Doghouse Fight Predictions: Corrales-Castillo Deuce
Compiled y "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (October 8, 2005)  
Photo © Rick Guzman
It was a slugfest, it was a brutal war, and it was severally entertaining! Can the rematch live up to the first meeting? Oh yeah! We have ourselves another go-getter coming up tonight that is expected to be an all out slugfest when Diego Corrales, 40-2 (33), steps back in the ring against Jose Luis Castillo, 52-7-1 (46), in an all out brawl on Showtime PPV at 9PM ET.

The first meeting was an all out war. Will the battle be continued when Castillo tries to avenge his loss, or will history prove itself and the rematch not live up to the expectations? Also on the card Hussein Hussein, 28-2 (21), will be looking for a little vengeance of his own when the hard-hitting Australian faces savvy fight veteran Jorge Arce, 40-3-1 (30), in a WBC flyweight interim title bout.

Who will rise and who will fall on tonight’s Showtime PPV match-up? The Doghouse writers give their thoughts and predictions on tonight’s throw downs.

Sean Newman: I think this will be another exciting fight, but history tells us that whether it be in boxing or in film, a sequel generally doesn’t live up to a successful original. Given the way Corrales pulled a close fight out of the jaws of defeat the first time, this is truly one that could go either way. I believe Castillo, though not the puncher that Chico is can hurt Diego more easily. Castillo was vulnerable in the tenth round in the last fight because he underestimated Corrales’ recuperative abilities. This time, he’ll be more careful when he gets Chico hurt and will have more left in the tank to finish the job. Castillo by seventh round TKO.

Coyote Duran: Corrales-Castillo: Most sequels tend to not live up to their ambitious predecessors but I truly believe this Saturday's World Lightweight title rematch will prove otherwise. Diego Corrales learned back in May what tricks he could ply against his most renowned rival so he'll have to be wiser, slicker and more powerful (if that's even a possibility). However, slickness can only go so far and it won't be long 'til these cats are tearing each other new ones once again. I think the KO will come a little later so I'm going with a bona fide KO win (where Jose Luis Castillo won't beat the 10 count) in the 11th round.
Jess Trail: Regardless of their promises to slug it out as ferociously as in the first epic battle, both were surprised by the resiliency of the other.  This time around, I see a bout in which there is a bit more respect granted, a bit less free-swinging mayhem.  I see a bout that will not live up to the first one, but will still be better than most.  Diego knows how close he came to being stopped in the last one.  Look for a bit more movement and counters from him.  Result:  Corrales by decision.

Rob Scott: If it is anything like the last one, neither would deserve to lose. But the reality is there can only be one. Even though Corrales won, both are equally damaged. The wear and tare on each are the same. Their power is the same. Their hearts are the same. It's going to be a continued wear down process. I interviewed Diego for Doghouse the other day and he said he was going to finish the job - I believe him. Corrales 11th round TKO.

Julian Kasdin: This fight is going to start where it left off, get ready for championship overtime.  These two warriors brutalized their bodies, and definitely left some of themselves in the ring.  Whoever took less damage, and am inclined to think that is Castillo will probably come out on top.  These two will go at it like rabid rottweilers in a cage, and in the end Castillo should win, setting up an amazing rubber match.

Danny Serratelli: Corrales is saying that he will come after Castillo again, but he won't...unless he has to.  Goossen will do all he can in the corner to prevent a replay of the first fight and make this one a much easier fight for Chico. Chico will use his jab and a little movement to beat Castillo easier this time   While there is a chance that Castillo can hurt Diego and make it into more of a replay of the second fight, I doubt it will happen.  Diego Corrales by Unanimous Decision or late round stoppage.

Gary Pino: Ok, Diego is one of my favorite fighters. He is amazing and has a dynamite chin, and this combo has kept me in his corner picking him the last few big fights. But I had a hunch Gatti would lose and I nailed it so I am also having a feeling Castillo will win this fight? The first war was just unreal and it’s going to be tough to top. Don't be surprised if this is a boring tactical fight with both guys showing respect for one another. One thing that will decide this fight for Castillo is that he can hurt Corrales. He should have won the first fight with Diego purposely spitting out his mouthpiece 2 times. I think Castillo wins by a TKO, in the 5th or 6th round. Castillo is smarter and will be in better shape this time. It’s going to be a good one so don't miss it.

Benny Henderson Jr.: All I can say is that this fight in my opinion isn’t the last, I think there will be sparks in this clash as the first one but while not as spectacular, it will still be entertaining. I see Castillo ending this one in the mid rounds if Corrales stands and trades with him again, if not a UD for Castillo with a few knockdowns to add spice to the bout. Diego is a trooper and hung in there to get the W the first time, but as I stated the best comes in threes! Let’s wait until the rubber match!

Anthony Cocks: Give me Castillo again. I tipped him in the first fight and he came oh-so-close, so I can’t really give up on him now. Besides, the additional weight that was highlighted by the fiasco at the scales can only work his advantage.

Jorge Arce vs. Hussein Hussein

Sean Newman: I really haven’t seen enough of either of these guys to make an educated guess, so I’ll just make a plain old guess. Based on their first fight, which according to the judges Arce was winning handily before stopping Hussein, I’ll go with Arce in this one by unanimous decision.

Coyote Duran: If Jeff Fenech has anything to do with it, Hussein Hussein will fight the smarter fight on Saturday night. In their last slugfest, Hussein had his moments against Jorge Arce but they weren't consistent enough but with a good defense and by listening to his corner he can avoid taking more shots than he has to. Arce's instinct is to seek and destroy, however, but I don't believe he'll take out the wiser Hussein within the distance. I give Arce the win but by unanimous decision this time around.

Jess Trail: Hussein is a more polished fighter than Arce.  That being said, he is too willing to be sucked into Jorge's funhouse.  I believe that Hussein will go there once again with Arce – Result:  Arce KO 8
Rob Scott: The last time Arce fought with his nose almost torn off. Do you remember that? Believe me, Hussein does. If he forgot, Arce will make him remember Saturday. 9 round TKO for Arce.

Julian Kasdin: As far as Arce and Hussein, I tend to lean towards Arce.  Hussein is strong, but so is Arce, and Arce seems to be just a little tougher and a little more willing to take punishment in a fight that should be quite brutal, give me Arce by decision or late stoppage.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Don’t know much on the under card, so I will go out and say that Hussein loses by decision.

Anthony Cocks: Looks like I’m alone wolf on this one, but I’ll take Hussein by decision. Hussein fought the wrong fight the first time out and I believe he can make the necessary adjustments to keep the fight in centre ring and tag the forward charging Arce with heavy shots when he works his way inside. Both men showed toughness and tenacity in the first fight, fighting through early injuries. If Hussein can keep his hands up and stick to the game plan he should have too much polish for the experienced Mexican.
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