Can Kevin McBride pull a Danny Williams?
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (June 10, 2005)  
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This weekend only on Showtime Pay-Per-View the fight world will witness the return of the ‘Iron’ one, again. Yes, another gallant return of Mike Tyson, 50-5 (44), that you and your buddies can view for the low and always reasonable price of $49.95. Hey, where else can you rally the crew together and pitch in for a fifty-dollar beat down that features one of boxing’s most notorious bad boys knocking around yet another outclassed journeyman? He’s unpredictable, his antics are always entertaining, and you never know when he might actually have a break through and resemble just a smidge of the Tyson of yester year, even if it is only for a round or two.

But is it worth paying for?

Well, if you are a die-hard Tyson fan it is, especially when it appears that he may actually get this win, no disrespect to Kevin McBride, 32-4-1 (27), or his following but what are the chances of ‘The Clones Colossus’ getting a W over Tyson? The last comeback PPV extravaganza we all witnessed Danny Williams pulling off one of the biggest wins in his career and then get a title shot to only be literally smacked down by the champion Vitali Klitschko, just call that a big pay day. But what chance does the fighting Irishman have, does Kevin actually have the goods to pull it off?

Don’t think so.

From my recollection I don’t think I have ever counted out a fighter from the start; if you can breathe and land a few shots you never know what can transpire. Of course I have my picks and reasoning for my train of thought, but will this be another blowout at the expense of the fans?

Most likely.

Yeah, the 6’6” native of Ireland can sell himself all he wants as being the next guy that is going to defeat Tyson, but what are the odds? Hell, even Peter McNeeley had some of the boxing world backing him. It’s called hype, and it sells well. In the thirteen years that McBride has been in the pro ranks he has never faced or beat an opponent that even comes close to Tyson. Even his biggest win or wins in his career has been against B to C level opposition and when he stepped up he was knocked back down. Yeah, trust me, I am not forgetting about the high quality opposition that Williams faced before Tyson and he was still able to upset Tyson, but if you break it down McBride has all the goods it will take to lose to Tyson this Saturday.

We all know that Tyson doesn’t do his best work against taller fighters and if they can utilize their jab and keep the bulldog away from their throat they have a shot, but you would have to factor speed into that equation, and that is precisely what McBride lacks. McBride is plodding in the ring; his showing against Kevin Montiy showcased that attribute. What about his beard? Well, he has been stopped four times out of his thirty-seven bouts. At 4-6, Louis Monaco was the first one to stop Kevin back in 1997, and yet another club fighter dropped him again in ’98 when he was stopped in the third round by Michael Murray who was 15-16 at that time. DaVarryl Williamson and Axel Shultz have stopped Kevin also, and while those two guys can hit, if you rate McBride’s chin you would have to say it is as soft as Butterbean’s belly!

Even a thirty-eight year old Tyson still has power and that threatens McBride in every kind of way. Will he be able to with stand the onslaught of punishment that Tyson will surely offer up from the opening bell to gain the upset victory in the later rounds? Or will Tyson “gut him like a fish” as he stated he would? McBride is younger; he seems to be hungry, but hungry for what, money? McBride stated that he was going to come out of this fight with a victory and prove that he is a contender and not a pretender, and that seemed to go over well for Danny Williams, didn’t it? Kevin can hit hard, he has knocked out his last seven opponents, but neither of them were remotely close to even this faded version of Tyson, were they? And as always you have to factor in to this what Tyson is going to show up. But even Tyson at this worst should get McBride out early, right? This fight is good for Tyson; he gets some ring time in and hopefully builds a bit of confidence for bigger and better opposition out there. And McBride could probably use the money; hey, like I said before, I mean no disrespect to Kevin. If he wins I will eat crow. So the major question I should be asking isn’t if McBride can pull off a Danny Williams, or what round will Tyson win in (round one if you must ask). I guess the most important question I can ask, is this fight Pay-Per-View worthy?


But I guess we can all tune in for the Ali-Toughill brawl, right?

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