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Chase Shields: “I’m ready to step up”
Interview by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (June 15, 2005)  
Chase Shields
Undefeated middleweight prospect Chase Shields, 16-0 (9), is ready to step up and stake his claim as one of boxing’s brightest young stars. The Houston, Texas native began his journey March of 2002 and since then has beaten down a path of fallen opponents, but now the fighter known as ‘The White Tiger’ is ready to step up to a higher level and let the world hear his roar.

As a young boy Chase competed in sports such as baseball and football and the multi-talented athlete received a football scholarship from Texas Southern University where he played Strong Safety. But even after his success as a ball player the ‘sweet science’ was calling so the twenty-one year old laced up the gloves and set out to make his mark in the fistic family.

In 2002 Shields stepped in as a pro and stopped his opponent in the first round, two months later his second opponent would meet the same fate. His rookie year the hard-hitting middleweight banged out a 7-0 record stopping four via knockout, two in the opening round. In 2004 Chase won the Texas Light Middleweight title by knocking out Marcus Woods in the fifth round and since then has went on to defeat all in his path, earning himself an untarnished record. Chase looks forward to keeping his unbeaten record in tact and move up the ladder as he does so, and the twenty-seven year old is ready to fire off at the competition that stands in his way. The undefeated fighter took the time out to speak with the Doghouse and gave his thoughts on his career, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Your last fight was back in January, is there any news on your next bout and on whom you may be facing next?

Chase Shields:
Well I was supposed to fight in April but they moved it to May and now I think it is the second week of June I am not for sure yet.

BH: Any opponent named yet?

Ah no, not yet, there is a couple of them that fought on TV, it might be a ten round fight hopefully. It is such a long lay off you know.

BH: How about the layoffs, you had one because of a foot injury?

Yeah I broke two bones in my foot, I fought a fight with it broke and then laid off awhile after that. Then I fought with a broke hand that I broke in the first round but hung in there to knock the guy out in the sixth.

BH: You’ve had all of your bouts in Houston, when do you think you will step out of Texas and fight, and how do you think you will handle not having the hometown crowd behind you when you do so?

I should have already fought out of town, they are talking about Florida some day soon and I guess on to Vegas. I won’t have a problem I like to fight so it doesn’t really matter.

BH: What inspired you to want to lace up the gloves?

I played college football but I always wanted to box, my Dad was an amateur boxer back in the day but one day I got in a fight with my football coach in college the last year so I quit. I was going to try out for some teams and continue to play but one day we went to the gym here ands this trainer talked me into training in boxing so I called my agent and told him and now six years later I am still doing it.

BH: You have a very impressive record sixteen wins no losses with nine knockouts. But looking at your opposition on paper some seem to be a bit overmatched. I do understand the purpose of fighting lighter competition to get experience before stepping up, but are there any plans to step up in the near future and take on more formidable opposition to start your climb to the top of the division, and if so which prospect would you like to step in with to make your statement?

I want to be the best, but I am taking my time since I didn’t have that much amateur experience, every fight is a learning process for me. I wouldn’t mind fighting one of the guys off the contender; I just want to be the best so I will have to fight the best to get there. I am ready to fight whomever; it is when Spagnola thinks I’m ready.

BH: As a boxer, what do you feel is your best quality?

I think I’m a better athlete than anybody else. I ran track, played basketball and football. I think I hit hard with both hands also, I got good speed, and I can pretty much do everything. With more experience I think I will be bale to beat anybody.

BH: Who were some of your heroes growing up?

All I heard about when I was younger were the names Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Marciano, Dempsey; I have watched fights my whole life. I liked Earl Campbell, as a child I either wanted to be the heavyweight champion of the world or the greatest football player in the world.

BH: You stepped in the pro ranks a little over three years ago, what have you learned about the boxing business and yourself these past few years that you can pass on to others that are just stepping in the sport, just some advice from your experiences.

Well, I wish I had trained little harder from the beginning, I thought just because I hit hard I could go in there and knock them out. I would just say train harder.

BH: There are some serious match-ups coming up in the middleweight division, what are your thoughts on the Bernard Hopkins versus Jermain Taylor match-up?

Actually I think Jermain is going to beat him, it looks like Hopkins isn’t fighting as hard as he used to like he isn’t as hungry. I think Taylor will keep that jab on him and keep him at a distance.

BH: What can the fight world expect from ‘The White Tiger’ in the next year or so?

Spagnola and I were talking and we are going to try to get ranked in the top twenty, just fight better competition and more frequently. It is hard for me to take a big fight when I have been off five or six months, they want me to have a couple of tune-ups. I will get ready for the big boys.

BH: Is there anything you would like to add to this interview, you have open forum to speak your mind.

I believe that I’m the best fighter out there I just got to train like it and show the world I am. I know I can do it, and I will.

I would like to thank Bob Spagnola for his help with this interview and a big shout out goes to Chase for his time.
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