Prayers for Mike Tyson, Family and an Angel named Exodus
By Benny Henderson Jr., DoghouseBoxing (May 27, 2009)  
The boxing world learned yesterday that former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson lost his four year old daughter Exodus in a tragic accident involving a treadmill, with reports stating the little girl was accidently hung from a cable from the exercise machine.
After being found by her older brother, and trying to be revived by her mother, Exodus was rushed to ST. Joe’s Hospital where she was listed under “critical condition”, and not even a full day later was taken off of life support and pronounced dead at 11:45 AM Phoenix time.
The name Tyson is synonymous to the word of boxing. “Iron” Mike has influenced many young people, as well as a few old dogs, to lace up the gloves and try out their fists in the bang for your buck sport. Tyson’s life in and out of the ring has been well documented, from the high times in the ring to the dark moments in and out of it. Tyson has been loathed as well as loved by the media.
So in this time of trials and tribulations that Tyson and his family are going through with the loss of Exodus, the fans who have been influenced by Mike should take the time out to say a prayer for Tyson and his family, or just a moment of silence if you please depending on your beliefs.
It has been said that losing a child is the hardest hurt you can feel, and as a father I pray as many fathers out there in the world do, that we never feel that pain and hurt. As a brother I have witnessed the tragic passing of my sister’s 2 ½ year old son, my nephew we called “Nonnie”. As far as the details are concerned that is not important, all I was say it that it was tragic, and still to this day the thought of him being gone hurts me to the core, and I was only his uncle.
So I guess what I am trying to say, although I cannot, and never want to be able to relate to what Mike is going through, I can relate to the family surrounding Mike Tyson and his girlfriend, and to them I would like to send out my thoughts and prayers as well. And I presume there are many who may be reading this can directly understand what Tyson is going through as a parent.
So to get down to business, sure Tyson is not an angel, and many in the sport have written some bad publicity on the man, and most of it brought on by his own actions. But in a time such as this, we should set our disagreements and opinions of the person aside and focus on the important aspects of life, family.
From the staff here at Doghouse Boxing, we all would like to send out our condolences to the family of Tyson as well as Mike himself. And from my heart I would like to end this article in saying, God Bless you Exodus, and may the little angel rest in peace, and if you get a chance tell Nonnie that Uncle Benny loves him.

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