Big Dog's Prospect Watch: Aaron Williams
INTERVIEW by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (December 16, 2005)  
Aaron Williams
Undefeated cruiserweight prospect Aaron Williams 5-0-1 (4) looks to continue punishing his division with his slick style and heavy hands, and December 17th the nineteen-year-old pugilistic sensation returns to administer more pain to another unsuspecting victim.

The nine-time national champion has set the opposition on fire since stepping in the pro ranks in February of this year when he knocked out undefeated Mike Cooper in the opening round. In his second go around Williams banged out a unanimous decision win over the tough as nails Texan Doug ‘Preacher Man’ Robertson and destroyed Bosnian Tihomir Dukic in the first round just twenty-eight days later. Late summer Williams fought to a draw against the ‘Candy Man’ Harvey Jolly in a fight that many observers felt Williams won. After two first round knock outs over fighters with winning records Williams is setting a solid foundation for a future reign over his division.

The Ohioan is trained by Hall of Fame trainer Jessie Reid who speaks highly about his student when Reid told the Doghouse that his pupil reminds him of Sugar Ray Leonard. Reid also mentioned that Williams is a great counter puncher with tremendous power and speed. And Al Falcon and Pat Doljanin manage Williams.

The undefeated one took the time out to speak to the Doghouse and gives his thoughts on his team, his career, and his bright future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off I just want to say thanks for taking time out to speak with the Doghouse, how have things been going for you lately?

Aaron Williams:
Everything has been going fine, I have been working real hard in my training and eating right and doing everything as right as I can.

BH: Can you tell the readers what inspired you to want to lace up the gloves and step into the ring?

I love fighting, I love boxing and I want to be world champion one day, and that has been my dream.

BH: Who are some of your boxing heroes, and are there any fighters in the fight world today that you may look up to or try to emulate in the ring?

I look up to Ali, he really interests me and he is my influence in boxing, I have also always like Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Robinson. As of now I like Floyd Mayweather Jr. a lot, I have watched him train and have taken some things away from that, he is a really good fighter.

BH: How is it working with Hall of Fame trainer Jessie Reid?

Everything is fine, it is real great. He works me hard and has shown me a lot in the ring and outside of the ring as well. I like talking to him because he is a real standup guy.

BH: So far you have had a total of six bouts, you won four by knockout, one by decision and you have battled it out to a draw, out of all your bouts which fighter has been the toughest you have faced?

I would say when I fought Harvey Jolly to a draw, it was a real tough. I actually felt that I won the fight but the judges didn’t see it that way so I came back and proved myself with two first round knockouts.

BH: For the ones who haven’t seen you fight how would you describe your style and your best qualities?

I am a boxer/puncher; I just really utilize my boxing skill.

BH: What about Al Falcon and Pat Doljanin, how has it been working those guys?

It has been a real good thing, I was really blessed into a real good situation, they treat me well and I have a lot of respect for them. They are some real good guys, and I am blessed. I gave a good trainer and good management, we all understand one another and work together and that is what I like about my team.

BH: What about when you aren’t in the ring, what are some of the activities you participate in when you aren’t fighting or training?

I like to play basketball, play video games and mostly like to go home and be with my family and hang out with a couple of my friends.

BH: You are still virtually young as a fighter in the pro ranks, but I would imagine you got into this fight game to become a world champion some day. There are a lot of prospects whom want to be champion and many claim they will be, so what separates you from the rest of the division that say they will be the main guy?

What separates me is the fact that I have a professional style, I know the game, I study the game and I am always willing to learn everything and I know one day I will be champion.

BH: Was it hard to make that transition from the amateurs to the professional ranks?

It wasn’t hard at all because I already had a pro style so the only thing I had to do was improve in conditioning and learn to slow down since the amateurs is at a much faster pace.

BH: What can the fight fans expect from Aaron Williams in the near future?

Expect to see a lot of good things from me, a lot of good boxing, staying away using my jab working the body and not get hit, just a lot of good boxing.

BH: Is there anything you would like to add to or say in closing of this interview?

Just look forward to the future to seeing Aaron Williams.

I would like to thank Pat Doljanin for setting up this interview, and a special thanks goes out to Aaron Williams and Jessie Reid for their time and thoughts.
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