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Watchdog By Steve Hudgins (Feb 15, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villsenor)
This week readers defend Floyd Mayweather, search for Emanuel Augustus, anticipate Hopkins-Wright, complain about the heavyweights and much, much more. If you ask the Watchdog, he’s sure to bite back…

As far as Floyd and Oscar goes Floyd will win.  As far as Floyd ducking people if you thought it before you can’t now.  Because he fought Baldomir, he’s fighting Oscar, he said Hatton is next depending on how Hatton does.  So that's three people off the list that people said he should fight.  Margarito doesn’t count since he did the same
thing he criticized Floyd for doing.  If Margarito beats Cotto than he's back in the picture but I doubt that will happened.  At the end Floyd should fight two Puerto Ricans Cotto and Tito.  If you look Tito is supposed to fight Spinks hmmm sounds like he wants a belt at 154 to put his bid in with Floyd.  That's the fight I want to see if things workout how they should. – Dorian Chicago IL

WATCH DOG’S RESPONSE: I’m sure I can say Floyd is ducking people because that’s exactly what he has been doing for the past 5 years. I give him credit for the De La Hoya fight. It’s the first dangerous opponent he’s faced since Jose Luis Castillo way back in 2002. And Mayweather continues to say he is done after the De La Hoya fight. Until he says otherwise, I’ll assume that he’ll follow through with that.

By far, one of the most exciting, underrated, active, yet often overlooked (and one of my personal favorites) fighters in the game for the past several years has been Emanuel Augustus! What are his goals at this point? And what the hell happened in the fight with Kid Diamond. – Zach Bowie, MD

WATCH DOG’S RESPONSE: Well, Augustus is a favorite of ESPN, so you should be getting your fill of seeing him on there. What happened against Kid Diamond? Good question. That was a winnable fight for him but he just didn’t let his hands go.

I hear everyone say that the Golden Boy doesn’t have a chance, are they crazy? Have they seen this guy fight or what. I need to know from a sane person who thinks like I do. May 5th is the day that the Golden Boy will once and for all shut his mouth. After he knocks this clown out he can really train and get ready for a fight with Winky Wright. Golden Boy Vs Winky now that’s a fight.... – Anonymous

WATCH DOG’S RESPONSE: De La Hoya only has to land one left hook on Mayweather’s questionable chin and the fight is probably over. De La Hoya is the betting underdog, but yes, I would say anyone who thinks De La Hoya has no chance is crazy! De La Hoya vs. Winky Wright would be an insomniac’s dream. They’d finally be lulled to sleep.

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best boxer in the game period. Pac-man may be the most exciting but in terms of skills it's no comparison. Floyd's on top until someone knocks him off.
2. I think the heavyweight division is getting slightly better. I believe if Sam Peter keeps improving as he has already shown he could unify the belts.
3. The Ricky Hatton - José Luis Castillo fight will tell if Castillo's "done"… I still think Castillo ko's Hatton with a mean left hook to the body somewhere around the 8th round.
4. I want to see Vic Darchinyan vs Jorge Arce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Calzaghe is going to absolutely DESTROY Manfredo. This may be Peter’s last fight!!!
– “The Boxing Guru”, St Louis MO

1. Sorry, Pac-Man has been fighting the best boxing has to offer while Mayweather has been fighting hand picked opponents for 5 years. Pac is #1.

2. The Heavyweights are the worst of all time by far. Sam Peter is nothing more than an out of shape Ray Mercer with less talent.

3. Hatton/Castillo should be a blast, however it ends up


5. You’ve got that right. HBO is out of their mind televising this mismatch. Manfredo can really get hurt in this one.

1.  Should Mayweather have fought a tune up at 154 before signing a fight with De la Hoya (who already has experience with quality opposition at that weight)?
2.  Who is the next great fighter at 140 or 147?
3.  Is there a heavy weight out there with the ability to step it up a notch?
– Paul


1. No. I don’t think Mayweather fighting a tune up at 154 would make any difference at all. He most likely would have just picked a blown up 140 pounder with no power anyhow.

2. The winner of Margarito/Cotto and Hatton/Castillo have to be at the top of the list there.

3. I think there are some heavy’s that can step it up a notch…..IF THEY DECIDED TO TRAIN! But since the fat pathetic slobs regularly come in 20 to 50 pounds overweight, it doesn’t look likely. I think if Lamon Brewster would come in at the 205-210 range, most of the heavyweights today would have a tough time beating him. Ruslan Chagaev is another heavyweight who some people are high on. If he’s worth anything at all, he should beat Valuev with little to no problems.

I have a question regarding Ricky Hatton. A lot of American boxing fans just don't seem to like him much. They call him a hugger, a wrestler, boring and the criticism go on and on. Some even go as far as to compare him to John Ruiz! And in my humble opinion that's an unjust exaggeration. Its his style to smother and swarm opponents, he usually disregards the jab and swarms right in for phone booth brawling. To me he is an exciting fighter, delivering intense non stop action with a humble champion attitude…and I'm an American. I just don't get why he hasn't won the hearts of more American boxing fans such as myself. – Jordan, Las Vegas NV

WATCH DOG’S RESPONSE: I’m not sure why Americans seem to be soured on Hatton. I tend to think it is because he has been hyped up and then had a tough outing against Collazo and won easily, but not very entertainingly against Urango. If he beats Castillo in June, he’ll get a lot more world wide respect.

I'm very excited about Hopkins vs Winky. I think Winky will win but who knows. It wont' be an exciting brawl but it will be interesting to see who is the better technician in the ring. – Anonymous

WATCH DOG’S RESPONSE: You’re excited about this match up? Seriously? I realize this fight may produce some interest simply because most people actually know both fighters, but what a snooze fest! Actually, it’s one of the worst fights that can be made from an entertainment stand point. When was the last time Hopkins was NOT in a boring fight? And Winky? His fight against Taylor was decent, but how many other truly entertaining fights has he been in? This fight puts me to sleep just thinking about it.

At this point, the heavies are definitely at a low point. It's not quite as bad as the few years between Tunney and Louis in the late '20's and early '30's, but it's close. If fighters grew a pair, ditched the alphabet soup belts, and recognized the Ring belt, that would help enormously. But that might make too much sense. – Hunter Breckenridge, Kansas City, MO

WATCH DOG’S RESPONSE: Are you kidding me? Any of the top heavies from between Tunney and Louis would rule the current heavyweight division with ease. Max Baer would be a billionaire today. Not only would none of the fatties of today come close to beating him, his personality is the modern media’s wet dream! Two Ton Tony Galento was ahead of his time. He should be fighting in this era. He’d fit right in and probably be the best of the bunch.

I couldn’t agree with you more about The Ring. Everyone should ignore the sanctioning bodies and only recognize The Ring ratings. The fact that so many fans and boxing media alike continue to recognize the alphabet soup gangs, is exactly the reason why boxing is on a steady decline.

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