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Oliver Flores: "This is a dream come true for me" - Doghouse Interview
Conducted By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Dog House Boxing (Dec 31, 2015)

Oliver Flores
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Talk about your matchup with Takashi Uchiyama. Do you feel you can win a decision if the fight goes the distance being that the fight in in Japan?

Oliver Flores:
He’s a very good fighter but I feel confident in my ability to come out with a win. He has a very powerful right hand that I will have to avoid. He’s going to have to deal with my strengths as well. It’s not going to be easy getting decision in Japan but I can’t worry about that. I believe the judges will be fair, that’s all I can hope for. The ultimate goal will be to end the fight before the final bell rings.

Uchiyama has been out of the ring for over six months. Do you feel he’ll have to shake off the ring rust going into this fight?

Oliver Flores:
Six months is not that long of layoff in my opinion. He shouldn’t be rusty at all. I know he’s been training hard and he doesn’t want to give up his title. He’s a true professional and I’m expecting Uchiyama to be at his best.

Talk about fighting for your first world title and is there anything you’re doing different for this fight?

Oliver Flores:
This is a dream come true for me. I’ve always believed that I would become a world champion one day. The moment of truth will be this Thursday in Japan. I have to thank my promoter Havoc Boxing for making this fight happen. Without them I would not be in this situation. I’m looking forward to becoming the first world champion of 2016. Everything has stayed the same as far as training. I’ve pushed myself to the limit and I’ll be ready to go to war on New Year’s Eve.

Anything you want to say in closing?

Oliver Flores:
I just want to thank everyone who’s supported me throughout my career, especially my dad Roger Flores who has been my trainer since I was a young boy. We’ve been on this journey for many years and we want to bring the championship home to Nicaragua.

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