Doghouse Boxing Decides: Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr
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Tonight, live from the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York City, live on HBO PPV 9PM ET/6PM PT, the verbal assault will cease and the fists will fly as undefeated Joe Calzaghe 45-0 (32) takes on former pound-for-pound king Roy Jones Jr. 52-4 (38) in what should be a humdinger of a throw down.

Jones, a former champion in four separate weight classes, has ruled his opposition with an iron fist, and although RJJ has gone 3-3 in his last six bouts, Jones has proven that he can still be a force to be reckoned with.

Calzaghe, the brash and unbeaten Welsh Dragon, has devoured all who have crossed his pathway. In his last outing Joe defeated the ageless wonder that is Bernard Hopkins, and Calzaghe looks to put an end to Jones, but can the old dog still have his day?

Doghouse Decides!

Rob Scott: It's the classic case of smiling in someone's face and then in turn talking behind one's back. Working closely with the promotion, I see and hear the media and others downplay Roy Jones' chances against Joe Calzaghe. Not only do they feel he will lose, but I have been witness to some saying Calzaghe will give Jones a beating before eventually knocking him out. To that I ask; do you remember Calzaghe giving a beating to anyone like they are saying? Jeff Lacy, to me, doesn't count because of styles-styles-styles. Style wise, Lacy and Jones (old or new) are two totally different fighters.

Its one thing on what the media and others feel, but the difference is, I think Calzaghe feels the same as well. Because of that, Roy's chances sit very well in my opinion. Don't get me wrong; I can see Calzaghe winning, but the proverbial eye of the tiger has resurfaced for Jones in this fight. Yes the tiger may be older, but his bite is still dangerous. I just don't think its dangerous to the point of a knockout, but a decision is very fathomable. Jones - Decision

Coyote Duran: Oh, to be young again. Roy Jones Jr. makes what could be his last run for the World Light Heavyweight Championship on Saturday night and his tank is fueled with a kinder, gentler octane. Conspicuously absent (for years, it seems) is his manufactured alter ego 'R.J.'; a near-sociopath hitman who comes out to fit cement overshoes on his opponents when he deems punishment should be dealt. Absent now, absent on Saturday. On the other hand, World Champion Joe Calzaghe is an impatient man. Impatient to get out of the game with his well-deserved zero intact and refuses to let the older legend get over. Calzaghe knows that at this stage of the game, he's the better fighter. He'll wind up proving it behind a southpaw jab that might frustrate Jones into action; but not ignite the fury (or even wake up R.J.) Jones won with comfort against Felix Trinidad in his last fight. That same sense of security won't apply against Calzaghe because Jones will have to wake up and fire on all cylinders and that giddy-up-and-go has, for the most part, got up and went. We'll see the flashes of brilliance that made Roy Jones Jr. the champion to fear from 1993 to 2003; but they'll remain just flashes. Calzaghe by UD.

Bob Carroll: Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr. is a fight between two very talented fighters, Calzaghe still with talent and Jones Jr. who had a lot of talent, 5 years ago. Calzaghe has stated that this will be his last fight, and it should be a great last hurrah for him. Jones Jr. does not have the same defensive skills he once possessed, and that difference will show against Calzaghe. I look for Calzaghe to keep Jones Jr. on the outside and frustrating him. I don't think this will be a fight of the year candidate, but I don't think it will be the worst. I look for a UD win by Calzaghe, 117-112.

Ken Hissner: Joe Calzaghe is on a mission. He less than par performance against Bernard Hopkins in front of the US fans has got to be improved upon. He will dazzle Jones in the middle rounds with his speed. I wouldn't be surprised if Joe stops Roy late. CALZAGHE BY DECISION!

Eric Marks: Roy Jones has basically put himself in line for a fight like this by winning his last 3 fights against less than stellar opposition (a washed up Trinidad), but that's not enough to conclude that Jones has returned to his old form. That being said, the styles of the two fighters make this an intriguing encounter and I sense that Jones may have some success. It will be interesting to see how well Jone's handle's Calzaghe's punch output. I think Jones will probably learn from the Hopkins/Calzaghe fight and throw many more punches than Hopkins did that night. This fight smells like an upset, but I'm going with Calzaghe by a close but unanimous decision. I have a feeling Jones may do well enough though to gain additional big fights.

Matthew DeGonzaque: Calzaghe-Jones: Jones is washed up and is only getting this chance against Calzaghe because he beat a washed up and fat Trinidad. Calzaghe should handle Jones without a doubt. Calzaghe wins a wide unanimous decision against Jones.

Vikram Birring: Three years ago, Roy Jones Jr. was an afterthought in the boxing world. 2005 was an embarrassing year for the best boxer of his generation: back to back vicious knockout defeats. Joe Calzaghe was equally unknown, a virtuoso talent who was wasting his prime away fighting nobodies in his backyard.

November 2008. Jones has rebuilt his career, re-discovering his boxing acumen as his athletic ability declines, fighting pugs, young hopefuls, and a fellow icon. Calzaghe finally stepped up and beat up Jeff Lacy, shattered the dreams of Mikkel Kessler, and shocked Bernard Hopkins. Now they meet in a match that should have been made a decade ago.

In his prime, Jones was nearly unbeatable. But he is a 39 year old man on his last legs. Calzaghe is no spring chicken either, nearly the same age as Jones. The real question is does Jones have enough left to beat Calzaghe, a fascinating question and another shot at Calzaghe, who has never really been given the credit he so badly craves. This is his chance to finish with a perfect record and go out on his terms, and a shot at redemption for Roy Jones.

John Novoselac: When was the last time Roy Jones looked impressive against an elite opponent? It's been a while, and I'm not talking about Felix Trinidad. Can he turn back the hands of time as Bernard Hopkins did a few weeks ago, or will he succomb to his age and fade against the undefeated Welshman? These are the questions for Roy, but what about Joe Calzaghe?

Will Joe's years in the ring finally show, and will his brittle hands betray him in what he says will be his last fight? Will the million hand slap strategy pay off once again, or will the judges score based on effective punches?

This is a tough one to call, particularly after an impressive performance from an aging and wily veteran was burned into my head such a short time ago. Yet, I can't help but stick to my initial thoughts on this bout.

Joe will simply be too busy for the once Superman Roy. His slaps should be enough to make Roy lay on the ropes, where he tends to go lately when he doesn't like what's in front of him. I doubt Joe will let him off the hook, and while he probably can't and won't hurt him, the volume will be too much for the judges to award more rounds to Roy than to Joe. I have Joe winning a decision, though I'm not convinced it will be all that clear, or exciting.

Ian Keogh: Calzaghe vs Jones is an interesting fight even if it's 5 years too late. We've seen the unstoppable RJJ stopped in recent years as well as seen him come back. After the third Tarver fight we all thought it was over but he's strung three 12 round decision victories together in the last two years (over two average fighters and a blown up Tito Trinidad) and it appears his confidence is back. On the flip side we've got an undefeated champion fighting out of the UK who recently made his US debut in taking a razor thin decision from Bernard Hopkins in an ugly 12 round fight. To me this fight will go one of two ways. The first is Calzaghe slipping Roy's one at a time punches and pushing the former champion to the ropes where Joe will unleash his flurries (that don't do much but score with the judges) and outwork Jones to a decision. The other route this could go is Roy keeping it in the middle of the ring with his speed and power. If Jones is allowed to get off without being pressured then the fight could be his to have. Who'll win? We'll have to wait and see.

Benny Henderson Jr.: I think this should be a decent little scrap, Calzaghe has been a force during his fighting career, but I sense his unbeaten streak will finally come to and end when he takes on Jones. I have that gut feeling that Jones Jr. can pull it off and earn himself a win over Calzaghe. Jones may even drop Joe once on his way to a decision victory.

Gabriel Montoya: It’s the day before the fight and I still can't pick a winner. Wish this one happened years ago but like Jones/Trinidad, I'll take it late rather than never. Jones started slow against Tito and finished strong. He won’t have that luxury against Calzaghe who will fight measured to start and pick up steam. In a better match up than expected, Calzaghe takes a close decision and they like it so much, they think about it again.

Anthony Cocks: There’s a lot of questions waiting to be answered going in to this fight. My gut feeling is that Jones’s speed will trouble Calzaghe early on, maybe even producing a flash knockdown. But as Calzaghe settles in to his rhythm by the middle rounds he should be able to smother Jones with punches and pinch the ascendancy through work rate alone. Look for a close but clear-cut decision win for Calzaghe.

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