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By Aaron Imholte (July 29, 2004) 
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Hi again boxing fans. Since the first edition of the Doggy Bag the emails have been coming in at a nice, constant stream. Let's hope we can keep it that way. This week's mailbag is a bit larger than the last but we have some good stuff for you from Mike to Morales, and Hopkins to Hernandez. Enjoy the newest weekly staple to 'the Holy Grail of boxing', the Doggy Bag.

Hello Aaron, Being a relatively new fan to boxing would you please give me your opinion regarding the career of Michael Nunn. Was he an underrated champion fighting in the competitive middleweight era of the early 1990's? His career seemed to peak with the loss against Toney. Have you viewed his fight against Toney, I have read that Nunn was ahead, if so why was a rematch never made? Was "Second to Nunn" an entertaining fighter or skillful southpaw boxer? Do you believe that he was a quality titleholder in a competitive era, who struggled against top-notch competition (e.g Toney) Thanks for the Time - Christian

Nunn was just one of those guys who was always right in the mix but never could find that special thing to put him a cut above the best. He was really like a Ken Norton or Earnie Shavers of his division's era. Always playin' with the big boys but never broke through (Norton's win over Ali was the exception). As for the fight with Toney, that fight is like a baseball game, if you go 0-4 in your first four at bats and then hit a walk off grand slam in your fifth, who's going to care about the other four at bats? Nobody, Toney hit a walk off grand slam in the 11th and his 0-4 before that was forgotten and it's now really immaterial.

sup man
I just wanted to know what u think about Owen Beck and Duncan Dokiwari, do u think they could be a major force in the heavyweight division?
- Kathy Harriman

It's been rumored that Owen Beck is going to fight a WBC eliminator match with Hasim Rahman. I don't know how Owen Beck qualifies as a top contender in the WBC or Rahman for that matter but hey more power too both of them.
Beck in my opinion is a pretty good fighter who has shown alot of hunger and a great work ethic recently fighting four times in two months. He has some power in both of his hands and has the potential to be an alphabet title holder in this weak division but when the Peter's and Guinn's are ready to take over, he will be a contender but not a champion.

And Hey Aaron, my queston is in your opinion how much do you think Bernard Hopkins being a really green fighter in his fight with Roy Jones Jr. affected the outcome of the bout, and do you think that the end result would have been any different if Bernard had about 35 fights under his belt at that time? What is the status of Joe Mesi? I mean are the rumors of his brain bleed as bad as originally reported and will he ever fight again.
Thanks - Joey.

That Bernard question is a good one. It's really hard to say what would have transpired if these two had gotten it on a few years later. I think Roy was so dominant as a middleweight that technically he was just more sound than Bernard. It would have been one hell of a fight, like the first one, but I think Roy would come away with a split decision, winning by maybe a point or two. Definitely some ESPN classic type stuff though.

As for Joe Mesi, his management was really slippery about his condition at first. When I would try to get a hold of Tony Holden, Joe was always busy or not talking to the media at that time. Now they seem ready to fully comply with the medical submission procedures and show us that his noggin is not scrambled eggs but rather he has a normal human brain that is not bleeding and functions correctly. Here is how we will be able to tell if Joe has brain damage: if he accepts a fight with Mike Tyson this year the boy just is not right in the head.

I was wondering Aaron, in your last mail bag I asked if you could write your P4P list and I know everyone is entitled to there opinion. But I was kind of shocked that you didn't recognize Erik Morales in your P4P list. I agreed with everyone on your list (not in that particular order) but the only fighter I wouldn't have included would be Acelino Frietas. I think Erik Morales is much more accomplished than Frietas and has done something that no other fighter from Mexico, other than Julio Cesar Chavez has done and that's win titles in 3 different weight classes. I was just wondering why didn't you consider him in your P4P rankings?

How do you see the heavyweight division right now? Do you think Mike Tyson can become one of heavyweight champions and who does he have the best shot at beating? Mike Tyson is fighting Danny Williams and many critics have said this is just another bum for a good pay day. But, Danny William is a pretty decent fighter with good skills. He is ranked the #30 heavyweight in the division. My question is why does Tyson get all this heat for fighting a top 20 fighter whent James Toney is fighting a fighter who nobody has ever heard of and is currently ranked #72 in the heavyweight division. Toney is suppose to be the best heavyweight in the division, why not fight a top 10 or 15 heavweight? Regards - Abrahamg

Abraham I love ya man you always put me against the ropes and keep me on my toes. I love Erik Morales I really do and I can honestly say I had a hard time keeping him off the list. I would say he is actually tied for tenth place on my list but if the outcome of the Hernandez fight is good for Morales then look for him to make a substantial bound in my ratings. I like Freitas and don't think he really gets the respect he deserves stateside yet. He will though, we will come to know Popo after the Corrales fight.

The heavyweight division is the worst it's ever been (so you can sleep peacefully Pinkolon Thomas and Trevor Berbick) and yes, Mike can beat Lamon Brewster and maybe John Ruiz to capture an alphabet belt. As for James Toney, yes he is one of the best heavyweights out there but he is coming back from a layoff from the ring like Tyson, but he is also coming off of a very tricky injury so I like the road he is taking, making sure everything is working and get a few rounds under his belt before getting back to winning a title. I mean if Roy can fight these kind of weak fighters in title defences, James Toney can face one coming back from a bad foot injury.

What's your pick for the Morales v Hernandez fight, and how do you think the fight will play out? - "Billy Bob"

Morales! One million times Morales! I would put every dollar I have on him. He will win this fight and it will not go the distance.

Do you think there will be a rubber match between Jones & Tarver? I know Tarver wants a bigger purse than Roy now, but I know Roy can't go out with a loss to Tarver. You think Roy will fight for a smaller purse just to prove to Tarver it was a lucky punch like Rahman & Lewis? - Albert George

Roy Jones is fighting Glencoffe Johnson. I think that gives you an idea of what he wants to do in the future. If he didn't want a third helping of Tarver why stay at light heavy? He will fight Johnson, and then barring a Tyson showdown, we will see Tarver-Jones 3. I'm not sure it would be a small purse either, this fight will generate a lot of buzz with Roy's crossover appeal, plus this being the third fight in a trilogy.

Aaron Imholte,
My question concerns the current state of boxing at Light Middleweight. Antonio Margarito is moving up to face Daniel Santos. I believe he will be successful against the Puerto Rican. I also believe that his toughest fights would have been at Welterweight. He is essentially moving up because he was unable to secure decent fights despite being a champion. Do you believe he can unify the division at Light Middleweight? I would love to see him against Kermit Cintron at either weight but, currently, I don’t see anyone with the ability to beat him at Light Middleweight. He can outwork Shane Mosley and Ronald Wright, in my humble opinion. Also, do you see Barrera being competitive against Manny Pacquiao? After, his fight against Paulie Ayala, he stated that he wants a rematch against the Philippine. Is this a mistake on his part or do you see that he must vindicate himself in order to proceed with his career. Thank you - Victor Garcia, Berkeley, CA.
Boxistica on the DHB forum (The Dog Pound).

Margarito-Spinks would have been a must buy for me but for now it looks like that ship has sailed. As far as your question goes, yes Margarito will house Santos, no problem. As far Cintron, Phillips, Ouma, Mosley or Wright goes, he could have problems. These are all very good fighters and I don't know if he is ready for them at this weight. You really can't tell until after the Santos fight. Get back to me and I'll tell you in no uncertain terms how I feel about Margarito's junior middleweight prospects.

Barerra-Pacquaio 2 is not the fight I want to see. I want Pacquaio-Marquez 2. Everyone does. Boxing owes it to you and me, the fans, to find out who is superior. I could live with a Barerra rematch I guess but it really disappoints me after all the hype a rematch was getting and how we all thought it was going to happen next only to possibly see something else happen. Let's keep our fingers crossed that a rematch can happen soon but if not, Barrera Pac-man 2 will be fun to watch but I think Manny ekes out a close UD.

Hello Aaron, Avid doghouse reader and forum particpant. Glad to see this new portion being added to the 'Holy Grail' of boxing sites. My question is, and keep in mind I'm asking this wearing my "Gatti Glasses". If Gatti comes away with a win against Dorin will a fight with PBF Mayweather Jr ever actually happen or is that just a pipe dream I should just let go of? And if it does materialize what chances do you give the bloody warrior against the next P4P? Thank you. - Randy from Fargo, ND a.k.a - Celticpugilist

Well I had to take off my "Mayweather Monocle" to answer your question. Gatti said he wants Mayweather and I don't see PBF backing down from a challenge. Do the math, this fight is very doable. If it does go down by the end of this year look at the fights we will have. Hopkins-DLH, Mayweather-Gatti, Freitas-Corrales, another Tyson fight and much more! Who says boxing isn't the most exciting sport out there? Oh and don't forget Shaq-Tarver coming up. But to answer your question, I think Floyd will out hustle and out box the courageous and aggressive warrior Gatti. Floyd is the future of great boxers. An amazing athlete and a seemingly total package of boxing skill. He would officially usher in the new era with a big win over Gatti. I hope this fight happens because it would fun to watch Gatti pursue the slick Mayweather, both getting tagged at times. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Well that's a wrap for this week's mailbag guys and girls. I hope I answered all your questions adequately. Keep sending them in boxing fans and keep me busy!
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