Tommy Morrison Interview Part Two: The Reality Is…
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (Dec 30, 2007) Doghouse Boxing 
The reality is…Tommy Morrison is back! Regardless if you agree or disagree with the Duke’s controversial return, the thirty-eight year old fighter has returned to the ring, and has plans to continue on and has his sights set on the top. And now the fans can watch his return live via Internet.

The reality is, it just that, realism. Kush TV is airing a documentary series appropriately entitled, ‘The Comeback’. It documents the return of the former heavyweight champ, from the blood tests to his fight this past
February, home life, gym time, etc. The fans get a close look in the ins and outs of what Tommy has to go through to get licensed, his training and so on.

In part one Tommy and Lisa spoke on the return, his MMA endeavor, as well as his negative testing for the virus, in part two Tommy and Lisa get into the reality show and future plans for Tommy’s career, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: When can the fight fans see Tommy Morrison back in action?

Lisa Woodard:
Well Benny we are in negotiations to do a fight in January, I cannot say much because we are still in the final negotiations. Something is coming soon; shortly after the first of the year you can be ready to see Tommy back in the ring.

BH: Tommy, you have had trouble with the Nevada Athletic Commission, being brutally honest do you feel you will ever get licensed by them again?

LW: Here’s what we are going to do, we are going to travel around the Midwest fighting until Vegas puts pressure on Top Rank to have Tommy fight there. We personally think that when Tommy comes up negative with his blood tests that they will try to not license him.

Tommy Morrison: The reason why, if you are over thirty-six Benny although you pass the medicals they don’t have to give you a license, they are scared to death that I am going to go out there and pass, they are fearful of some type of lawsuit. So I am going to go fight everywhere else until they are basically begging us to come there. The Internet thing is the thing of the future, people are going to watch these live events from there computers, people sit in front of their computers more than their televisions. If they can watch a pay per view fight for $4.99 rather than pay $54 they are going to do that. We are going to go fight everywhere else but Vegas until we start taking money out of their pockets and want me to come to fight there.

BH: Explain this Internet reality show you guys now have.

A while back we filmed a documentary, they wanted to document Tommy’s comeback with the medical issues and everything to how hard it is for a boxer to get a fight. We show what it is like to be a boxer and also what it is like at home, in our home life and how we work together on his career. It is really great exposure for Tommy because so many people do watch stuff on the Internet.

BH: How do you feel the Internet reality show will affect Tommy’s career?

It will absolutely open doors because people will see with their own eyes some of the things that happen to us, I think seeing what we go through might make people more companionate for number one. To see how Tommy lives with this discrimination.

TM: A lot of the fans out there are going to get an opportunity to see what it is like to be a fighter, the dedication, the discipline and all the political hoops that I have to jump through pertaining to this situation.

LW: It will also hit the medical field, it will raise awareness for people who might think they are sick or who were told they are sick, we may inspire people to dig a little deeper and not to just trust what a doctor says because they may be misdiagnosed. It happened to three boxers last year where they were told they had HIV and they absolutely did not have it, they had hepatitis C, their boxing careers are over so Tommy is not the only one. Our goal is to be inspiring and to let people see what a boxer goes through. Also Tommy’s home life, for people to see what kind of guy Tommy is now, he is a one woman man and dedicated. We want people to see our love story.

BH: Looking at the heavyweight division, with a few more fights down you, when do you feel you will be ready to step it up in competition?

Right now we are doing the George Foreman thing, when Foreman came back at thirty-eight he fought a lot, so I am going to keep knocking off the rust. I will step it up, just not immediately; of course the media is going to want me to do so immediately. I have one shot at this and I have 100% trust in the matchmaking in Top Rank and I know they will put me in there at the right time. I just need to stay in the gym. Once the medicals are cleared we are going to take off and I am going to stay active like I did before, hopefully fight once a month until I start elevating the rounds. I think the time off did me some good; my body has healed so the timing is perfect.

BH: Do you feel that you will win a title?

No doubt about it!

BH: Anything in closing?

Tommy & Lisa:
We just want to thank you and Doghouse Boxing for giving us a plat form to speak out on, and to RDL, happy holidays and here’s to s successful 2008!


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