Ranting and Raving
By Aaron Imholte (July 5, 2005) 
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It is supposedly common knowledge that states, when talking about an event or person, try to call it right down the middle, don’t expose which side you are on but rather just cover the event. The only problem is this goes against my very nature; I want to be loud, opinionated, and heck sometimes even obnoxious. Now I have managed to keep that under control for my year and a half with doghouse boxing, but now I figure it’s time for me to just go off, they say it’s therapeutic. If Fox News can be overtly bias, so can I.

So here goes, a few topics, fighters and divisions that I have some strong feelings towards that I just can’t keep on my chest.

Floyd Mayweather: Love him or hate him (I personally can’t stand his personality) this guy has skills. I honestly believe that if he can make it to 147 and win a belt, he is our generation’s Sugar Ray Leonard, in the same sense that Wario was to Mario. Mayweather is the mean, arrogant side of Sugar Ray Leonard that a lot of people just can’t get along with.

I would personally like to see him fight Ricky Hatton next. I don’t care if it’s in Manchester, Grand Rapids, or Zimbabwe, get this fight done. I have 50 dollars all but put away in anticipation of this fight. I think we might have the 140 pound equivalent to Ali-Frazier on our hands.

Samuel Peter: About a year and a half ago I was driving the bandwagon for this guy. Now people on said bandwagon have become so delusional about Slammin’ Sammy that I have decided to watch the bandwagon go by rather than drink the Kool Aid aboard the SS Nigerian Nightmare.

The only reason I’ve done this is for the simple fact that I’m hearing the dreaded ‘next Mike Tyson’ label. Let’s get one thing straight. Mike Tyson in his prime was not a big awkward slugger who threw slow wide looping power shots at the Yanqui Diaz’ of the world. Tyson was quick, elusive via those sharp head movements, and drew his KO power from lighting quick combinations rather than a one specific punch. Maybe if Peter actually wins a world title we can start comparing him to the 1996 version of Iron Mike…maybe.

Oscars ‘return’ to 147: Are you doing it or not? Honestly, I was actually looking forward to September 17th thinking Oscar would elevate further the already exciting welterweight division. Now Oscar says he wants to wait for his child to be born and spend time with his family. That is fine and one can completely understand such sentiment. The problem I have is this: do not promise the enormous fan base you have that you will return to welterweight in September and make a big deal about it only to disappoint them at the last minute. Although what can you expect from an aging De La Hoya. He has almost lost his last 3 fights, disappointment has been his forte lately, or he is still reeling from that liver shot with a side of Hopkins sauce on it.

Arturo ‘the myth’ Gatti: He wanted to keep fighting when both of his eyes were shut easily by Mayweather. Brave, I guess; stupid, you betchya. Gatti has never been a real champion of champions. He was, to paraphrase Steve Kim, the product of smart matchmaking by his team and the people at HBO. The biggest mistake Gatti ever made was that he believed his own myth and went after Mayweather. Perhaps he should have listened to his team when they told him not to make the fight. I respect Arturo for the courage he has shown in the ring, but you can find such courage in the gyms of Kronk, Philadelphia, LA, Chicago, and even in my hometown of Minneapolis. Gatti was a decent fighter but please don’t romanticize and play up the guy’s skill or resume.

Vitali Klitschko: Whatever happened to you being the people’s champion? Mr. Heart and Bravery, Mr. Man Amongst Boys, where are you? You are calling out Oleg Maskaev and Lamon Brewster? Good lord, listen Vitali, Ali and Holyfield didn’t get where they are fighting B class bums regardless of what ABC belt they had. They fought Joe Frazier three times, they called out Mike Tyson twice, and they took two fights with Lennox Lewis knowing full well they were past their prime. Most importantly Klitschko, they fought hurt. Ali fought 11 rounds with a broken jaw, and Holyfield fought with a serious heart condition.

In short, go after your legacy Vitali, don’t be afraid to put your belt on the line and more importantly, don’t be afraid to lose, for the greats bounce back. Fight Rahman like you’re mandated, then gut Chris Byrd like you should have the first time. Then go unify the division. You are on the wrong side of 30 Dr. Klitschko and time is not on your side.

Chris Byrd: Hey buddy, fight once in a while! I have decided to write a book and it’s called “You might be a fading champion if...” You might be a fading champion if… you get a gift wrapped decision against Fres Oquendo and Andrew Golota and then run from a fight with Sergei Lyakovich. You might be a fading champion if… you say you want to fight James Toney and then keep quiet whenever he is around. Finally you might be a fading champion if… even Don King can’t generate 2.5 million dollars to pay you for one of your fights.

And finally for this installment of Ranting and Raving…The cruiserweight division: Ummmm… How about that Jean Marc Mormeck huh?

Well everyone that is the first installment of rantings and ravings, I hope you enjoyed it and the next one will be along shortly.
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