Brian Minto: “I will break Batchelder down”
By Benny Henderson Jr. (June 8, 2006)
This Friday night June 9th on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights at 8PM ET rising heavyweight star Brian Minto 24-1 (14) will throw down in what he states is going to be an action-packed fight against tough competitor Danny Batchelder 24-1-1 (11) at the Tropicana Casio in Atlantic City, NJ.

“Danny is a good skilled fighter, very tough comes to fight,” Minto told Doghouse Boxing. “He’s an in-and-out fighter with a good jab and good defense. This will be a war, but I can match skill for skill and I will break him down.”

Minto, who is an ESPN ‘veteran’, has had some entertaining televised wars in his four years a professional pugilist. Best known for his two victories over tough New Yorker Vinny Maddalone, Minto feels that the best is still ahead.

“This is my year. I am a great action packed TV fighter and I will be a force to be reckoned with, so look out,” Minto states confidently but humbly.

His opponent Danny Batchelder is a former light heavyweight and cruiserweight contender who will bump up in weight for this fight. A fast fighter with excellent footwork, Minto says he knows little more than that about the once-beaten Batchelder.

“I seen very little tape on him, none at cruiserweight, but from what I seen he is just as talented as the bigger guys in the division and will do me justice,” explained Minto.

The devoted husband and father of two says the hardest aspect of being a fighter is being away from his family, but carrying his faith along with him the Christian combatant keeps grounded. And having good friends working along beside him helps to keep him focused in his training camp, which is two hours from his hometown of Butler, PA. Minto and his team mate Calvin Brock aren’t only sparring partners but good friends, both under the tutelage of trainer Tom Yankello. Minto has been under his wing since 2003 and Yankello has high hopes for the thirty-one year old Minto, telling the Doghouse “Minto is going to be the surprise of the division.”

Yankello, who has shared his talents with Paul Spadafora and now with Monty Clay, Verquan Kimbrough and Calvin Brock, says, “Brian will be faster in this fight. He has dropped ten pounds and he will be quicker and slicker than his last fight, there will be a huge difference.”

Minto’s last fight was against roughhouse journeyman Billy Zumbrun on ESPN, a bout that saw defeated the Utahan via eight round unanimous decision.

Many critics have skewed Minto as being too small to be successful in this division. Standing at 5’11” and carrying an average weight of 215lbs. in a division that is populated with men well over his size, Minto has been underestimated by many, but in the mind of trainer Tom Yankello has the goods to deliver.

“Brian is a force, he isn’t too small, he has the speed of a middleweight which overcomes size,” said Yankello. “Craft goes a long way and Brian Minto is legit in the heavyweight division and I see him winning a title.”

In Minto’s own words, “My best abilities as a fighter is that I am very fast and have a good jab, I have a good defense and can take shot. I have learned a lot working with Tom and I will be a surprise in the division.”

Tune in Friday night to ESPN2 for Friday Night Fights at 8PM ET/PT to see Minto continue his run at a title.

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