Watchdog Answers on De La Hoya, Pacquiao, Cotto, Mayweather, Judah, Mosley and much More
Watchdog by Steve Hudgins (April 4, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
This week Watchdog tackels Marquez and Vazquez, Cotto/Gomez , Margarito/Cintron... De La Hoya... Alternatives to buying PPV’s and much more!

Where you been Watch Dog? – Frank Detroit, MI

The Watchdog's response: Busy, busy, busy! We’re at the tail end of post production for our upcoming movie and
in pre production for 2 others, so I’ve been rather swamped!

What were your thoughts on the Pacquiao/Marquez rematch? – Bobby, AZ

It was good fight. Competitive throughout and I thought Pac Man clearly won.

Did you agree with the Marquez/Vazquez result & should they fight again? – Peggy, Mobile AL

I thought Marquez won the fight, but it was close. It was a great fight that will likely be fight of the year. YES they should fight again. These 2 should just fight each other for the remainder of their careers! No one will want to see either guy against someone else more than they’d want to see them against each other and neither guy will make more money fighting elsewhere. Just keep doing it! Seriously, Marquez vs Vazquez are what boxing is all about. And we don’t get many fights like that anymore in
the current state boxing is in.

Do you have predictions for the Cotto/Gomez – Margarito/Cintron II doubleheader? – Jose, Austin TX

I like Cotto over Gomez, probably by decision. I think Gomez will prove to be a bit gamer than most people are expecting. I think Margarito will KO Cintron with 8. I haven’t seen Cintron do anything since their first fight to make me think the rematch will be any different.

I guess you were wrong when you said that Paul Williams would beat any other fighter at Welterweight huh? – Jacob, Evansville IN

You’re damn right I was wrong! Way wrong! Haha - Quintana schooled Williams, but somehow Williams managed to keep it close. This is kind of what my point was. Williams is just a tough fighter to match up against. Here Quintana absolutely schooled him, yet it was still close! Sort of weird! Kudos to both guys for having an immediate rematch in June.

Will Floyd Sr in De La Hoya’s corner make a difference in the outcome of the rematch with Mayweather? – Nate, Gettysburg PA

I’m one of the many who thought De La Hoya fought a horrible fight against Floyd the first time around and still managed to win. I don’t think it matters who Oscar’s trainer is, if he jabs he wins.

Watch Dog, I absolutely refuse to buy anymore of these water downed PPV’s just for 1 fight. The undercards just suck and even if the main event turns out to be good, which seems to be rare, I still feel ripped off that I shelled out 50 bucks for 1 fight! I won’t buy the PPV’s anymore, but I hate missing the live fights! What can I do? – Burt, Providence RI

I feel your pain Burt! Here’s an option for you. Most PPV main events are replayed the following week on HBO or Showtime. You can avoid the result for a week and watch it as if it is live the following week. The great thing is they usually couple the replay of the main event with a live fight that is better than anything offered on the PPV undercard, so in a way you’re getting a great double header for free. The biggest hurdle is making out of the weekend without stumbling on the result. You’ll need to avoid ESPN & ESPNews especially the night of the fight! You won’t be able to visit any boxing websites the following week. And when watching the telecast, BEWARE, if they televise the LIVE fight first, you may have to watch it in MUTE. Or if you have TIVO, watch the replay first and then rewind and watch the live fight. Usually they show the replay first though, so you just have to avoid the first 5 minutes of the telecast where they give the result away. One other thing to watch out for is during the replay, they’ll sometimes break away in between rounds and say something like “You are watching the replay of so and so’s victory over so & so. So keep the remote nearby and if they break to a live shot in between rounds MUTE it! – This all probably sounds a lot more complicated than I’m making it out to be. I’ve done this many times and it’s relatively easy to avoid the result and it makes the following weekends fights that much better and of course, you’re 50 bucks richer!

Should the Shane Mosley/Zab Judah fight be on PPV? – Lincoln, WI

Should Miguel Cotto’s leftovers facing each other be a PPV main event? NO WAY! That’s a good HBO or Showtime main event. For a PPV? Nope.

Any thoughts on how Sam Peter looked against Oleg Maskaev? – John, Cincinnati

I thought he looked fat and slow, like most other heavyweights. I really hate to even talk about any of these untalented, non dedicated bums. The worst thing about heavyweights though is the fact that HBO & Showtime pay more money to air these fiascos as it would for them to televise some of the best smaller weight class fights that are available. Ugh, I hate heavyweights.

Hey Watch Dog, I really enjoy your PPV Criteria columns. When’s the next PPV? I ask this not because I want to see the fights as much as I want to read your column! – Lauren, San Diego CA

Thanks so much for the kind words Lauren! I’m glad to hear you enjoy the column! Looks like the next one is probably the Mosley/Judah fight at the end of May.


April 12th is a good night of fights for anyone who has TIVO and can watch the HBO & Showtime telecasts back to back. The 4 bouts together are better than any PPV in recent memory, and it’s all free!

HBO: Cotto vs Gomez & Margarito vs Cintron II

Showtime: Tarver vs Clinton Woods & Glen Johnson vs Chad Dawson

Enjoy, it should be fun!

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