Cotto zaps Judah in eleven round War!
By Benny Henderson Jr (June 11, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Bob Kolb)
This past Saturday night at the famed Madison Square Garden, a hellacious scrap took place as the undefeated power punching Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto 30-0 (25) successfully defended his WBA welterweight strap in an entertaining back and forth eleven round throw down against New York’s very own Zab Judah 34-5 (25) that no doubt became an instant classic. The two hard hitters came into this bout braced for war, and that was exactly what the fight fans witnessed as the two took center stage.

The two squared off in round one and the highlight of the opener was the stinging uppercut Judah landed on Cotto’s chin that had the Puerto Rican momentarily stunned, but just moment’s later Judah was floored by a Cotto low blow.

The two went back and forth in round two and once again the power and speed that Judah offered up had Cotto seeing stars near the end of the round, and in round two Cotto was deducted a point for another low blow. The fight went back and forth as the two bloodied warriors smacked one another around, both combatants had their moments in round six and seven and the eighth round offered up some sparks as the champ went on the assault. After a barrage of pain that Cotto offered up Judah took a knee in round nine and two rounds later was floored once more by a Cotto right hand, which prompted referee Arthur Mercante Jr. to call a halt to the brutal bout at :49 seconds in the eleventh round.

After the war at the post fight presser the undefeated Cotto had nothing but kind words to offer up on his opponent. “Zab came very prepared for this fight, he showed everybody that he wants to be champion again,” Cotto said, “this was the toughest fight of my career.”

Judah said that Cotto was a tough durable fighter, but had a slew of the usual Zab Judah excuses that follows him after a
loss, blaming everything the low blows, to the referee’s actions, all the way to foul play with somebody stealing his corner men’s equipment.

Rematch anyone?

Other action of the night, the undefeated Julio Chavez Jr. 32-0-1 (25) kept his record intact by taking out the long time welterweight journeyman Grover Wiley 30-10-1 (14) in a three round romp over the native of Florida. Avenging the last loss of his dad’s (Julio Chavez Sr.) career, the twenty-one year old prospect took Grover in three rounds after flooring his opponent three times with some vicious body shots.

Also on hand on the night of fight festivities, super featherweight contender Humberto Soto 42-5-2 (26) took out journeyman Bobby Pacquiao 27-13-3 (12) in seven entertaining rounds. A bloodied but game Pacquiao came to fight and had his moments but after being brutalized and hit with a severe body shot it was the end of the night. Now there are ramblings of Soto facing off against Bobby’s older brother, Philippine sensation Manny Pacquiao.

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