Dominick Guinn: The dude just won’t go away!
By Benny Henderson Jr., DoghouseBoxing (May 7, 2009)  
Expect me to start over again” – Dominick Guinn circa 2004, excerpt from Doghouse Boxing

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride of a career for Dominick Guinn 31-6-1 (21), from highly touted heavyweight prospect fighting his way to up to become a top heavyweight contender, from projected heir to the heavyweight throne to what the hell happened to Guinn!

But with his recent success in the ring, you might ask yourself, has he turned over a new leaf and started over again?

His fighting ways has had the fans on the edge of their seats cheering for more, and has had a few like myself wanting to whack his ass with a boat paddle to get him to throw a punch or even go as far as putting two together. It is safe to say Guinn has been a bit unpredictable; which Guinn will show up, the one reluctant to punch or the aggressive spirit who is not afraid to let his hands go? When Guinn does get in the mood to swap leather or let his fists fly, pain flows to his foes and the W’s roll in. He’s been counted out by the critics, bashed by the media, been DOA in the ring, and raised from the ashes to proclaim that his career is not dead. In December of 2007 it appeared that it was the end of the line for Dominick, now three fights later and well into 2009, you catch yourself saying, “Damn, that dude just won’t go away!”

At one time Guinn had twenty-four consecutive victories, but falling to defeat at the hands of Monte Barrett in Guinn’s home state of Arkansas seemed to drain Guinn of any hunger, keeping his skills in fine tune but robbing him of the heart of a warrior.

Since his split decision loss to Barrett in 2004, Guinn has had a spotty career; prior to 2008 Guinn only stringed together two back-to-back wins in ten fights. And out of those ten bouts he boasted a record of 4-5-1. Guinn has not had three consecutive wins since 2003, but with his first round romping over the former undefeated Johnnie White, Dominick has earned himself a three-peat!

The question is, will he continue his winning ways, maybe get back the spark he once had, and does he have some fuel to throw on the fire?

Hell, who knows, as a fan, friend and follower of Guinn’s career, I sure hope he keeps this winning side of him rolling down the victory track, but it is still early to say.

Guinn has been on the winning side over the likes of Michael Grant (TKO 7), Audley Harrison (UD) and Jean Francois Bergeron (KO 2) and lost to the likes of James Toney (UD), Tony Thompson (UD) and Eddie Chambers (UD). I personally thought it was over for Dominick’s career when (and I mean no disrespect) of all people Robert Hawkins beat him, but he popped back up with a win and an entertaining YouTube highlight reel with a second round knockout victory over the former amateur standout Jean Bergeron.

I have had the pleasure in interviewing Guinn several times for Doghouse Boxing. He is never for a loss of words, always entertaining with his quotes and thoughts, and the last time I spoke with him, something seemed to have changed in his persona and I think it is starting to show in his ring presence.

So now with three wins under his belt, two by knockout, and new trainer James Johnson alongside of him, it seems that at this point in time, Dominick Guinn is not going away. And if he keeps up this winner’s mentality and lets his hands go, I don’t think the fans will mind him sticking around bit longer, because I am certainly rooting for him, and am a bit glad the dude just won’t go away!

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