The Doggy Bag: Imholte Eats his Popo Crow!
By Aaron Imholte (August 19, 2004) 
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I usually never find myself taking back any predictions I make as foolish or rash or just plain dumb. But on seldom occasions the fighter I bet against makes me look like an idiot in front of the entire world! As all of my readers know I went against the majority of boxing fans and writers and picked Acelino Freitas to knock out Diego Corrales in their recent bout. I dismissed most of you as fools who didn't have the slightest idea what you were talking about. Well touché, Dogpound, you have beaten me at my own game. Popo is beaten and Diego has shown himself to be the superior fighter. So now that I have this hot plate full of crow in front of me, why don't you guys let me know how wrong I was whilst I dine.

hey Aaron, tell me why in the world did Juan Manuel Marquez opt to defend his titles against a bum, instead of a tough guy who can break his butt again? Did Pac tear his heart out? I think so.

Also, why do you think vivian harris priced himself out of the hatton fight. Do you think he will do the same against lil Floyd? - Poppa

If I were Marquez I would be feeling confident of my chances of beating Pacquaio in a rematch. It seemed to me and to alot of other people out there that Juan had Manny's style just about down in the latter part of the fight. I am just as confused as you are about Marquez decision not to go with a lucrative rematch right way. I don't agree though that it is a lack of heart. He picked himself up off the canvas in the first three times and still battled to a draw, however controversial. So like I said I would be a very confident Juan Manuel Marquez right now. Only time will tell.

I think it is a shame that the Hatton Harris fight fell through. I was looking forward to Ricky making some noise Stateside and beating a quality opponent. I think Harris pricing himself out was not the only thing that broke this fight up but it certainly was a huge factor. I think he and his team will be a little more cooperative with a Floyd fight only because of the notoriety and publicity such a fight would garner. You don't want to throw that fight away like you did this one.

Kind of a 2 part question
If Oscar De La Hoya beats Benard Hopkins on September 18th(really beats him, not wins a bogus descion.), should he be considered the new Pound for pound champion over Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Does a win over Hopkins for the undisputed middleweight title tower over anything Floyd has ever done in his career? - Vklit

You know how I feel about Oscar's chances of beating the Executioner (slim to none, with Slim's bags packed and ready to leave town) but the guy is a warrior and he has shocked us before. I suppose he would be the new pound-for-pound champ… I mean, as Ric Flair always said "TO BE THE MAN YOU GOTTA BEAT THE MAN WOOOOOOO!!" (for the record I haven't watched wrestling in 6 years, thank you). Yes, I do feel that if Oscar were to beat the longest running current champion in the sport then it would overshadow anything Floyd has ever done. Oscar's resume is quite impressive and to add the undisputed middleweight championship of the world towers over any of Floyd's accomplishments so far. That's not to say Floyd won't eclipse Oscar someday, but for now it's Oscar's legacy over Floyd's hands down.

I know it is always too early to judge, but from what you have seen, what US Olympian (include Berto) has the tools to be the best pro? - Panchito Bojado

Let it be known that I hate Olympic boxing. You get a point for a soft jab to the face as well as a thudding hook or uppercut, you get one point for a knockdown and body punching goes unnoticed to the point where it's almost not even boxing anymore. If I had to pick one I was very impressed with so far I would have to say Dirrel. I liked the way he outjabbed his opponent, which is about all you can do in Olympic boxing. Is it just me or is the deck this badly stacked against boxing making a comeback in mainstream sports? Does God have it in for boxing? I mean we get the international stage and it turns into an embarrassment of quasi-boxing.

Do you still consider Poe Poe Freitas in the top 5 pound for pound Aaron? Just kidding on that one...kind of. Anyways do you think there's anyone that Corales could ever win a rematch with Mayweather? Do you think James Toney would beat Vitali Klitschko if they fought? I don't think so just for the size difference but what do you think? One more, Do you think Danny Williams will be a heavyweight champ? - Joey Martin Combs

You know when you wake up after a party and someone reminds you of some outlandish thing you did and you honestly can't remember? That's how I feel right now, like I'm suffering a Popo-Chico hangover and now I'm left saying, did I rank him that high? What was I on? I ranked him so high mostly because of what I thought his potential would be. I will never do that again.

Corrales will not win a rematch with Mayweather. He is just the complete boxer/athlete. I know Diego was not himself for that fight but he still would not win a rematch; he is just outmatched there. He has more power but that is where his advantages stop.

Now power AND size is a totally different story. Vitali Klitschko (who I am starting to get sick of what with all they hype and what-not) would defeat James Toney (who I am also getting sick of because of all the hype of him being the best heavyweight in the world simply because he stopped the senile Evander Holyfeild). I know everyone loves James Toney and he's loud and in your face and has been calling out everyone in the division. If James gets in the ring with Vitali Klitschko he will just be overpowered and undersized there is no way of getting around it.

Absolutely Danny Williams will be a heavyweight champ. If he were to fight Brewster or Ruiz he would win. He is the only guy in the division who would render Ruiz' hugging useless. He did a leaning number on Mike Tyson that Ruiz would try to employ on Williams. He would be a perfect fit for the WBA or WBO crown but other than that I don't see the Ring belt in his hands anytime in his career.

One question, how does you P4P list look like now that Popo was knocked out? - abrahamg

Ah, Abraham, the first guy to tell me I was an idiot for putting Popo on my pound-for-pound list. I love you man. Well, here it is just for you chief.

1. Hopkins
2. Mayweather
3. Morales
4. Wright
5. Paqcuaio
6. De La Hoya
7. Tarver
8. Jones
9. Marquez
10. Spinks (he gets it done)

I've been watching the olympic boxing and looking at the scoring system it looks like very shady at best. It doesn't show who the better boxer it is only shows he can throw more jabs than the next guy. Do you see anything that they do in the olympics style scoring that can translate to the pros? Or do you ever see a time where pros would demand this type of scoring? I know some boxers like De La Hoya want to claim punchstats when they lose but ignore them when they win. What is your take on it? - Icecoldmalik

Malik you're beautiful! It's not shady it is just ridiculous. It is funny though to listen to Teddy Atlas's contempt for the Olympic scoring system. Olympic boxing will improve your jab but other than that it will hurt an amateur when he turns pro. He will not be a solid body puncher or body protector and will not have a full arsenal of punches. Not too mention they won't be able to fight in tight because whenever they bump elbows the ref breaks them up.

alrite aaron why dont u gain anything in the olympics for knocking down ur opponent seems pretty stupid 2 me as the main thing in boxing is 2 knock down ur opponent. - Champ4ever

Yeah, I think I have exhausted this topic. A knockdown should be a fight breaking moment. It should either (A) bring a guy back into the fight; or, (B) put the leader ahead by a pretty good amount. I say make knockdowns a 5 point score. That would make these fights much more interesting plus the two fighters would fight a little harder, a little more aggressive and with a little more power.

Well guys, that's all for this week. I have finished my crow and luckily I was not hammered too bad by the Popo slams. I will have to comeback sharper for the next big pick 'em fight, believe me. I will not be made a fool of twice. Thanks Dogpound and keep 'em coming.
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