Powell destroys Bundrage in 22 seconds, Foreman outclasses Cagle
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (May 7, 2005)  
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Sparks flew on Showtime’s ShoBox: The New Generation when four undefeated junior middleweights went in to the ring with unblemished records and two coming out victorious and untarnished. It was a night for a fight at the Foxwood Resort in Mashanticket, CT and with both cards on the program that was what the fight fans received. One was an entertaining decision and the other, well, let’s just say we got our money’s worth; all twenty-two seconds of it!

Bam! You’re out of there! That was exactly what the ‘Iron Horse’ Sechew Powell, 16-0 (8), screamed to his opponent in his dominating performance stopping Cornelius Bundrage, 21-1 (13), in just twenty-two seconds in the opening round. Before the fight Sechew spoke to the Doghouse and stated that he was definitely looking to hurt Bundrage and he obviously meant just what he said, no ifs ands or buts about it.

The boxer/puncher Powell came in facing the hard-hitting Bundrage who stopped his last five opponents via knockout and predicated that he would stop Powell in the same fashion… wrong! Put that money on another horse cause that pony ain’t going anywhere. The bell rang and both fighters landed on one another simultaneously and both hit the canvas right. Automatically the two jumped up and went back on each other, one hard straight left later and Bundrage was out on his feet for the first time ever in his career. Stumbling and staggering, hitting the canvas a total of three times before the referee said ‘nah no more for you’, and after the loss in Cornelius’s corner he wasn’t aware he even hit the canvas three times. It was humiliating, but it was exciting, and most of all entertaining. This was Powell’s third performance in the boxing series, and it was a bag full of goodies with this abrupt stoppage. Powell, who is a crafty southpaw, mauled the Motor City fighter and sounded off for New York with this most impressive victory. With a bright future ahead, we can only imagine what it holds.

For starters we had Yuri Foreman, 18-0 (7), clash with the North Carolina native Kevin Cagle, 16-1 (12), in a more than dominating performance for the Belarusian, who stepped up, stepped out, out boxed and outclassed his opposition in an eight round unanimous decision victory. The twenty-four year old Foreman went to work in the opening round, utilizing his aggressive combos he took the steam out of Cagle and broke his confidence with in two rounds. After that it was smooth sailing for the youngster who worked his jab and picked apart his American opposition. Cagle was defused and confused on how to disrupt Yuri’s nonstop punishment and switched to southpaw twice in the fight, only to be man handled in every attempt to do so.

In the second round Foreman had a small cut over his eye but it never posed a threat throughout the night and the fighter went on to become the victor with the judges seeing the fight 80-72 across the board. Cagle was tired and beat down after the fight, and on top of that he faced his first defeat of his nearly two years as a professional boxer. Yuri, not known for his power, set down on is punches and ruled the night with much quicker, crisper punches. With the win Foreman can looked forward to a bright future.
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