Manny Pacquiao awes all with Ricky Hatton destruction!
By Benny Henderson Jr., DoghouseBoxing (May 4, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao proved to be just that this past weekend as the Filipino sensation mauled Manchester’s Ricky Hatton in two rounds solidifying his dominance over the 140-pound division.

Although I was not one, many had their money on Pacquiao to defeat Hatton, but I doubt few honestly believed it would be in such dramatic fashion in such a short period of time.

Speed kills, just ask Hatton who although was aggressive in the opening round was beat to the punch by the much faster, crisper Pacquiao, who pretty much hit Hatton with everything including the kitchen sink.

After the two fighters traded a few shots here and there with Pacquiao having most of the success in landing the solid shots, Hatton ate a big right hand that had him out on the floor. Beating the count and going back to war with Pacquiao, nearing the end of round one, Hatton was floored again with a barrage that was ended with a heavy Pacquiao straight left. Hatton again would beat the count and finish up the closing seconds on his feet.

The beginning of round two was more of the same with Pacquiao getting the better of Hatton, hitting from angles and landing speedy combinations. Hatton had heart but heart could not keep him on his feet when Pacquiao landed a picture perfect left hook that had Hatton down and out for the count and on queer street for several minutes.

Manny successfully defended his P4P title and earned Hatton’s IBO strap as well in front of a packed house in the MGM Grand which was totaled to be a little over 16,000.
What is next for Hatton, who has suffered two knockouts on both of his losses? Reports state that his trainer Mayweather Sr. wants him to retire. Hatton has made bank to set him up for the rest of his life, but at thirty years old he has some years left in him to cash in a bit more if need be.

As far as Pacquiao is concerned, title or not in one of the four divisions doesn’t mean squat when you are the pound-for-pound king. Assuming Mayweather Jr. defeats Marquez in July, the boxing world would demand a Pacquiao verus Mayweather match-up.

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