DoghouseBoxing (May 1, 2009)  
Calling all boxing fans, as well as non fans of the “sweet science”, step right up, come on in, tune in Saturday night as the war begins. You will not be disappointed or have the entertainment stray, especially if Pacquiao and Hatton have it their way!

Damn I should become a salesman.

Nah, seriously though, you can always tell when something big is brewing, whether it be the hometown homecoming football game, the Super Bowl, March Madness or anything significant in any sport. The attitudes of the fans of the sport changes, you can smell it in the air, people are talking about it at work around the water cooler, which brings me to this point.

The world junior welterweight showdown this Saturday night between P4P King Manny Pacquiao 48-3-2 (36) and Manchester’s Ricky Hatton 45-1 (32) is not only being talked about amongst most die hard boxing fan’s, but it is brining in a few new ones or part time fans if you say as well, but one thing for certain it is being talked about amongst the masses.

For instance, yesterday I was getting ready to call it a night at work, doing my usual going through the books with my relief dispatcher preparing for his day of work, when my man, whom for the most part goes crazy for nothing but the NBA, actually asked me about this weekends clash between Pacquiao and Hatton.

My jaw liked to of dropped to the floor, this cat, all though cool as a cucumber, still thinks Roy Jones Jr. is still pound for pound king, oh, and unbeaten.

We sat there chatting up the fight, mainly me giving my point of view, and why I think who will win this bout (check out Doghouse Decides Saturday for the predictions), and what I think it means to the sport. Of course my supervisor chimed in, who knows nothing of the sport of boxing, but to his credit, is a MMA fan.

I will not bore you will all the details of the discussion, but I am just making a point of the significance of this weekends fight, and what it means not only to the fighters, the fans, but to the boxing world in general.

What does it mean to or for boxing?

It breaks the back of the debate that boxing is dead, or a dying sport.

It proves that when two men, both very dangerous as well as entertaining climb in the ring, people want to tune it to it, get together with the boys, throw some dogs on the pit (not the barking kind), tap into the keg and get down with some in your face fistic action!
Which I believe this fight will produce some hellacious sparks.

You have the Philippine sensation Manny Pacquiao jumping in the ring. A champion in four weight divisions, the guy has beaten the likes of Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales, not once, but both twice. Holds a close yet a bit controversial win over Juan Manuel Marquez, and sent Oscar De La Hoya into retirement.

Manny is taking on Ricky Hatton, not only a beer drinking dart throwing all around funny guy, but a man who went ten years without a loss as a professional and holds Ring Magazine’s 140-pound spot as champion.

Both combatants are busy fighters, both have punishing punching power, neither one are afraid of trading shots and making in fun for the fans, and both have high profile trainers as well as the will to dominate.

What else can a fight fan or a non boxing fan ask for?

This weekend’s championship bash has two big name fighters, under a big promotional banner, with big time benefits for the fans and boxing world.

No doubt, Pacquiao versus Hatton is brewing BIG entertainment!

Tune in Saturday night @ 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT to HBO PPV.

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