Remembering Bob “Scooter” Carroll 1966-2011
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (June 18, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
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Benny Henderson Jr. & Bob Carroll

I have spent years now writing about the sport that I love, and it has been an honor in doing so. I have been blessed to rub shoulders with some of the elite in the sport, for the most part it has been just a job, but a select few of the individuals that I have came across have become more than just another interview, a lead story or a sports figure that the media were in awe with at the time. Some have become friends, and one in particular by the name of Robert Anthony Carroll, better known as Bob “Scooter” Carroll, I called brother.

It was back in 2007 when I was introduced to Bob Carroll, at that time I was doing a little publicity for then heavyweight contender Brian “The Beast” Minto, who had just come off a disappointing, yet hard fought loss to former world title challenger Luan Krasniqi. Bob hit me up via email asking about having Brian on a radio show he hosted called, “Fightin Words Radio”. Of course I obliged, and of course I dropped the ball on the interview, so Carroll reached out to Minto’s manager for the interview and it went through. I called Bob to apologize for my lack of being a professional, and to my surprise he was extremely forgiving, and went as far as asking to me come on the show and give my opinion on the upcoming Mayweather Jr. vs. De La Hoya throw down. And although I thought I was just going to be a one timer on the program, something more transpired, a friendship was forged that even death has not been able to break.

Bob and I hit it off fairly quick, and I became a permanent fixture on the program. This cat was an extremely knowledgeable guy, if you asked about boxing, music, football etc. He most likely could give you an answer, like his Dad Butch said, “he was like a sponge.”

Although residing in Florida, Bob was born, bred and bled Philadelphia, the Flyers, and the Eagles, yep, the Eagles. Now remind you that I am from Texas, and yep, I am through and through a Dallas Cowboys fan, and what debates Bob and I had about the rival teams. When it came time for the teams to face off, you could not get Bob on the phone, especially if the Eagles were losing, but let the Eagles get a score or two up on the Boys, or any team and call him and one ring you would hear, “hello.” Now if his team lost, I would not hear from him at all until it was time to do the show.

Bob knew Boxing, so he fit in well when I brought him aboard Doghouse Boxing as a writer, he did a great job in covering the sport. For a small stint I served as Convicted Artist Online Magazine, Editor-in-Chief, Bob served as my assistant Editor. Working for the site we got the chance to fly out to Hollywood, CA, in September of 2009 to do a charity event benefiting the La Habra Boxing Foundation, it was a MMA Celebrity Roast which I got to host.

Now picture this, you have Bob and I out on the town in California, miles away from our daily chores and family, with pretty much an endless supply of beer, that is a recipe for some drunken fun. The night before the show Bob and I were hanging with the crew, drinking of course, well Bob said, “man, I am going to the hotel and call it a night.” So Bob went to the hotel and I shut down the bars with the guys of CAM. Around 3am that morning I went back to the hotel and couldn’t get in, Bob had the door latched. Here I was, feeling the booze, beating on the door yelling for Bobby to open it. Finally after twenty-minutes of doing so, the door opens, here is Bob, drunk off his ass, in his underwear, mumbling something. I walked in and all I could say was, “what the ****!” Apparently Bob was not done drinking when he left the gang, he got the bright idea to walk next door grab him some more beer, and the ultimate drunken meal, chili cheese nachos!

There was chili and cheese pretty much all over the room, looked like he had opened the drawer between our beds and just dumped them to save them for later. Man, I never let him live that down.

So the night of the event, it took a little longer than it should have to start, so, Jeremy Williams, yes, the former heavyweight contender Jeremy Williams, he decided to jump up on stage and start his own comedy act, although funny, the bouncer, and security did not find it to hilarious, so when the show was finally ready to start, for some reason the bouncer asked Bob and I to get Jeremy off the stage. Bob looked at the guy and with this expression I cannot explain said to the guy, “are you f****** kidding me, that guy would knock us out!” Well, we did get Jeremy off the stage and the show raged on.

We dropped Bob off at LAX Airport later that night, and, he forgot that he had beer in his bag, so here he is pouring out beer at the front entrance of LAX.

Bob was a riot, he made everybody laugh, everybody smile, when I had a bad day, I called Bob, he seem to of had the answer to everything.

Bob and I were close friends, like brothers, for four years, we talked everyday, and if not, we at least text one another, he would call my wife and children to wish them happy holidays, or happy birthdays, same with myself and his family.

Bob was a caring guy, and would listen to any problem that you had, but he never seemed to unload on anybody his problems, he always stayed positive, and gave people positive advice. Bob was not just a writer, a radio show host, a hall of famer, he was not just a friend, but he was a brother, so on Saturday June 18th when I received the call, the words on the other line chilled me, “Bob has died.”

It took me a second to grasp what had been said, my first response was, “no!” He and I had just been texting each other hours before the phone call.

The next few days were bit of a blur, I kept in touch with his family, they offered to pay all expenses to Florida, but I had to decline due to the fact that I had to work, and could not take off. I now look back and regret the fact that I was not there to pay tribute to my fallen friend, I should have been there for his family. But I wasn’t. But, in the past year his family and I have drawn close to each other, we often talk about the good times with Bob, we reflect back on the man who had touched so many lives in his short time on earth. The outpouring of love and support from the friends in the boxing business, as well as music business was overwhelming. He made so many friends, it was unreal how many people through phone calls, emails etc, reached out to the family to give their loving thoughts on Bob.

Bobby, was not a perfect person, he made mistakes just like anybody else in this world, but he was a man of his word, he was loyal to his family and friends, he would take the shirt off his back to give it to you if need be. He did such a great job with All Hail Hair, the Fightin Words Radio network.

Although it has been a year since we lost Bob, it still seems like yesterday all this went down, I cannot express the way I feel, he had such an impact on my life. I have nothing but respect and love for Bob and his family. For months I would call Bob’s phone, all though it was no longer in service, his Facebook photo would pop up, which is the Philly Flyers. I read the texts that he and I sent one another up until my phone broke. At times I go back and listen to the old shows that he and I did together, and I just remember a really good man.

In the last hours of Bob’s life, he and I went back and forth with texts. There near the end of our text session, Bob sent me a text that read, “you have been like a brother to me, and I thank you for that.”

If Bob is reading this, somewhere, I want to say this, “Bob, you taught me what the meaning of a true friend really is, you brought so many people in my life, you were a man of your word, a loving son, brother, uncle, Dad, you were one of the greatest people I have ever came across in this old world, you were like a brother to me, and for that, I thank you.”

God Bless my friend and brother, Robert Anthony Carroll, we love you Bob!

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