Tyson-Williams Weigh-In Report from Kentucky
By Aaron Imholte, Photos © DoghouseBoxing (July 30, 2004) 
You have heard the hype for months and now we are a mere day away from Mike Tyson’s return to the ring against Danny Williams in Louisville, Kentucky. Thursday night was amongst the magazine writers, the professional photographers and the national TV cameras to bring our readers, ‘The Dog Pound’ an up-close account of the afternoon’s events.

We arrived at Freedom Hall’s convention center and are invited to sit down with promoter Chris Webb to chat for a minute or two. He gives my photographer and I some useful tourism tips while we are in town. Needless to say, with Chris’s tips we did not go hungry!

Fast forward a few hours and we are seated and ready to begin the weigh-in. First up is the two televised under
card bouts.

Nelson Dieppa vs. Ulises ‘Archie’ Solis 12 rounds for the WBO world flyweight title: Solis is first up, he weighs in at 107 and three quarter pounds, within the flyweight limit. Nelson Dieppa’s weigh in did not go as smooth as expected. The WBO champion weighs in at 108 and one quarter pounds which is a quarter pound over the limit. After completely disrobing (with the shielding of a towel) he weighs in at an even 108.

Laila Ali vs. Monica Nunez 10 rounds for the WIBA Super Middleweight title: The 9-1 Nunez is first up. She has moved up in weight very quickly in 10 professional fights, starting at 109 and ending up today at 164, but looks in good shape for the bout. Ali looks phenomenal and as confident as ever. She weighs in at 167 and had a sureness about her that seems to run in her genes. It could be a quick night for Monica Nunez, who seems physically outmatched and is far less experienced than the champ.

Mike Tyson vs. Danny Williams 10 round main event: Williams enters the room first and proceeds up to the stage. A few photographers and writers stand to catch a glimpse of Williams and then quickly sit back down. Then in comes the main attraction. Mike Tyson barely gets his pinky toe through the door when the room explodes with applause. Cameras instantly flash over and over and everyone in the house is on their feet. Tyson seems not to notice, he looks very focused and does not even acknowledge the crowds existence while he reaches his corner of the stage. Jimmy Lennon Jr. announces Danny Williams at 265 pounds. He looks toned in the arms but the midsection is a little lacking in the muscle department, not too say Williams came in fat but he looked less than impressive. He did not however seem intimidated or out of place at all. He looks quite determined.

Shortly thereafter Tyson takes the scale as once again eyes must become accustomed to cameras flashing and ears must tolerate more screams and cheers. Tyson looks to be in outstanding shape at 233 pounds. His arms look as if they are about to bust through his skin they are so magnificently toned, and his upper body and midsection looks nothing like that of your average 38-year-old. His face is not a stony, vicious glare but it is one of focus, focus on tomorrow night. He does not say a word until he grants a brief interview to ESPN, giving photographers plenty of photo opportunities since the usual post weigh-in stare-down pose was axed probably due to previous Tyson behavior at such events. He leaves without saying a word as his trainers and management shield him from the press and photographers outside the room (including your humble correspondent).

Needless to say tomorrow night should provide fireworks. All three fights look entertaining on paper. Look for Dieppa-Solis to go the distance with Dieppa getting a unanimous decision. If Monica Nunez lasts more than four rounds with Ali you should be shocked, and look for Danny Williams to be competitive for two or three rounds before becoming unable to keep Tyson away for any longer than that, being stopped by the sixth round.

Well, enjoy the fight and keep reading because we will have a full fight report from Louisville after the post fight press conference.
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