Kelsey Jeffries: “I am prepared for war!”
INTERVIEW by Benny Henderson Jr, AKA "Big Dog" (March 22, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
Coming up this Tonight at the Isleta Casino in Albuquerque, NM to be televised on Fox Sports, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, Kelsey ‘Road Warrior’ Jeffries 36-9-1 (3) puts her IFBA featherweight title at stake when she faces off against the unbeaten Californian Rhonda Luna 12-0-1 (1) in an all out women’s championship match-up, and the champ projects war!

The former lady amateur stand out has compiled up a stellar professional career since making her debut in the summer of 1999. In her quest to be the best Jeffries has tallied up some impressive wins that include battling it out in thirteen title fights, she has strapped on the California’s Women’s featherweight title, WIBA Intercontinental super featherweight title, IFBA featherweight title, IBA super bantamweight title, and the NABF women’s super bantamweight title during her journey.

Ringside spectators who have witnessed her throw downs have tagged the thirty-one year old fire fighter as a tough little fire fisted female firecracker that always comes to fight. Battling through wins, losses and draws Jeffries has proven to be the lady warrior, and this Thursday night against the undefeated Rhonda Luna, Kelsey once again is ready to wage war! Tune in this Thursday night March 22nd to Fox Sports The Best Damn Sports Show Period to witness the women’s live action, for now read on to see what ‘Road Warrior’ had to say on her upcoming bout, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming fight against Rhonda Luna.

Kelsey Jeffries:
I am looking forward to this fight, all my fights are very important to me no matter if they are televised or not, they are always important. I train the same for all of them, of course being the fact that I am defending my title it puts a little something on it, it pushes me back a little bit and I have to stand my ground. This girl is undefeated, she’s big she’s strong and I am looking forward to a good fight. I want to make a new chapter for what is boxing for me. Luna and I our styles are going to make a good fight, and that’s what I want to happen. I want a beautiful women’s match that makes people say damn, and respect women’s boxing from this fight. Out of anything in the world I could possibly want in this fight, no knockouts, no big wins, I don’t care about that, I care about making a new chapter for women’s boxing.

BH: What are your thoughts on getting the exposure?

It is wonderful, I am very excited and very honored to be on the Best Damn Sports Show Period, you have to give a lot of credit to Fox Sports for putting this on, I honestly feel that they couldn’t of picked a better fight, Luna and myself is going to make a great fight and I am looking forward to it.

BH: What about your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses?

: You know I really do no know much about this girl as far as her being big and strong and I do not really think she has any weaknesses, she’s undefeated. Hopefully Buddy and I will find some weaknesses as the rounds go on, but right now I do not take this girl lightly what so ever, I expect her to be big strong and she is coming to take my belt. I expect a war and I am prepared to go the distance or fifteen to twenty rounds, I am prepared and I will be there till the end, I am prepared for war!

BH: How would you define your journey up to this point?

A tough journey, from day one I have had a tough journey as a fighter and being a lady to boot it isn’t easy at all.

BH: If you could send out a message to your opponent what would it be?

I am who I am, I stand for who I am, I am a strong fighter and I have been around and probably seen every fighters style you could possibly see and I have been in every situation good or bad, my home town, their home town no home town. So just tell her to come and fight, let’s fight, bring it on, let’s give the fans and the people a real good women’s fight. She is a good fighter so it is probably going to be one of the best ones that will be televised because we both have skill.

BH: What do you feel are your greatest assets?

Buddy McGirt, big man Buddy that is my asset. My heart and my faith in Christ, I have a heart that is to big for that ring, it is too big for me. This heart gets me in trouble, and it gets me out of trouble because endure the pain and journey.

BH: If you could send out a message to the fans that may be tuning in to this what would you say to them to catch their attention and want to check this match-up out?

Please watch this fight because you are not going to see many women fights like this, Miss Luna and I are going to put on a show and we are going to change a lot of the stereo types of women’s boxing. You have to watch this fight.

I would like to thank Bruce Anderson for helping out on this interview; I would like to thank Kelsey for taking the time out to give her thoughts to the Doghouse. Kelsey is trained by Buddy McGirt and managed by Bruce Anderson. You can read more on Kel-C by checking out her website

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