Beautiful Brutality: Part Two

Beautiful Brutality: Part Two
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Oct 29, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

Beautiful Brutality
It was 2005, and all though I was serving as lead writer for Doghouse Boxing, I was feature writer for Max Fighting as well, and I was about to embark on my first UFC event, so I packed up, and flown out of small town Texas to Sin City, to witness UFC 33, Ortiz vs. Belfort. And I was in for such a huge surprise.

Now, I have been to a handful of amateur bouts, smokers, and covered a few fights, at that time, the biggest being the Brewster/Meehan heavyweight championship, but I was about to witness a totally different beast when I grabbed my credentials for my very first UFC event. The atmosphere was different; the blood seemed to flow more freely than any other boxing event that I have attended. I witnessed a man get his wig split from one side to the other, and seemingly bleed out a pint or two of blood. But, all though my experience to the brutal beat downs, I still loved my boxing.

Boxing vs. the UFC

Fight fans on both sides of the spectrum have their thoughts and opinions on Boxing vs. the UFC, so here is my take on the debate, and you are entitled to yours as well.

To me, there is no comparison when looking at the two, when you compare the history of the two. All though the MMA has a long line, boxing to me, seems to be deeper rooted. I will say that the UFC has honestly taken its hold on the fight game, and all though there have been some big names that have stepped in the cage, history is on the side of boxing, as well as the more legendary fighters. Who would be the Mike Tyson of the UFC, or the Ali? The legendary fights, unless I am missing something, the only fight that would come close to a Ward vs. Gatti, would be the Griffith vs. Boner. But I see no great trilogies like the before mentioned or a Bowe vs. Holyfield in the UFC. And all though the UFC has had its fair share of great match-ups, I believe boxing owns the UFC in that department as well.

Now what about a MMA fighter taking on a boxer? The fans of the UFC say, remember Couture vs. Toney? I say, remember Mercer vs. Silvia? If you take Couture and put him in a ring with Toney, even as bloated as James may be, I believe Toney would embarrass Couture, as Randy did James in the cage. What about a street fight? When it comes to the street, I will say this; I would pick something up and whack somebody with it if I had to do so to win.

I do feel that MMA belongs to a much younger audience, it has a lot better marketing than Boxing, and I like the “ONE” belt per weight class, the UFC has not been watered down like boxing has in that department. The alphabet soups in boxing is what is killing it, nobody knows who the champion is anymore, so I applaud the UFC for doing what they do.

Can it get any more Brutal?

If we go back in time to the days of the Gladiator, fighting was pretty damn brutal, even the bare knuckle days of two men duking it out in a pub, it was pretty damn brutal, and all though the MMA is seemingly a tad bit more ruthless than boxing, will it get even more fierce?

A man whom I respect in the sport of boxing, Bobby Gunn, well, in 2011, he fought in the first sanctioned bare knuckle boxing match since 1889. Gunn earned the vacant heavyweight bareknuckle boxing title, previously held by John L. Sullivan. Basically you have two guys meet somewhere in nowhere, and they punch one another in the face with no protective gear on until a winner is proclaimed. All though it has been talked about by some of the media, it has not caught on as of yet. There would seemingly be many hoops to jump through with the commissions and such to organize a legitimate event. But from what I have heard, those steps are being made. But will the public embrace that style of fighting as they have regulated boxing and the MMA? Could it produce such stars as boxing and the UFC have? Those are questions yet to be answered.

The Wrap Up

There is one thing I honestly enjoy, and that is the fight game, I love a good chess match, and I enjoy a quality slugfest. I dig two men stepping in the ring or cage and giving it their all for the fans. I stepped in the ring twice in my lifetime as a pro, well, more of a novelty I should say, let’s face the facts, I was going nowhere in the sport of boxing. But 2006, I had two bouts that forever changed my outlook on the sport. I felt what it was like to be a fighter, maybe not a good one, but a feeling that I will never forget. The ring walk was just amazing; it actually stripped me to almost nothing, but then made me feel like somebody. Getting booed by your opponent’s hometown fans, to being cheered when his ass hits the deck for the ten count. After my first fight, my jaw hurt so bad, not because I was hit to hard, but because of me clenching down so hard on my mouthpiece. My family standing up and clapping for me as I walked by them to the ring, hearing my boy scream out load with joy when I won, and hearing that my little girl cried when she seen her Daddy get hit. There are so many emotions that a fighter goes through, I only experienced it at an extreme low level, and I am still in awe of it.

The sport of boxing, it will never die, the fighters will be beloved, as well as hated, but either way, boxing is here to stay. The fight game has evolved, and it will continue to progress. Into what? Only time will tell. All I will say is this, I love the fight world, I respect the fighters, and with the little that I have done in the game, I have been blessed. I have my opinions on it all, but what do I know, I am just a fan of the brutality, and it is beautiful, beautiful brutality.

Beautiful Brutality: Part One Benny Henderson Jr

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