David Rodriguez: "Dyer is just another obstacle"
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr. (July 12, 2006)
This Saturday night July 15th at the Fifth Third Ballpark at Comstock Park, MI, undefeated heavyweight hopeful David ‘Nino’ Rodriguez, 21-0 (20), is en route to make it twenty-two straight victims when he clashes with undefeated 6’9” giant ‘Big’ Rick Dyer, 10-0 (10), in an all-out battle of the big guys in a bout billed as ‘David versus Goliath’.

The El Paso native has laid the leather to the opposition leaving a path of destruction behind him as he makes his way throughout his heavyweight journey, and although a hard hitting southpaw knockout artist stands before him, Rodriguez is once again ready to go to battle.

“I see Dyer as just another obstacle to get over to bigger and better things, and although Rick is much bigger than me, I don’t see him as being stronger,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s opponent is a big southpaw from Roland, OK, standing at 6’9”. The killer in the ring has knocked out everybody that has crossed his path, and although Dyer’s opposition has been less than frightening, Rodriguez isn’t over looking the big guy.

“I am taking Rick Dyer very seriously, any guy that is that size is very dangerous,” explained David. “But I am like a pit
bull. I am ready, my training has been great and whatever style he brings to the table I will adapt to it.”

Nino’s training sessions have been defined as some of the best boxing seen in the gym. His work ethic is hard to match in the eyes of his team, especially his long time trainer Louie Burke. A former standout in the eighties for the fistic family, Burke banged out two wins over Freddie Roach and went to toe to against Hector Camacho. Burke was trained by legendary trainers Jessie Reid and Angelo Dundee, and he brings years of experience and knowledge to Team Rodriguez.

Burke, who has been with Rodriguez for eleven years, now, sees the rising star as just that, a good fighter with star quality, which is just what the division needs according to the experienced trainer.

“David brings a lot to the heavyweight division, and he’s an explosive fighter who is very exciting,” Burke said of his star pupil. “What he brings to the table hasn’t been brought to the division since Tyson.”

Although Rodriguez is best known for his overwhelming power, his hand speed has been the key to many victories and Burke sees it as his way to the win this weekend.

“David can punch, he is explosive, and he has very quick hands, quickness is the key”, explained Burke.

The Texas/New Mexico State Heavyweight champion is more than ready for war, and although he has one of the toughest challenges in front of him Rodriguez is optimistic he will prevail.

“Rick is a big guy, and he is very dangerous, but I feel he will be surprised by my power,” stated Rodriguez.

The rising heavyweight is fighting for the goal of someday being heavyweight champion, a challenge that lies ahead, but it is a challenge Rodriguez is prepared for. With his speed, skill, determination, and overwhelming power, Rodriguez has the goods to stand and deliver and continue his domination. But now he has added an angel to his arsenal. On his shoulder to carry him through the fight and the rest of his career will be his late friend Preston Hartzog, who David has dedicated this fight and his career too.

“Preston was the real deal, just a great guy and a man of his word, a great friend who will not be forgotten, this fight and the rest of my career will be for Preston,” Rodriguez revealed.

Rodriguez had this to say in closing: “Rick and I are both undefeated big men, but somebody’s 0 must go, and by far this is the biggest fight of my career, but I am ready, I am definitely ready!"

**This Just In: Rick Dyer pulled out of the fight today. Team Rodriguez trying to find a replacement now

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