Fantasy Matchups and 'What If' Fights in This Week's Doggy Bag
By Aaron Imholte (August 26, 2004) 
Well here we are, the dog days of summer, the calm before the proverbial storm. If we can all be patient for another month we will be rewarded with a boxing's version of the monsoon season, with titles on the line in more than 5 divisions plus the return to the ring of a modern legend in 'Tito' Trinidad. The questions in this week's bag look past all that and into the future. What will happen after this blockbuster fall and winter of the sweet science? That question plus fantasy matchups and an inquiry on where I stand on heavyweight prospect Samuel Peter after his unanimous decision win over a largely unknown heavyweight named Jovo Pudar. So read and enjoy, and keep these questions coming.

Hey Aaron, what's up bro? I want to know who you thought won the Manny Pacquiao Juan Manuel Marquez fight? You may have already answered this, but I can't remember. Also how do you see a rematch shaping up? I also want to know your list of fights, (it can be your short list or long list either one) that simply have to happen, to really give boxing a much needed kick in the rear. Thanks for the answers and keep up the good work.
Doghouse: pitbull
- JoeyMartinCombs

Manny Pacquiao won the fight not only in my opinion, but he won according to how the fight SHOULD HAVE been scored. The only judge to score round one 10-7 instead of 10-6 like he should have even admitted he made a mistake, how ridiculous.

I see the rematch being close but not quite as close as the first fight. Manny will show off more of his boxing finesse and ring knowledge rather than just raw power. Marquez will have his moments but drop a close unanimous decision.
I don't like making lists like that but since you've asked I have no choice.

Hopkins-Trinidad 2
Jones-Tarver 3
Pacquiao-Marquez 2
Toney-any belt holder
Spinks-Margarito if Margarito stays at welter

… among many others.

Aaron, With Mayorga/Trinidad not long away I got thinking about possible fireworks filled slugfests, so how would you see these battles going?

Pacquiao/Olivares at bantam
Olivares/Zarate at bantam
Pacquaio/Morales at super bantam
Trinidad/Hearns at welter

- Panchito Bojado

Wow, good list. I don't see any of these going the distance but I'll try my best to pick a winner.

Pacquiao/Olivares at bantam - Power vs. Power, but Paqcuiao may have the edge in boxing skill. I stake Pacquiao by KO in a slugfest, but only if Roach is in his corner.

Olivares/Zarate at bantam - It's very much pick 'em. Whoever lands the bigger shots first. Since you ask me today I am going to go with Zarate. Just a gut instinct though.

Pacquiao/Morales at super bantam - Wayne Mcullough gave Morales a tough fight at super bantam, as did Barrera. Other than that there wasn't much for close fights for him. Pacquiao lost to a mediocre fighter in Medgoen Singsurat in a fight that was very unlike Manny. All in all I foresee Morales and Pacquaio barely surviving a classic fight in which Morales barely escapes with his health and a win in a fight that sees both men hitting the canvas more than one time.

Trinidad/Hearns at welter - Both can hit, both can box and both have fought wars in the ring. It would go back and forth but I see Trinidad outboxing and outgunning Hearns and winning by mid to late round TKO.

What's the highest weight you think Pac-Man will ever move up too? He's got the punching power to move pretty high but I think his chin would become more questionable as he gets heavier.
- Impossible2Refute

I think Manny is at a weight he is comfortable with and a weight class he hasn't cleaned up yet. He should conquer the featherweights and then consider moving up. But if I had to set a bar for him I would tell him to go no higher than lightweight. Anything higher his power would be less spectacular and his chin would be a question mark.

hey Aaron, im wondering which weightclass did pacman come from originally? i didnt really hear about him until he beat the crap out of MAB. why do you think marco barrera even considered fighting this guy last year?
- Poppa

Manny started his career at 106 pounds and is now around 126. Shame on you for not hearing about him. He was a flyweight and a super bantamweight champion before a featherweight champion. I'm sure MAB was more than aware of who Manny Pacquiao was and he had probably been thinking about him as a possible opponent. I don't think he had an 11th round TKO defeat planned for himself but hey, it's boxing and you've gotta love it Poppa!

in case I missed it, what are your thoughts on Samuel Peter now and who is the next Hope for the Heavyweights?
- Doodle

Hey, let's not be too hard on Peter. He dominated, and I mean dominated, in his last fight. He did look like a plodding slow power puncher but he can quicken with age, he is only 23 or 24 years old. Let's give him some time and I still think he can be the next great champion. Otherwise I see guys like Guinn, Brock and Beck carrying the torch for the next crop of heavyweights.

Aaron, do you think Ike can come back strong and dominate this weak heavyweight class? Do you think he can become undisputed?
- Poppa

Ike was denied parole and will not be up again until 2007. He will be too old by then for a comeback (are you listening Riddick?) So no, Ike will never be a champion.

alright aaron do you think they should put an age limit on pro boxing like in the amateurs to stop fighters hurting themselves in the ring. amateurs arent able to box after 34 i think but fighters like foreman are supposed to be coming back at 55. to me that is to much and they should put an age limit in pro fighting like 45 or something just to stop the temptation of these fighters coming back and hurting themselves.
- Champ4Ever

That is a good question. If you put a cap on the age you can be and still be a pro fighter you might save some brain cells. I like that idea to be honest with you. Foreman won the belt at 44. I think the bar should be set at 46 years old, no younger, no older. There should also be neurologists scanning fighters before every fight thoroughly because that way Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield would be saved from receiving unnecessary beatings because they can't pull themselves away from the ring. So yes, you're right, if a fighter cannot pull himself away from the ring someone should pull away for him.

If the Morales vs Pacquiao rumors are true, if Morales was to win would that make him number 1 p4p even over Pretty Boy Floyd? And If Oscar wins how high would you rank him.
- DonkeyPunch

I think if Mayweather does not fight before a proposed Morales-Pacquiao fight takes place, I think both men could make a legitimate claim to replace Bernard Hopkins on top the P4P list. If two fighters on the list fight each other I think the winner should receive a big boost in the ratings. In this case it could make him number 1.

I have said that if Oscar beats Bernard he should be number 1 at least temporarily. It's like if you beat the man you are the man, if you beat the P4P champ you should be the P4P champ.

If morales was to move up in weight who should he fight first out of the champs Diaz, Diaz, Corrales, or Castillo. If Oscar wins do you thik he would concieve moving up to super middle for a whoping 7 titles in different weights. I could see him beating Calzaghe or any other super middle for that matter.
- DonkeyPunch

He should fight Castillo first and then go after Corrales. But boxing would get a bigger shot in the arm with a Morales-Corrales matchup right away.

Oscar De La Hoya should defend the middleweight title once or twice then call it a career. It would not get much bigger than a victory over Hopkins, the man who has defended a division for more than a decade.

do you thik nard will ever get a second try at jones?
do you think jirov deserves a shot at Toney in a rematch
do you think either of thesetwo fights will happen? Why or why not?
thanks aaron - great stuff
- Doodle

No, Jones will fight Johnson, then Tarver, then win a heavyweight crown and retire.

No, Toney has bigger fish to fry right now, maybe if Jirov would win a fight or two instead of 'hanging tough and losing' – c'mon guys, losing is losing no matter how you do it.

Jirov-Toney may happen with time if Jirov works his way up the heavyweight ladder and fights Toney for whatever alphabet belt Toney holds at the time.

Well folks, that's it, the doggy bag is empty and I escape once again without any slip ups (unlike last week where I gained 10 pounds in crow). Thanks again and hold tight for next week's doggy bag..
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