boxing's First Ever Doggy Bag
By Aaron Imholte (July 21, 2004) 
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What is missing? I knew there was something and I just could not figure out what it was until it came to me while I was reading my readers' responses on my email. A mailbag! A weekly column where all the loyal Doghouse readers can get their two cents in and ask away about the things that matter most in boxing. So here goes,'s first ever mailbag issue, 'The Doggy Bag'.

This week in the first edition we've got some Hopkins-De La Hoya questions as well as some good ones on boxing's current stand on steroid testing and how it can change for the better. We also have comments and questions on David Tua, Salvador Sanchez, Mike Tyson, Shane Mosley, Hatton-Harris, Trinidad-Mayorga, and more.


1. What your P4P list?
2.How do you see Hopkins vs. Oscar Playing out?
3.And where do you rank Salvador Sanchez as an all time great featherweight? – Peace, Abrahamg

Well Abraham, here is how my current P4P standings look:
1. Bernard Hopkins - the ageless wonder has been on top for more than long enough to be number 1.
2. Floyd Mayweather Jr. - One of the best pure boxers in the game.
3. Winky Wright - He still doesn't get enough respect.
4. Manny Pacquaio - Always have to run the spell check with pac-man. Nonetheless a great fighter.
5. Antonio Tarver - The magic man's spot on this list has really taken a huge boost since his latest win against that one guy... I keep forgetting his name.
6. Roy Jones Jr. - of course taken a huge fall since losing to the aforementioned Tarver.
7. Juan Manuel Marquez - that's alot of fighter to pack into a featherweight frame.
8. Acelino Freitas - I'll admit I am a little bias because I am a big Popo fan, but this guy can hit and in recent fights he has shown he's a pretty good straight up boxer too.
9. Oscar De La Hoya - Bad news for Oscar in September but for right now we will keep him in the top ten.
10. Cory Spinks - Not alot of love for the newest 'Spinx Jinx' but I respect anyone who beats Ricardo Mayorga and Zab Judah in two tough title fights.

2. If your a die-hard Oscar fan then close your eyes. Oscar gets blown away inside of 8 rounds if he fights Hopkins like he did Sturm. If he comes in in good shape he can maybe take the Executioner the distance and come within 4 rounds of a victory. To sum it up I guess what I'm saying is, Oscar has a slim chance of making this a close fight. He will lose.

3. Salvador Sanchez, while never really watching too much on him and me being too young for his time, I may not be as educated on him as most, but I will say from what I've seen of him he could crack my top ten easily as far as the featherweight division goes.

Q. Hi Aaron, I just want to hear your opinion on the way the Hatton v Harris and Tito v Mayorga fight's will play out? There both scheduled to take place on October 2nd if i'm not mistaken. Thanks alot. – BOLLOCKS1984

Thanks for the question and their both going to be pretty good fights. I know American fans don't know much and don't think all that highly of Ricky Hatton but this guy can hit and he is very aggressive. The outcome of this one all depends on how Vivian Harris will fight, he can fight inside or out and do both fairly well in my opinion, but I do not think his chin will hold up against Hatton if he wants to try to slug it out against the Briton. If he stays on the outside and keeps Hatton away he could maybe run out the clock and get a very close decision. Personally I like Hatton by stoppage in say the ninth round.

Trinidad-Mayorga: It's been awhile since we've really seen Tito in a championship caliber matchup and the result wasn't so good. While I don't buy that he is too old to fight at the level he did 5 years ago when he beat Oscar, I do think he has lost a little something and we all know Ricardo Mayorga is no tomato can. I think Trinidad's lack of ring time in recent years and Ricardo Mayorga being a top ten caliber P4P fighter will make this a great fight. Three years ago I would have picked Tito in a lopsided UD, but now I am leaning towards Mayorga in a very close fight that could resemble the same kind of MD Mayorga had against Cory Spinks, except this time the result could be better for El Matador.

OK -- here is a question: I understand Roy Jones failed a steroid test. We all know Vargas did too. Do you support mandatory pre-fight steroid testing before a championship fight? I think it should be mandatory. – John Gerard, NYC, NY

Of course I support mandatory pre fight and post fight testing. I support mandatory testing in all sports. Look how a couple of BALCO scares brought baseball to its knees in apologies and excuses. The last thing boxing needs is more negative press. Testing would actually catapult boxing ahead of baseball in terms of honesty and bold innovative steps in purifying the game. So yes, John, you're absolutely right it should be mandatory. I'd like to see more fighters own up to their substance taking and the ones who proclaim innocence and want to criticize other fighters for taking steroids, I say here's your cup and the bathroom is the third door on your left.

What chances to think Danny Williams has of surviving against Tyson? Is he a better match than McBride would have been? Being a major Tyson fan, I take Mike's comeback very serious, but in your opinion, do you consider him a serious contender even to reign terror among the division again? I've heard and read so many things from Freddie Roach and Shelley Finkell about how Tyson is in the best shape of his life, but 229 pounds seems almost like a mirror image of his weight when he fought Lennox Lewis.

Finally, are there any upcoming heavyweights that the division should be watching out for? I thought Dominick Quinn was impressive until he got beat by Monte Barrett. – Chas Hall

Williams has an amazing chance of surviving Tyson… of course, I am speaking literally; I do not think he will die in the ring. Seriously though, Tyson will get a few rounds in before he KO's Danny Williams. Freddie Roach said that he wants Tyson to fight a few more rounds to get back into the swing of things. All this stuff about the best shape of his life is all cliché, every boxer says that before a big comeback. Ali said it before he fought Larry Holmes, it's just like Mickey said in Rocky 2, "every pug thinks he's got one more good fight left in him". Now I'm not saying Tyson's not getting into good shape, but I don't think he is in the best shape of his life. With regard to your question about Tyson being a force in the heavyweight division again, yes I think he could and he will if he stays focused and is serious about making some good money. He has power and he has some speed left, and those two things are good enough to compete in this rinky-dink division.

Oh there are a couple you can keep an eye on. The guy I have picked to be the next dominant champion is Samuel Peter, this guy can hit and he can box a little too, he's a more evolved version of Ike Ibeabuchi (both fighting wise and as a person). He has a great smile and a great personality, but don't let those fool you, this guy is for real. Don't count Dominick out yet, I spoke with Dominick Guinn a few months ago and he sounded real serious on making some noise real soon. It will be a little longer than expected until he gets to a championship level but in three years or so Guinn-Peter could be a great heavyweight title fight. Maybe I'm wrong about these two, I don't know; after all, I did say Joe Mesi had a shot and being a champion after I saw him against DaVarryl Williamson. I apologize for that whole heartedly, fight fans.

Where is David Tua? He would Kayo every heavyweight out there
And who was the heaviest hitting non heavyweight ever? My dad used to say it was Dick Tiger. – John Gerard

Good question, John, but here's why. David Tua's legal and management problems have forced him into a quasi retirement mode for now. We're not sure if he'll fight again. I hope he does, but how will he look? He's no spring chicken anymore.

From what I've seen on tape Tiger hit very hard, he was a real strong guy. Bob Foster could hit real well at light heavyweight also. But putting your finger on one guy is just too tough as there have been way too many strong hitters below the heavyweight division and I can't think of all of them on the spot. I'll go with Tiger or maybe Foster, both in my top ten. Also don't forget the raging bull Jake LaMotta.

That's it for the first ever 'Doggy Bag'. Remember, if you have a comment, question or complaint, send it to the Doggy Bag at where all your questions will be answered.
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