Haye Who? What a salesman!
By Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Dec 18, 2008)  
Do any of you readers remember the old cheesy commercial ads with the overly ecstatic sales pitches, “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, save, save, save, shop till you drop sale!” Or something as such? I mean it really did not matter what the company was trying to sale, it caught your attention. What about that one kid in the back of the class room making noises or just plain acting out to bring attention to himself? Well, that sort of reminds me of David Haye.

Haye, what can you say about the fighter? Well, he is talented, he was the top of the crop at the cruiserweight division, who decided to jump in with the big boys. And then it started, the sales pitches, the acting out, calling out the big names amongst the heavyweight division. Like a booger on the tip of your finger that you keep trying to flick off and it goes nowhere. To me, that’s Haye.

I take nothing away from the man as a fighter, he has earned his titles and respect as a world champion…as a cruiserweight. But as a heavyweight, to me, he has not earned squat, especially a ranking so close to the top he can smell the feet of the real heavyweight contenders. I blame the commissions for allowing such a ranking to take place, but that is a whole different gripe right there, and it seems to be a losing battle.

Haye announced his bumping up in weight, then went on a call out Klitschko spree that has pretty much annoyed a lot of fans and media. But in some ways, can you blame him? I mean publicity is publicity, good or bad, you get your name out there and it draws interest.

David has been mouthing off that he is the best thing since sliced bread in the heavyweight division has had only one bout as a heavyweight, and kudos to Haye for knocking off the former heavyweight contender Monte Barrett. It only took Haye five rounds to dispose of Barrett, it took Klitschko seven, Vaulev eleven, but peep this Haye, it only took Couser two rounds. Speaks a lot for you buddy.

Now he jumps out with this fake bloody severed head of Wladimir Klitschko. I mean instead of fighting real contenders who has earned their spots he, being Haye, tries to sell himself as the man to beat in the heavyweight division.

All this hoopla, all this psychotic showmanship, all this bull Haye brings to the heavyweight division reminds me a lot of the overly ecstatic sales pitches, as well as the kid in the back of the class trying to bring attention to himself. And in my mind he will end up like the going out of business sales, and the mouthy kid biding for attention, the business shuts down and the kid gets what was coming to him, a real good swift kick in the ass.

Hope you had fun brother selling yourself as a true heavyweight badass, it seems your wish is coming true, you have just weaseled your way into a Klitschko fight. Have fun with your purchase. We shall find out what David Haye really has to offer the heavyweight division besides cheesy outbursts.

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