Watchdog's PPV Criteria: Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito
Watchdog by Steve Hudgins (July 26, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Laura De la Torre)  
I don't think any one fight can be made in boxing today, that alone, is worth the price of a PPV. Unless of course, they can conjure up Dempsey vs Marciano or Joe Louis, but until that day comes, I want some quantity to go along with quality!

I say, if they want us to shell out 30, 40 sometimes 50 bucks per PPV, they should give us some bang for our buck! The card should be solid from top to bottom! Or at least it should be so top heavy with excellent fights that they can get away with a showcase fight to kick off the festivities, but these 2 or 3 showcase fights and 1 decent to mega main event PPV's are for the birds! (My apologies to any of the birds I may have offended with that statement.)

So Here's my System. I preview and rate every fight that is scheduled to be televised on a PPV Boxing Card, and try to determine whether that card is worth purchasing or not based on my point system below.

Please note that at the end of each preview, I will mention what weight class the bout is being fought at and where each fighter ranks within that weight class. This is done by using "The Ring" ratings.



5 = Excellent Matchup
4 = Good Matchup
3 = Decent Matchup
2 = OK Matchup
1 = Bad Matchup

If a fight is scheduled to be televised on the card,
it gets at least 1 point. This helps to reward


14 or higher = GET IT!
13 = If you can find someone to split it with you or the
price of the PPV is 24.99 or less, GET IT!
12 = If you can find someone to split it with you or the
price of the PPV is 19.99 or less CONSIDER getting it.

11 = If you can find a place that is showing it, or
get enough people over to split it with you, so that
you are not paying more than 10 dollars for the card,
CONSIDER getting it.

10 or under = Save your money and sleep well at night
knowing you didn't get ripped off!


July 26th - PPV PRICE: 49.95

MIGUEL COTTO (32-0 26 KO’s) vs ANTONIO MARGARITO (36-5 26 KO's) – This is one of the most, if not THE most significant matchup in boxing today. Cotto is a fan and media favorite who has a ton of skill and a fighter’s heart. Margarito is a punching machine who is the biggest, strongest, hardest hitting fighter Cotto has ever faced. Cotto has shown a shaky chin in the past which doesn’t suit him against a guy like Margarito, so there is a risk of an early KO in this one, but regardless of how long it lasts, it should be a lot of fun!

*Miguel Cotto is rated # 1 at Welterweight (147 lbs) – Antonio Margarito is rated # 4 at Welterweight (147 lbs)*


GIOVANNI SEGURA (19-0-1 15 KO's) vs CESAR CANCHILA (26-1 21 KO’s): Segura is an entertaining lower weight fighter that most people haven’t seen before, so this is good exposure for him. Unfortunately, his competition is questionable. Sure Canchila has a pretty record, but it comes against horrible opposition. For example, 3 of Chanchila’s last 4 opponents had sub .500 records! A guy he fought 6 fights ago in 2007 had a record of 1-23-1. I kid you not. He’s going from fighting set ups to a solid fighter. Smells like a one-sided showcase beat down to me.

*Giovanni Segura is rated # 3 at Jr Flyweight (108 lbs) – Cesar Canchila is not rated*


BERNABE CONCEPCION (25-1-1 14 KO’s) vs ADAM CARRERA (19-3 8 KO’s): Definitely the best of the undercard fights, which isn’t saying much. Concepcion is a big favorite, the far superior talent, but Carrera will likely take the fight to him. Still Concepcion shouldn’t have much trouble. This fight probably won’t be boring, but probably won’t be competitive either.

*This fight is taking place at Jr Featherweight (122 lbs) – Neither fighter is rated*


MIKE ALVARADO (21-0 14 KO’s) vs CESAR BAZAN (47-10-1 30 KO’s) Pure showcase fight. Bazan has been used up for awhile now. The only question will be whether Alvarado gets the knock out or not.

*This fight is taking place at Jr Welterweight (140 lbs) – Neither fighter is rated*



SUMMARY: The only positive thing about the undercard is that there are no heavyweights involved! Basically it’s 1 fight for 50 bucks. A fight that has a chance of ending early. And if not, there’s always the risk of the ref or judges finding a way to screw things up as they so often do nowadays. Shame on Arum for not giving fight fans more bang for their buck. They aren’t going to rip me off! I’ll pass.

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