Klitschko-Williamson versus Trinidad-Mayorga
Benny’s Punching Bag: The Fans Speak!
By Benny Henderson Jr. (October 25, 2004)  
Here is it guys, another installment of the old punching bag. Sorry it wasn’t out sooner as planned, but due to personal reasons I am a bit late on this one. But all in all, it should still have the same hard-hitting effect as last time. Let's get started with the thoughts that you, the readers, sent in on the Felix Trinidad versus Ricardo Mayorga barnburner and the Wladimir Klitschko versus DaVarryl Williamson snoozer that took place on separate cards on the 2nd of this month. It has been around three weeks since the awesome knockdown drag-out brawl between Tito and Ricardo on HBO which left the fans screaming for more and in sheer excitement. On the same night Showtime featured Little Brother Klitschko taking on the former comedian turned heavyweight boxer DaVarryl Williamson in a sleeper event with a head butt that left us all feeling the effects. Let's get to the questions and your answers, and again the responses were as great as ever.

Question #1: Who should Felix Trinidad face now?

Well the fans have spoken and it is a draw! De La Hoya for the money and Bernard Hopkins for the revenge and the money. There were a few votes for Mosley, Wright or Forrest, and one reader who thought the world of Jermain Taylor.

Question #2: Do you feel Trinidad will be the force he once was?

Most agree that Trinidad will be the boxer he once was along with a few believing he will be better. Martin Plant believes Tito will be the same, however he must prove himself against a more elusive fighter than Mayorga. He said: “Let’s face it, anybody can land punches on a foul mouthed, beer drinking rapist if he stands right in front of you the whole fight.” But Robert N. Smith says that if Tito takes the right fights he will be a force, but he feels Hopkins will give him a boxing lesson. Along with that there was the reader who feels Tito will be fine as long as he stays away from Jermain Taylor.

Question #3: Who do you see at having the best chance at beating Felix?

Sometimes I find myself in disbelief at a certain question I have asked and this is one of them as I already seem to know the answer. Without a doubt a unanimous decision to… BERNARD HOPKINS! The only reader who felt different was the reader whom I think is working for Jermain Taylor at this point, saying that Jermain Taylor would dominate Felix and then Hopkins may beat him again.

Question #4: Which was more entertaining: Trinidad versus Mayorga or Hopkins versus De La Hoya?

Again I find myself a bit off for asking such a question, but in my defense, I skipped my medication that day and wasn’t myself.

No comparison – Tito-Mayorga all the way!

Question #5: Do you think Mayorga will come back after a short layoff or stay gone?

Most agree that Mayorga will be back when the money runs out or his legal issues finally dissolve. Out of all the feedback only one feels that Mayorga is done. Story B states, “He’s gone, his confidence will never be what it was, but we’d love to see him fight Hopkins.” MartinPlant once again says “The only boxer that joker will be doing is in a Nicaraguan prison yard for a pack of smokes. Though, if Don King is in a slump five years from now, he may bring back the old 'circus act' out of retirement for some quick scratch.”

Question #6: Do you think Mayorga was overrated?

MWATKINS states, “Yes, he definitely is no middleweight just like De La Hoya is no Middleweight!” But Mvcjimenez feels that Mayorga isn’t overrated because he beat a legitimate champion in Vernon Forrest. And he feels that Ricardo has proved that he has a chin, stamina and definitely power in the Trinidad fight, and that his heart is actually overrated because nobody ever mentioned his big heart. Robert.N.Smith said it best: “No I think he was just about right, he was never billed as a great boxer just a wild man and that exactly what he was.”

Now we will turn our attention to the heavyweights and get the readers thoughts on the Wladimir Klitschko versus DaVarryl Williamson bout. Although the reader’s enthusiasm wasn’t as high as the Tito-Ricardo bout they were very opinionated, and that is what this is all about.

Question #1: What should Waldimir Klitschko do?

I received a lot of 'Wlad is a bum, he should kill himself, he sucks' and so on from the readers, and even though I disagree with those comments, it is their right to say so. At one time Wladimir was the Klitschko to beat and he seemed to be the future, then it seemed he lost it against Sanders and it appears he hasn’t been the same since. Although most of the readers feel that Wladimir should retire, we had a few that had different thoughts on the situation facing the towering Ukrainian. For instance, YoWhutsCrackin stated that Wladimir should make the biggest fight possible and cash out because eventually another tune-up is going to knock him out. Pjones states that Wlad should probably retire because he is going to get seriously hurt if he continues to fight in the ring. Origanlpepo had a good take, saying “I think he should practice sports medicine full time.”

Question #2: Klitschko-Williamson rematch?

I will put it the exactly the way the majority wanted me too: NO!!!!

Question #3: What will happen to Williamson now?

Most of the readers said WHO CARES! But a few had a different take on 'Touch of Sleep'. Originalpepo said “He should hang around the division since it is so weak, good chins have a chance to make it in this heavyweight division.” I don’t think DaVarryl was ever accused of having a good chin. Hvyweight said that DaVarryl will get more fights, but he’s articulate and has education to fall back on if boxing doesn’t pan out. Pjones had a good one though “He’ll probably get a call from Vitali’s peeps, after he dismantles Williams he will once again clean up his brothers mess and restore what is left of the family name.”

Question #4: Do you agree with the Williams-Klitschko decision?

A lot of the readers stated that they didn’t see it due to the Trinidad-Mayorga showdown, and some who did watch it stated that they fell a sleep, but for the ones who did watch the entire fight, well, it was a draw. Some say it was fair some say it wasn’t, so in my opinion I called it a draw. A lot of the readers also believed it was a draw, but all in all you were all more excited about Tito-Mayorga.

Hey guys, I thank you for all of the responses. It is greatly appreciated and you all have some good views. Although I didn’t get everyone in, please keep sending in your feedback because you will get in and it means a lot to me. You are the heart and soul of Benny’s Punching Bag! I thank you and stay tuned.
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