All apologies to Kevin McBride and goodbye to ‘Iron’ Mike
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (June 13, 2005)  
Photo © Tom Casino/SHOWTIME
Well, first off I just want to say thank-you to Mike Tyson, from the school days of playing Tyson’s Punch Out to hanging with the boys pitching in for the high priced pay per views and witnessing all that you have accomplished, it was an unforgettable ride. Always entertaining, always unpredictable, and most of all crazy as hell! Mike, you are an icon that will never be forgotten in the sports world, your legacy might be darkened by your antics in and out of the ring, your aura of invincibility might have gotten shattered a long time before this, but one thing for sure: you were the Man.

Emphasis on “were”.

At one time you made fighters shake in their shoes, literally give up before they even stepped in the ring with you. You were destructive, intimidating, dominating, and you gave the fans a handful of what we wanted, heart pounding action. Even near the end many still believed you had the chance at winning another title, just a glimmer of hope that you would find greatness once more and strap on the title as champion! We believed in you!

When you lost to Danny Williams last year most of us held on hoping it was a farce and that you would come back and destroy this Irish kid, but, it was no farce; in fact, it is reality. The reality is that you are done, you are a shell of the fighter you once were. You had your day in the sun but that has set now. Go home and look back and just be happy with what accomplishments you have. You will always be remembered as the ‘Iron’ one. As a long time fan I personally just want to say, thank-you.

Kevin McBride, well, you did what you had to do, you were no Peter McNeeley and made the ‘Iron’ one quit. You told many that you would come into this fight and become a contender and not a pretender, job well done. You got the victory and as Danny had done you will build on this win and get a massive payday. You proved me wrong, so I will take my heaping helping of crow! Now, get ready, the offers will come in and you might even get a title shot because of this victory. But beware my fiend, not all are thirty-nine year old wash ups that will give up under pressure. Take this victory and relish the moment, because now the ‘REAL’ work begins.
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