The Doggy Bag
By Aaron Imholte (August 5, 2004) 
It's time again for me to answer you, the Dog Pound’s questions. This week is the biggest Doggy Bag ever, with most of the questions dealing with of course Mike Tyson and Erik Morales. Throw in some Popo and Chico and you have yourselves one heck of a mailbag.

After Dominick Guinn’s decimation of Journeyman Phil Jackson do you think he has his confidence and edge back? I didn’t see the fight so I don’t know how he looked. I do know though Jackson lasted the distance against Guinn conqueror Barrett and I think it must have been one hell of a ko for Guinn to have knocked him out in 23 secs! My personal opinion is even though Guinn had that set back he has the chin and the skills to be the next holyfield IMO. - Nate Beckous

In speaking with Dominick I never really sensed that he ever lost his confidence. Just a fight. He may have lost his edge this is true, but fighting in front of your home town on television will do that to a young man like him. I think he could be a resemblance of Holyfield but not the ‘warrior’ Evander was. Nobody can have his heart that is what set him apart from all but Lewis in his day.

What’s next for “El Terrible”? And where does he rank among the pound 4 pound best? Morales dominated a very courageous Carlos Hernandez this past weekend so who should Morales fight next? Or should he already think of moving up in weight? - Jesus Valenzuela, San Jose, CA

I made the mistake of leaving Erik Morales out of my last pound for pound list. Boy, am I paying for it now. The guy is maybe top five in the world. He has won three titles in different divisions and just beat a very game Carlos Hernandez. I would definitely like to see him take on the winner of the Corrales-Freitas fight. I would pay 100 dollars to watch that fight.

Why has the conspiracy allegation by Camp Wlad been allowed to die down? Can fighters make wild claims like that without facing penalties or the opinion of well updated boxing fans? - Doodle

I think boxing just took it with a grain of salt. They just saw Wlad as a whiner making excuses for how he could have accomplished such a choke job. I think he should have been slapped on the wrist but isn’t a defeat to Lamon Brewster enough of an embarrassment?

How long will Tyson be out of the ring? And where does he go from here? What are your thoughts on the Hatton v Harris fiasco? - Bollocks 1984

Oh, you have no idea how psyched I was about Ricky Hatton fighting in the US and for a title. To watch it fall apart like that is a sham! It is a travesty and mockery! Ok, I think you know where I am going with this one. Whoever Hatton fights in Harris’ stead it will be a great show put on by Ricky Hatton. It is only a matter of time before he is a champion.

As for Mike, plans are in the works with Bob Arum from Top Rank to have him in the ring again this year. This confuses me though, if he just tore ligaments in his knee how can he fight again in a few months? A Tennessee Titan tight end just suffered a similar injury and he is out for the season! Either Arum is nuts or Mike’s knee injury is a little overblown.

Brace yourself for the Mike questions Aaron.

What do you think of these two heavyweight prospects? One is the amateur Jason Estrada. What do you think his strengths and weaknesses are and what about his chances of becoming heavyweight champ someday. Also do you think he's as good or better than Audley Harrison?

The second is Billy Douglas, Buster Douglas's younger brother. I have read just a little about him but that's all I can find. I have heard his record is 10-1 with 8 knockouts and he has a mean right hand. However where you can find anybodies record says his record is 7-2 with 6 knockouts.

Also I know you said you really like the big African prospect Samuel Peter, but I have heard some guys say he's a big slow version of David Tua. Do you think that's a fair assessment or is he more than that? Thanks Aaron and good job with the Tyson fight the other night. - Joey C.

You guys know I love talking heavies. First off as far as Estrada goes it is way too soon to tell, I don’t like judging amateurs until they have a decent number of professional bouts under their wings. He has potential but I don’t know if he’ll be better than Harrison because we don’t even know how good Harrison’s career will be yet.

Douglas, another one! Are you serious? Yeah well mean right hand nothing, this guy won’t make it anywhere in terms of being a contender. Don’t even pay him any more attention. It’s a novelty attraction because Buster kayoed Mike that’s all it is.

As far as the Nigerian Nightmare Samuel Peter goes, who told you he is a slow David Tua? David Tua is a slow David Tua. Sam Peter is a better boxing version of Ike. Just wait, watch his next fight coming up and you will see what I’m talking about. He will be better than Tua ever was and will actually fulfill his potential.

Speaking of heavyweights, how about this Titan bloke from Europe? Any lowdown to save this dawg some google time? Thanks bud, enjoy your work! - Doodle

I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about Titan but I do hear things, I hear some buzz around this guy. Give him some time and we’ll see what he’s all about.

why doesn’t hbo, Showtime, espn, don king, arum, and all the major players in boxing get together and start there own boxing council. the alphabets got to go. they could be like owners in the nba or nfl. whatever fighters you put in would be your percent of ownership which can be sold just like ownership of a team. then we could have true champs and not 5 guys every five pounds having a belt. this would be a cure all for boxing and put it back in the spotlight. if the alphabets don’t get the airtime on hbo, Showtime, espn, etc. they would shrivel and die. what do you think - Peoria

Peoria that is an excellent question. But Don King and Bob Arum and HBO all want those alphabet belts. Think about it, why is Don King able to charge so much for his pay-per-views? Because everything on there is a title fight! WBC WBO WBA IBF POS whatever belt it happens to be. If he’s got gold around his waist it will translate into more money for them to fight. If there was one belt they would have to wait to long to promote a fight for him. This way they can get into a rotation so year round they can put on title bouts on pay-per-view and make a little more dough. Although I’ve said time and time again that the alphabet belts are less than garbage, I don’t see them going away within the next year or two.

Europe seems to be catching up with the United States and Latin countries in terms of good boxers. What do you think is the cause of this? - Tim

Oh easy Tim. All the American athletes are going into football, basketball and baseball. There is no guaranteed money in American boxing and there is in the NFL NBA and MLB. They would rather try their hand at something else more safe than something that can hurt you for very little pay.

How do you see Morales doing against the winner of the Corrales vs. Freitas fight? - Abraham G.

That’s a tough question. Especially since I’m not even sure about who will win the Corrales-Freitas fight. I think Morales would have a rough go of it with both. Both men are hard hitters with pretty good boxing skills. I think this would be a fight of the year candidate. Morales has the ability to beat both of them but in a very close fashion if at all.

Well that’s this week's Doggy Bag, folks. Keep those questions pouring in and Ill keep answering them.
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