Aaron's Doggy Bag
By Aaron Imholte (August 10, 2005) 
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Don’t worry Dog Pounders, the bag has not gone anywhere nor will it be going anywhere. It just took awhile for the questions to come in on this one with limited action in the last few weeks being the culprit. In this edition I tackle Hopkins-Taylor questions, sanctioning bodies, Jeff Lacy, what Sam Cassel, Zab Judah, and the lord of the rings trilogy have in common plus much, much more in this week’s Doggy Bag.

Aaron, which of the two fights between (Hagler vs. Leonard) & (Hopkins vs. Taylor) is more controversial in general? Why?

Who holds the most undisputed title defenses technically in the middleweight division? Is it Monzon, Hagler or Hopkins? – Mike

I think Hopkins-Taylor is more controversial but not more popular. Boxing was one of the more media notarized sports out there when Hagler fought Leonard. You can bring up Hagler-Leonard at a bar at any time and someone will have an opinion, you bring up Hopkins-Taylor at same said bar, and you will get some blank stares.

I would say the Hopkins-Taylor fight is more controversial due to the fact that Duane Ford scored that final round for Taylor. In Hagler-Leonard you cannot point to one frame or one round that tells the entire controversy whereas in Hopkins-Taylor, you could.

Bernard Hopkins owns the record depending on how you view a defense. Carlos Monzon won 21 fights while he was the champion but some were non title fights in his native Argentina. Bernard has the most victories when the title was on the line with 19 and one no contest to Robert Allen. (This counts as a defense because Hops went home that night with the belts)

Who’s uglier zab judah or Bernard Hopkins? – Ali

I’m biased. As many of you know I reside in Minnesota and here we have Sam Cassel (for the time being) and Sam Cassel looks like he could be Zab’s cousin. Judah’s looks don’t shock me because I’m used to seeing Gollum looking athletes on my TV screen. But B-Hops tooth gap is big enough to make Michael Strahan say ‘GOOD LORD!’ Bernard’s oral Panama Canal wins a unanimous decision over Zab’s middle earth look. (Side note: I love both of these guys and they are a couple of my favorite fighters, doesn’t mean you can’t be critical and poke a little fun right?)

How do you think both Klitschkos would fare against Rahman, Barrett, Brock, and Peter? Both Klitschko's, each opponent once... How would you see the fights? Thanks! – USMC0331

Vitali KO8 Rahman
Vitali TKO10 Barrett
Vitali SD Brock
Peter KO5 Vitali

Rahman TKO9 Wlad
Wlad has already whooped Barrett
Brock TKO7 Wlad
Peter KO3 Wlad

What super middleweight will beat lacy? – Dublin’s Finest

If Robin Reid has not done it by now (I wrote this Saturday night) which I do not think he will, then Joe Calzaghe has a chance but not at his current activity rate. Besides Joe I would say Danny Green and Mikkel Kessler. I am not saying they would beat him but they could make for some good fights.

1. Which boxing organization gives a more accurate rating on fighter?
2. Do boxing judges get sanctioned when they make mistake in scoring fights? Please give me examples.
– Metal Hands

All of the boxing organizations are guilty of bad rankings. None of them have it right and none of them ever will. Look at some of the mandatory defenses we have seen. The IBF gives Davarryl Williamson a shot, I believe it was the WBC that gave Mzonke Fana a shot at Barrera, and how many organizing bodies have resurrected Andrew Golota’s career time after time?!

I think judges are punished by not being involved with that fighter as much, same as referees. For example, you will not see Duane Ford judging the Hopkins-Taylor rematch.

a) Name the best 2 heavyweights today.
b) How do you see sultan ibragimov and russlan chagaev, 2 small heavyweights with a high KO % dealing with the top 10?
c) Where do you rate Hopkins among the best middles ever, and where will you rate him if he beats Taylor in a rematch?
d) Does mayorga has something left in him?
– Uripleg

A) Boxing ability-wise I would say James Toney and Wladimir Klitschko. Ability to actually perform and use those skills to win I am going with Vitali Klitschko and Lamon Brewster.

B) Ibragimov and Chagaev should wait a little bit longer and get some more fights under their belts against good opposition before taking on the top ten just yet. I would say Chagaev is closer than Ibragimov when it comes to being ready for the top ten but not by much.

C) I currently rate him three or four. He is behind Hagler and Monzon most of the time and sometimes I put him at 4 after Sugar Ray Robinson. The defense record is impressive but there are no Lamotta’s, Duran’s, Mugabi’s, or Hearns’ on that list.

D) We will see for certain when he takes on Piccirillo but I would say yes. He is working with Yoel Judah to improve his defense and hand speed so if he can bring those new tools to the ring with his chin, heart and power then I give him a terrific chance of being a contender at 154 for a few more years.

Who would you view as the most vulnerable 168? Belt holder (Markus Beyer)? – Christian DV

I do think it is Beyer. I mean has the guy beaten anyone decisively during his reign besides Yoshinori Nishizawa, and a one fight wonder in Christian Sanavia? His last fight with Danny Green was incredibly close and in his first fight with Green he was on his way to a beat down when Green’s head butting saved him and got him the DQ win. I hope Omar Sheika can capture that belt next month; he’s earned it for the Pemberton fight and the way he gave Jeff Lacy hell in their bout.

That’s the Doggy Bag for this week guys and don’t forget the forum is not the only place to send your questions. My email inbox works as well.

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