Big Dog’s Punching Bag: Year End Review 2004
By Benny Henderson Jr. (December 21, 2004)  
Benny Henderson Jr. & Lamon Brewster
Hey boxing fans and loyal Doghouse readers, how it be there? Well, it was one hell of a year for boxing and as we know another year is upon us. But before we ring in the New Year and make our breakable resolutions, how about we look back on the year of 2004 and what it meant to you the boxing fans. We had the rise of Glen Johnson the fall of Roy Jones, the return of Tito Trinidad and the departure of Ricardo Mayorga, the showdown between Bernard Hopkins and Oscar De La Hoya, and the thrilling third installment of the Eric Morales-Marco Antonio Barrera trilogy. The heavyweight division witnessed yet another false pretender/contender in Danny Williams receive a royal beatdown by King Klitschko, while the featherweight division provided a free-for-all brawl between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. 'Big Daddy' Bowe climbed back into the ring through the back window, while the New York State Athletic Commission showed Holyfield the door. We caught the 'Left Hook' from Lacy and heard the sounds of 'Thunder' from Tszyu, and all in the mix we're still hearing the ramblings of injury prone James Toney. There were magnificent body shots delivered by Hopkins to De La Hoya and Arturo Gatti to Leonard Dorin, and the savage one punch KO of Jeremy Williams by 'The Nigerian Nightmare' Sam Peter. The butt kicking’s of the 2004 were sweet music to the ears of the boxing enthusiasts. There is so much more out there to look at and think about and express, and that is where you, the loyal readers, come in once again. There will be awards handed out from all sorts of associations to many different fighters, but here at the Doghouse we bite our way. We know the proper terms for the awards such as Fighter of the Year, Manager of the Year etc. But we at the Doghouse like to take pride in the fact that we march to the beat of a different drum. I will throw in the categories and you the readers will hand out the awards.

A$$ Kicker of the Year
Same as fighter of the year but with a bit of sauce to it, you nominate who you think was the man of the hour.

Best Throw Down of '04
You guessed it, what was the best fight of 2004? A lot to choose from but some stand out more than others. What was the most entertaining bout of the year?

Bore Fest Bonanza
Okay, we had a year of some great bouts but with the good ones we had to sit through a bore fest or two… or three or more. You decide which bout was the most nauseous for yourself to sit through and witness as a fan.

Trash Talker
In the war of words, who reigns?

You Got Knocked the @%&* Out!
Okay, what was the best knockout you yourself witnessed of 2004?

Highway Robbery
As long as you kayoed your opponent you have no problem with this award, but if it went to the judges then you could be a candidate. What fighter of the year was blind sided by the judges and got robbed by the system?

You Ain’t $%^& Boy!
We had a lot of fighters step up and step out of the pack and leave their mark on 2004, but who was the most overrated fighter of the year. I mean the guy who seems to think they are it when they are actually full of $%^&.

Have a Drink on Me
Okay, dumb title but good meaning. Who was the one fighter that was overlooked by the fans, the boxing public and the media that never seemed to get the respect he deserved?

Oh Please You’re Killing Me!
With the fighter of the year on hand you have to have the one who is on the opposite side of the coin. Who was the fighter that really needs to learn the meaning of showmanship and take a few entertainment classes?

Out of the Dark
The one fighter that really came into his own this year?

Wait and See
This award goes to the guy who will make his mark on 2005.

Okay readers. These titles sound a little off, but hey man, let’s add some spice to these awards and break the mold. Make your choices from any division for any fighter with no need to explain yourself. Send in your emails before the 28th of December and a few days later after it is all tallied up you will get to see the results. So get to thinking and emailing me with your suggestions. And remember, be harsh, straight forward and opinionated.
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