Lydell Rhodes Interview: “I will knock Noah Zuhdi out!”
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (July 20, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Lydell Rhodes
Undefeated lightweight prospect, Lydell Rhodes 10-0 (5), has his eyes set on the top of the fight world, but before he gets to the golden crown, the young gun wants to settle a score with cross town rivalry Noah Zuhdi, to prove, who is the best 135-pound fighter in Oklahoma.

Trained by Floyd Mayweather Sr., the unbeaten one believes with his talents, support group, team and more, he will reach his goal of becoming world champ. And he has one thing to say to his fellow fighter, “let’s rock n roll!” In this exclusive interview Rhodes speaks out on his career and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: What’s going down with you and your career?

Lydell Rhodes:
Right now we are at the point where we are between levels, the first few opponents, they had like six to ten fights, but now it is time to step it up and fight guys with sixteen to twenty fights. Jump to that next level with better records, or undefeated fighters like myself. We want to get out there and showcase my talents to the world. I feel like I am learning, I do not have much of an amateur style any more, I am more of a pro style fighter. I am finally getting comfortable with the pro game.

BH: What is it like working with Floyd Mayweather Sr.?

Man, first thing, you have to have tough skin, you have to be able to take criticism and learn from your mistakes. You can not get down on yourself, because he is a perfectionist. If you do something wrong, he is going to stop you, and ask what you are doing. I mean look at what he taught his son, he wants everybody to be as perfect as possible. But I have learned a lot, he helps you become a better fighter, I learn something everyday. I love it.

BH: What is this little rivalry you have here with fellow Oklahoma native Noah Zuhdi. There has been some back and forth words going on, is he over shadowing you, why the bickering?

He has a good fan base but he is not over shadowing me, maybe in the media a bit because he has been pro for a while and I just stepped on the scene. I guarantee Oklahoma supports me more than they do him. I am not going to talk down, I love everybody from Oklahoma, but this is a business and you are in my weight class. Nobody is going to step in between myself and my goal, and he is in my way right now. I have to prove him wrong, their is trash coming out of his mouth saying he is the best at 135-pounds and that he would beat anybody in that weight class. He is the champion in Oklahoma, but all roads go through me. I am just ready to rock n roll. I stick by what I said, he is not going to win, but if he can even make it the distance, I will give him my purse, but I will stop him, that is how I feel about it. I have the best people around me, I cannot lose right now, I am ready! This fight would be great for Oklahoma, he is fighting guys he knows he can beat, that is not what the sport is about, it is about battles. Let’s put on a show.

BH: What are the three things that separate you from the other prospects in your weight class?

First off, I would have to say it is my fight intelligence, Floyd not only teaches me to be sharper with my style, but he makes me sharper mentally. I set up my shots, every punch I throw, it is for a reason. My speed, I believe I have tremendous speed, my speed and explosiveness is eye catching. And third, it is my will to win. I refuse to lose, come gut check time, I am going, I will adapt, I can box, counter punch, add pressure, and power. You said three, but fourth, I say my camp, my trainer, my sparring systems, I have a great support system.

BH: Anything in closing?

Stay tuned, I am on the rise, do not be surprised when you see me on top, and I want to thank Doghouse Boxing for having me on, I appreciate it, I love everybody in Oklahoma, thanks to all. And AG2G, All Glory to God.

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