Angel Manfredy Interview: “I’m coming back, and I want Floyd Mayweather Jr. Again!”
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (June 6, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Angel Manfredy
At one time boxer Angel Manfredy who compiled a career record of 43-8-1 (32), was the fighter to watch. Win, lose, or draw, he was an exciting puncher, with an aggressive style that made him a fan favorite. Foes who fell to Manfredy were the likes of, the late great human highlight reel Arturo Gatti, Ivan Robinson, and, Jorge Paez. The majority of his losses were to top notch fighters, such as, Stevie Johnston, the late tough as nails Diego Corrales, and the still undefeated former pound for pound king, Floyd Mayweather Jr. After a good solid career Manfredy hung up the gloves and has been away from the bang for your buck sport for eight years. So when I contacted Manfredy to do this interview with Doghouse Boxing, I figured it would be the both of us reminiscing on his stellar career, instead, the thirty-seven year old informed me of his comeback. So in this exclusive interview, the fighter formerly known as El Diablo, talks about his comeback, Mayweather and more, enjoy.  

Benny Henderson Jr.: Thanks for taking out the time to chat with Doghouse Boxing, basically what has been going down in the world of Angel Manfredy?

Angel Manfredy:
I have been taking of my family, I am a father, I am a grandfather at a young age. I enjoy myself living a humble life and I am very anxious to get another shot at Mayweather, that is what is going through my heart right now. I took years off, and I know now how to beat Mayweather, and I am hoping and praying that he will give me the opportunity.

BH: You are speaking on making a comeback, if sop, when can the fans expect you to make that comeback?

I have been running and all getting my cardio up, I am walking around 150-pounds, so I can fight at 147-pounds. I feel strong I feel fast, I am motivated and my mind is right. My mind was not right for the first fight, I had a lot of drugs, a lot of women, fame, fortune, a lot of success, and I did not know how to handle it at that time. But I am right now, and I want to move forward and pick up where I left off.

BH: In order to fight Mayweather you are going to have to fight your way back up the ladder, so when can we expect your return to knock off the ring rust and start that climb?

I do not know, I am going to get a MRI, to make sure the brain is alright, I am waiting on that, when that gets done I will be back in the ring.

BH: I have to ask this, I thought you had a very good career to be proud of, with all that you accomplished, and with the time off and at thirty-seven years old, why return to the sport of boxing?

I love it, I gave it to God and He gave it right back to me. I want to prove to the world that I am the best, by beating the best I will show the world that I did not go anywhere. I had to get my mind right, I was not a mature fighter at the time, I am now. I would love to get back in the mix and show the world that I am the best.

BH: When people read this interview, there are going to be a lot of people, fans, media, critics etc. They are going to say that you should not come back, and many may say that you have no chance and to just stay retired. What would you say to the ones who may respond negatively?

They can say what they want to say, you will always have critics in the boxing world, they did not know what I was going through at that time during my career. I was not mentally prepared for the fight, when I fought Diaz and Gatti, I showed that I was mentally prepared. When I fought Johnston I was not right, I was doing cocaine before the fight, I was a narrow minded man at that time. I have nothing to prove to nobody, if anybody have anything to prove it is Mayweather, that was a premature stoppage. They stopped it way to early, you only stop a fight when a man cannot defend himself, I caught three or four punches on my gloves. They stopped the fight when I was defending myself, you are not supposed to stop the fight when a man is defending himself. But I am back, I am stronger, I am faster, I am more motivated, and I am more determined to get back what I have lost.

BH: At one time you had these addictions to cocaine, how long have you been clean?

Seven years, well, more than that, about ten years.

BH: We look at the 147-pound division and there is a lot of talent in that weight class, so before you get to the likes of Mayweather, who do you feel amongst the division that you can step in against and beat to prepare yourself for the Mayweather fight?

I am not looking at nobody, I am looking at Mayweather, he is the only that motivates me, just like Gatti motivated me, that is what brought me to my best. If anybody needs anybody, Mayweather needs Manfredy, because that was an unproven fight. The stopped the fight prematurely, and I could not make the weight noway. After that fight I went back up to 135-pounds and beat Robinson and showed everybody that I was not a 130-pound fighter. They knew I could not make 130, when I fought John Brown at 130 I got rocked, I was killing myself to make weight. but you live and learn, I learned through my mistakes.

BH: Let’s just say the Mayweather fight will never materialize, would you still want to return to the fight game?

I do not know right now, the only one that would motivate me would be Mayweather. All I can think about is Mayweather, I now know what it takes to beat him. I have figured him out and I believe that I can beat him now.

BH: Any message you want to send to the fight world, mainly Floyd Mayweather?

Be ready! You would fight a different man now, I took the fight with Mayweather the first time for the money, he was a no name. he beat Hernandez, I beat Gatti in his prime, I was the name, not Mayweather, but they had it all rigged up for him to win. I made more money than Mayweather in that fight, he would not fight me unless he made more money so we cut the check in three checks. It made it look like I made four hundred thousand for the fight, but I really made a million dollars. It was all rigged up, all set up, it was all for the money and it was my mistake taking the fight for the money. I could not make the weight, I went to Florida to train, I killed myself to make the weight. I was to weak in the fight, and it showed. But it was rigged up for Mayweather to win that fight.

BH: Anything in closing?

Thanks to all of my fans, I am back, and after I did my MRI I am back in the ring, and I am going to get back what I lost, the fame, the fortune, I am a brighter fighter. I want to go forward, and I want to thank you for the interview and the world, I am back.

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