Paulie Malignaggi Interview Part One: “Hatton is going to be outclassed
when he fights me!”
Interview By Benny Henderson Jr., DoghouseBoxing (Oct 21, 2008)
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Part Two
Coming up November 22nd from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, to be televised live on HBO 10PM ET/7PM PT, the always brash and flashy Paulie Malignaggi 25-1 (5) takes on England’s very own Ricky Hatton 44-1 (31) in a scheduled twelve round junior welterweight clash.

The “Magic Man”, who has defeated all but one of his opponents in his time as a major player in the 140-pound division, looks to pick apart and devour the “Hitman” to prove to the masses that he is the best
140-pounder in the world.

In part one of the two part exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Paulie as usually candidly speaks out on his upcoming bout against Ricky Hatton, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Hey brother, great having you once again on Doghouse Boxing, you have the clash against Ricky Hatton coming up November 22nd, give the readers your thoughts on the fight.

Paulie Malignaggi:
Yeah, it is going to be an exciting fight, and it is a very important fight for me, this is probably the most important fight of my career, more so than the Cotto fight. In the Cotto fight, all though it was very important, had I won the fight, it still would not of made me number one in the world. For the most the winner out of this fight will be recognized as the number one junior welterweight in the world, so this is for all the marbles basically.

BH: What are your thoughts on Hatton, as far as his fighting style and abilities are concerned?

I mean he is a decent fight, I don’t think he is a great fighter, I think he is decent. I think he still does a whole lot of holding than fighting, I don’t know if Floyd Mayweather Sr. can change that in any kind of way. Because he does a whole lot of holding then inside fighting. With Ricky Hatton there is always a whole lot of holding and hitting, there is always a question with him and the referee, when to break and when not to break. Why is he the only fighter in boxing history that has to be a problem for the referee to break him up, when somebody is holding you, you break, it is pretty obvious. Hatton is going to be outclassed when he fights me, he is going to be in there with somebody who knows how to fight and is not going to stand there.

BH: Instead of facing your mandatory, which would have been a rematch against Herman Ngoudjo, you relinquished the IBF strap to take on Hatton, which is probably a better business move on the financial side. Herman had a few choice words concerning your title departure, saying he knew you would do anything to avoid fighting him again. What are your thoughts on his opinion and could there possibly be a rematch in the future?

It becomes a more lucrative fight for me to fight Hatton rather than Ngoudjo again, it is also a more important fight for me. I already beat Ngoudjo, I respect the IBF and I worked very hard to get the title, I would like to have kept it. But I never heard of a fighter being a mandatory when he was already the mandatory that same year, these fighters become mandatory’s after they are beating, but it usually takes a while. The Ngoudjo was a good fight, I am not going to tell you that I blew him out, he is a crazy guy, it was a good fight and I will give him that, but I beat him already. I beat him and most people would say that I beat him, I don’t think that he could put up a case that he won that fight, 90% of the people know that Paulie Malignaggi won that fight. He made is very competitive, but he lost a close fight. He can say what he wants to say, he lost the fight. Maybe in the future if he puts himself in the position and it is convenient for me to fight him, maybe financially, but now, it is not even close what I would make for the Hatton fight. It is not worth it for me, if he puts himself in the position to fight me again and make it financially better I would have no problem beating Ngoudjo again, just like I did the first time.

BH: Hatton has came out and said that he would like to fight the winner out of De La Hoya and Pacquiao, I mean he has to get passed you first. Do you take that as a sign of disrespect, what are your thoughts on that?

He said that, but he also said if he loses he will retire, so if he keeps his word and is honest to himself, unfortunately for him is not going to be fighting the winner out of De La Hoya and Pacquiao, because is going to get beaten by me and is going to have to retire, if he keeps his word. I don’t take it as a sign of disrespect, but I do think he is overlooking me, but at the end of the day he is going to have a tough fight in front of him, and I do not think he knows how tough it is going to be for him.

Stay tuned for part two as the “Magic Man” continues on with his colorful and candid interview.
Part Two

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