Watchdog Answers on How to Save Boxing, De La Hoya - Mayweather II, Jones - Trinidad and More
Watchdog by Steve Hudgins (Jan 30, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Bob Kolb)  
This week Watchdog tackles, how to fix boxing, Mayweather - Hatton, Jones - Trinidad, $54.95 PPV, Welterweights and so much more in this edition of "Ask the Watchdog"!

What fight are you most looking forward to in 2008? – Brandon, Northfield MN

THE WATCHDOG’S RESPONSE: Marquez/Vazquez III. Hopefully they’ll have a ref for that fight that knows what he
is doing, although such boxing referees are few and far between in this day and age.

Any word on what’s next for Miguel Cotto? – Franklin, TX

He’ll be fighting Alfonzo Gomez on HBO in April. Margarito is facing Judah on the undercard. If Cotto and Margarito both win (and they both should very easily) they’ll most likely face off in July.

Who is the best welterweight in the world right now in your opinion? – Joe, Lawrence KS

I’d pick Paul Williams over any other welterweight right now. The two welters who have the best shot at beating him in my opinion, are Antonio Margarito and Kermit Cintron.

1. What kind of boxing fan will buy Jones vs. Trinidad 2. Thoughts on Paul Williams vs. Cotto 3. How much does Pac-Man have left? – Paul

THE WATCHDOG’S RESPONSE: 1. I can’t understand why anyone would purchase Jones vs Trinidad, but over 500,000 people did. 2. I think Williams beats Cotto easily. Matchup nightmare for Cotto. 3. I’ve yet to see a reason to think Pac Man is slowing down. We’ll see how he does vs Marquez in March.

Is there anyone at 130 lbs that you would pick over Manny Pacquiao? - Roy

I’d pick Joan Guzman over Pacquiao. I think Juan Manuel Marquez certainly has a good shot at pulling off the win in March too, but I feel that Pac will find a way to pull that fight out in a tough one.

I understand the politics of boxing in that promoters arrange fights as to suit their own clients and provide entertainment for the fans, and I understand that there is an invisible pecking order as to who is 2nd and 3rd contender in their own respective divisions, but surely it's time for Amir Khan to be given a boost and fight against opponents in the top 10?  The boy is only 20 but electric. - P. Wilkes, Lincolnshire England

They’re finally starting to step up his competition a bit, but I expect them to continue to take their time with him and keep the pace very gradual. As you mentioned, he’s only 20 and has already had a scare. They’re in no rush.

For me to buy a ppv it has to be a Mega - Matchup. Both fighters in there prime and not a rematch. Leonard-Hearns I would be an example. I won’t support these Trinidad Jones ppv's. They sabotage the live HBO fights that we should get for free. Senior fights are generally boring. The older fighters just can’t throw the volume of punches they use to and there risks are at a minimum. My 2008 dream fights would Cotto vs Margarito and Mayweather vs Paul Williams but neither will happen with the winners meeting each other. Pretty Boy would not look so pretty facing a guy who throws a zillion punches per round. – Bill, Wyoming

If only everyone had your attitude the PPV’s wouldn’t be as weak and wouldn’t be as expensive. At least you’re doing your part though. Well it does look like there’s a good chance of one of your 2008 dream fights happening in Cotto/Margarito. Mayweather will never ever fight Paul Williams though. Never.

Does Jermain Taylor have a chance against Pavlik in February? – Lincoln, WI

Definitely. Remember how close he was to stopping Pavlik the first time around? Yes, Taylor had a solid chance, but I think Pavlik KO’s him again.

Why do some people think that Sam Peter is good? – John, Cincinnati

I have no idea.

What’s the best action fight that could be made at 118 lbs or less? – Ruby, San Francisco CA

How about Jorge Arce vs Vic Darchinyan? Yes I know they were both exposed last year, but if you’re wanting action, you’d definitely get it in this fight!


In case you haven’t heard yet, De La Hoya is taking a warm up fight in May against Steve Forbes before he moves onto a rematch with Floyd Mayweather. Does either fight sound like fun to you? It sure doesn’t to me.

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