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Brewster Upset: Ya Think "Baby Joe" was Watching?
By Aaron Imholte (April 12, 2004) 
Lamon Brewster
So Saturday night I'm sitting at my cousin in-law's house watching the Klitschko Vs Brewster card while simultaneously working on some homework. When I thought to myself, "Self, it's about time you wrote another article, it's been awhile”. I found myself replying "I have nothing coming into this 'dome' of mine”.

Then it happened! A dominant Wladimir Klitschko suddenly ran out of gas faster than you could chant overrated and Lamon Brewster, who had never beaten even a second tier fighter, was the new WBO Heavyweight Champion via a 6th round TKO. Again I found myself talking to my best friend, me. "Oh you’ve got it old boy! It's time to return to the ole' word processor”.

I thought about the options an embattled Wlad had. Retire as Roy Jones, JR. advised in the post fight, (by the way RJJ was brilliant as a color commentator) start an even longer comeback trail than the Danell Nicholson variety, or fight an up and coming prospect to regain his good name or put his career away forever.

That prospect should be “Baby” or “Sloppy” or “Average” Joe Mesi, I really can't decide what to call the young pug these days. Anyway, a fight between these two is beneficial to both and would look great on say a De La Hoya VS Hopkins undercard. Now I'm just speculating folks, I’m just a young aspiring sportswriter with a big mouth and like an obesity patient it needs to go out for a run sometimes.

Think about it, a prospect with a huge question mark over his head despite beating two quality opponents although questionably, fighting a 28 year old enigma who was as early as this year deemed the next big thing, turned next big flop ALA Michael Grant. It would answer us a lot of questions about both fighters and a Mesi Victory would give us a good solid contender in the heavyweight division. A Klitschko victory on the other hand would thrust him into one more fringe title shot, along with one more shot at fulfilling his promise as being one half of the heavyweight champs who include his brother Vitali.

This fight is not a fantasy. I honestly believe that Joe and his father who manages him were salivating watching the gigantic Ukranian run out of steam long before Joe's usual 10th round collapses. They were given a true reason to believe that they could thrust themselves into a legit top ten ranking by challenging the younger Klitschko.

I am a Mesi skeptic, but I am also a Non-believer in Wlad, I see 'Cup of' Joe, who has very good power in both hands easily handling the glass jawed Wlad and knocking him out early, if that fails he can always take a little punishment as he did from Jirov and play the waiting game until the big man runs out of gas. Either way, I have a hard time believing Mesi could lose this fight judging by what I saw this past Saturday.

So write your Congressman, call Don King, Mesi Management, or George W. Bush himself to get this fight made. I want to see it, the boxing public wants to see it, and the boxing public also wants these two fighting enigmas answered. Oh and as a special stipulation 'Matchmaker' Aaron says the winner receives a IBF Heavyweight Title Shot at Chris Byrd or forbid Andrew “Foul Pole” Golota. I will do the Lamon Brewster thing and wait until my opportunity to say "I told you so” presents itself. Although I may find myself again, talking to.............myself.

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